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    The name means ‘Wooded Hill’. On 21st April 1713 George Lloyd of Alltycoed died. On 10th September 1714 Sydney Lloyd, widow of George Lloyd, lived here as did Erasmus Lloyd, their son. The deeds of Alltycoed date from 1741. In 1748 the name “Alltycoed” appears in Lewis Morris’ plan of Cardigan Bay, Bar & Harbour. In the early 19th Century Rees Rees, son of Daniel & Eleanor Rees of Gernos, moved to Alltycoed.

    On 29th April 1818 Thomas Biddyr of Galltycoed wrote his will. He referred to his wife Ann Biddyr; sons David; Thomas; Griffith; and John Biddyr; daughter Ann Davies – wife of Theopilus Davies; daughters Margaret; Elizabeth; and Mary Biddyr; and grand-daughter Martha Biddyr – daughter of son John Biddyr. On July 13th 1823 David Benjamin, son of John & Martha Benjamin of Alltycoed, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. On 19th June 1839 David Williams of Alltycoed wrote his will. He referred to his eldest son John Williams of Moylegrove; daughter Mary Biddyr – wife of Thomas Biddyr of Alltycoed; son Daniel Williams; and son David Williams. On August 25th 1847 Griffith Biddyr of Alltycoed died aged 50. In 1851 the following persons lived here: Thomas Biddyr, 57, farmer of 61 acres; Mary Biddyr, 52; George Biddyr, 19; Thomas Biddyr, 17; Ann Biddyr, 15; Griffith Biddyr, 13; Mary Biddyr, 12; and Elizabeth Biddyr, 7. In 1854 “The Cardigan Harbour Improvement Company, in association with the Carmarthen & Cardigan Railway Company, planned a deep water harbour near here supplied by rail. On July 18th 1858 Thomas Biddyr of Alltycoed was buried at St Dogmaels having died aged 64.

    On December 27th 1858 Thomas Rees, 30, mariner of Alltycoed married Margaret Davies of Pontrhydyceirt. In 1861 the following persons lived here: George Biddyr, 29, farmer; Mary Biddyr, 23; Griffith Biddyr, 24; Elizabeth Biddyr, 16; Dorothy Williams, 29, dress-maker, lodger: and two farm servants – Walter Lloyd, 49; and Henry Phillips, 14. On 24th January 1861 Martha Rees of Alltycoed, daughter of Rees and Mary Rees, died aged 18. On June 5th 1869 Maria Morris, wife of Griffith Morris of Alltycoed, died aged 36. In 1871 the following persons lived here: 1) Mary Davies, 30, seaman’s wife; Thomas Davies, 7, her son; and David E. Davies, 3, son; 2) John Biddyr, 89, widower, farmer of 30 acres; Mary Biddyr, 55, his daughter; and Elizabeth Watkins, 28, servant; 3) Griffith H. Biddyr, 32, farmer; William Lowe, 21, servant; and Mary Davies, 28, servant. On 18th April 1874 Mary Rees of Alltycoed died aged 69. On May 29th 1874 David Christmas Davies of Alltycoed was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 6 years. On August 17th 1874 Mary Anne Davies of Alltycoed was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 3. In 1875 Richard Rees was the farmer. On September 10th 1875 Joseph Thomas of Alltycoed died aged 27. On November 12th 1876 Richard Rees of Alltycoed died aged 78. On 12th November 1877 Rees Rees of Alltycoed died aged 63. On 20th July 1880 David Biddyr died here aged 99.

    In 1881 the following persons lived at four properties here: 1): Griffith Biddyr, 40, farmer of 72 acres; Mary Biddyr, 34, his wife; Thomas G. Biddyr, 8, their son, scholar; David Llewlelyn, 21, farm servant; and Margaret Lloyd, 16, general servant; 2): Richard Rees, 38, farmer of 30 acres; and Elizabeth Rees, 81, widow; 3): Mary Biddyr, 60, widow, farmer of 30 acres; and Eliza Watkins, 38, her daughter; 4): Mary Davies, 42, wife, farming 25 acres; Thomas Davies, 17, her son; William J. Davies, 6, son; and Anne Davies, 2, her daughter. On April 3rd 1883 Elizabeth Rees, widow of Richard Rees, late of Alltycoed, died aged 83. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Alltycoed Isaf: Griffith Biddyr, 52, farmer; Mary Biddyr, 48, his wife; Thomas Biddyr, 19, son; Mary A. Biddyr, 8, daughter; and David B. Biddyr, 4, son. Alltycoed Ganol: Richard Rees, 47, farmer; Sarah Rees, 50, wife; Phoebe Rees, 1, daughter; and Anne Davies, 13, servant.  Alltycoed Uchaf: Mary Biddyr, 80; and Eliza Mathias, 48, daughter. On 19th November 1895 Thomas George Biddyr of Alltycoed married Miss Margaret Bowen of Glanymor. On October 14th 1899 Griffith Morris, widower of Maria Morris, late of Alltycoed, died aged 69. On April 13th 1903 Anne Evans of this address, died aged 88. On 14th May 1903 Miss Margaret Anne Biddyr of Alltycoed married Johnny Jones of Glanymor. On November 4th 1907 Sarah Rees of Tycanol, Alltycoed, was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 55. On October 27th 1910 David George James of Alltycoed was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 1 month. On February 6th 1911 Mary Biddyr of Alltycoed was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 99 on 2nd February. She was said to have been baptised by Rev. John Herring, Minister of Bethania Baptist Chapel, Pendre, Cardigan. In 1911 a property here was occupied by Richard Rees, 68, widower, farmer; and Phoeby E. Rees, 26, his daughter. On 30th December 1911 the 80 acre property, occupied by Griffith Biddyr as tenant, was sold by auction to Captain Owen of Tivy House, St Dogmaels for £1100. In August 1912 it was advertised for sale or let with 84 acres.

    In 1914 Llewelyn Davies was the farmer. In June 1917 Alltycoed was advertised for sale. In September 1922 and May 1923 the 83 acre property was advertised for sale or let. On 24th April 1924 Mary Biddyr, widow of Griffith Biddyr of Alltycoed, died aged 76. In 1926 Enoch Williams was the farmer. On 22nd April 1932 Elizabeth Watkins of Alltycoed died aged 88. George Philip Biddyr of Alltycoed, Senior Deacon of Brynsalem Chapel, died on 12th May 1937 aged 82. Formerly of Glanymor, he had lived here with his son and daughter-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Haydn Biddyr. In 1950-56 D. H. Biddyr lived here. The Biddyr family remained here until 2008.


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    7 Responses to ALLTYCOED

    1. Mairwen Gwilliam
      August 26, 2013 at 7:44 pm

      I am a descendant of George Biddyr, born 1831/2 of Alltycoed. He married Ann Lewis and had 2 daughters, Jane in 1866, (my grandmother) and Susanna in 1868. He has not been on any census record since 1861.
      Unfortunately, I have been unable to trace a death record for him, but found he had gone over to USA to try to make his fortune in the gold rush. The only trace of him I have found is that he entered the Poor House in Colorado, on 4 occasions around 1895/6. I was unable to get a death certificate or indeed a record of his death, as all records were lost. The archivist told me to assume he had died on
      the last of the 4 visits. Is there any way I can trace how he left St Dogmaels-I assume it was after 1868 and before the 1871 census. I have not been able to find a passport application for him, it’s a complete mystery. Is there any record of people leaving St Dogmaels during 1868-1871 . I would love to find out why he left his wife and 2 daughters. I don’t think he could have found any gold, due to his time in the Poor House In Colorado. I would be grateful for any ideas of why he went away.
      Mairwen Gwilliam.

      • glen
        August 26, 2013 at 8:25 pm

        Hi Mairwen,

        There were quite a few people leaving rural Wales in the 1860′s with a decline in employment from agriculture, caused by the beginning of mechanisation and rising prices, and from the decline of ports like Cardigan which were unsuitable for the new steam ships and vessels with deep drafts and long hulls. The ‘Triton’ and the ‘Black Swan’ of Cardigan, owned by the Davies family of Castle Green (Cardigan Castle) sailed with emigrants from Cardigan to New York in 1868, 1869 and 1870, and it is not unlikely that George Biddyr left on one of these sailings with his family. The New World must have been alluring, but the reality for the majority of emigrants was harder work and equal poverty, except those who could afford to buy property – land being comparatively cheap compared to the UK.



    2. Mairwen Gwilliam
      August 27, 2013 at 9:21 pm

      Thanks for the reply. I will try to find out more about the ships you mentioned. George Biddyr went alone, as his family were still in St Dogmaels on the 1881. 1891. 1901 and 1911 census’s. His daughter Jane married David Griffiths, and they were my grandparents.
      I also read your article on Penrallt-Uchaf, and that’s where they both died in 1916, and are buried in St Dogmaels Churchyard. I have found your entries most interesting.
      Another intruiging fact a relative discovered that Thomas Biddyr of Alltycoed, and his wife Ann were both buried on May 6th 1818, at Bayvil, and their son David aged 32 on May11th 1818. We have not discovered why all 3 died around the same time. I wonder if you have come across the reason in your research?
      Thanks again,

    3. Jane
      March 21, 2014 at 12:27 pm

      Hi Glen,

      Records would suggest back 1740′s that Alltycord was in the hands of the David Family. William and Catherine David – No proof but I’m sure connected to George & Sedney David. A will that appears to have never been proved.-dated 26 Aug 1736 by a Samuel David/Davies son of Catherine Davies – A factor at Cape Coast Castle for the Royal African Company. This would suggest that the David/Davies line were involved in the slave trade. I’m sure many other historic families from the area also had their fingers in the pie!!
      It would be wonderful to be able to connect the Alltycoed David family to the Parkypratt David line and even the Cardigan”Davies” family.

      Attached to the non proven will is a declaration from Wm Jones Minister – Samuel was a son of
      Guhielm Davies & Catherine

      Mr Benjamin Twyning, Mrs Francis Tywning his wife Cardigan Nearest Relations
      31 Day of May 1819

      Possibly? information needed for the Selby Case?
      St Dogmaels has such a wealth of untapped history.
      Thank you Glen for all your very hard work.

    4. Sian Biddyr
      August 20, 2016 at 10:15 pm

      I would like to find out more about my roots in St Dogmaels. My father was George Biddyr born in 1931. His mother was May Biddyr, but not sure of his father. His Aunt and Uncle were Gretie and Jack who lived in Nant Eos. Please can you help me with any information you know about the family and where they lived prior to Nant Eos?


      • glen
        August 21, 2016 at 8:44 am

        Hi Sian – I’m sorry to say that I’m not sure where the Biddyr family were living aside from Altycoed and Nanteos, Cwmins. Have you tried the 1911 Census Returns? Kind Regards, Glen

      • Jane
        August 21, 2016 at 9:11 pm

        Hi Sian, In 1939 registrar Amy Jenkins widow is living at Nanteos with John Brinley Biddyr born 1914 and George Thomas Biddyr born 1931. Amy Jenkins (born 1886 St Dogmaels) married Thomas George Biddyr (born 1872 Alltycoed St Dogmaels son of Griffith Biddyr) widower in 1912. Thomas G Biddyr died 1920.
        Other children were Ethel Biddyr c 1916 believe she died 1935 and Thomas Essex Biddyr 1920 Hope this may help you Jane

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