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    The property was built in 1870 by William Woodward, Caerleon House, Pendre, Cardigan for Captain William Minister. In 1871-91 Captain William Minister lived here. He was a veteran of the Crimean War, having been present at the Battle of the Alma and the taking of Sebastopol. In 1871 the following persons lived here: William Minister, 54, retired military captain; Mary Elizabeth Minister, 42, his wife; Gertrude E. Minister, 4, their daughter; William Minister, 3, son; Frederick A. Minister, 2, son; Edward J. Minister, 5 months, son; Mary Thomas, 70, mother-in-law; Martha Thomas, 31, sister-in-law; William C. Thomas, 4, nephew; Maria Williams, 25, domestic servant; Eliza Jones, 30, domestic servant; Mary Harris, 20, servant; Samuel Griffths, 15, stable boy; and John Rogers, 64, boarder, retired military commander. On 31st July 1874 the property was advertised for sale. On 9th February 1877 it was advertised for sale or let with 40 acres. In 1881 the following persons lived here: William Minister, 64, retired Army Captain, with 39 acres; Mary Elizabeth Minister, 52, his wife; Gertrude Minister, 15, their daughter; William O. Minister, 14, son; Frederick A. Minister, 13, son; Edward J. Minister, 11, son; Emily Minister, 7, daughter; Mary Thomas, 80, widow, mother-in-law; and Rachel Davies, 25, general servant. On 13th March 1883 Mary Elizabeth Minister died here aged 53.

    In 1885-89 William Minister was a Guardian of the Poor. On 18th October 1888 Gertrude Elizabeth Minister, eldest daughter of Captain William Minister of Alma Grange, married William James Williams of Carmarthen. The property was advertised for sale again on 3rd January 1890. In 1891 the following persons lived here: William Minister, 74, retired army captain; Frederick Minister, 23, his son; and David Thomas, servant. On 25th August 1893 it was advertised to let. On 6th June 1896 Captain William Minister, late of Alma Grange, died aged 80. The property was for sale again on 7th August 1896. In July 1897 Alma Grange was advertised to let, then occupied by Rev. R. B. Jenkins (of the Cilbronnau family, Rector of Llangoedmor Church). In May 1899 it was advertised to let, including a recently-fitted bathroom. On 25th September 1899 Gertrude Annie Trollip of Cardigan married Captain Edward Minister of Alma Grange. In 1900 John Morgans lived at Alma Grange Cottage. On 26th September 1900 a clear-out sale was held here.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: Thomas Lloyd Spittle, 25, farmer (b. Newport, Mon., English-speaking); Rachel Spittle, 32, his wife (b. Nevern, bilingual); Phoebe Vaughan, 22, domestic servant (b. St. Dogmaels, bilingual); and Thomas G. Miles, 17, farm labourer (b. Bristol, English-speaking). In 1901-19 Thomas Lloyd Spittle, gent, lived at Alma Grange, on an annual tenancy, and in 1902 William Griffiths occupied Alma Grange Cottage. On 24th September 1903 a still-born son was born to Mrs. Rachel Spittle of Alma Grange. On 24th May 1905 a son was born to Mrs. Rachel Spittle, wife of Thomas Ll. Spittle of Alma Grange. On 27th September 1915 there was a sale of stock, crops & implements here for Thomas Lloyd Spittle, who was giving up farming. On 2nd May 1919 the 6 bedroom property was advertised for sale.

    In May 1919 the property was sold to Mr. B. T. Davies of Trefere, Tremain. In 1926 John Griffiths lived here. In June 1926 and April 1927 the 6 bedroom property was advertised for sale. On 9th October 1926 a sale of stock, crops and implements was held here for John Griffiths, who was leaving. On 27th June 1936 the 6-bedroom property was sold by auction with 40 acres. In January 1938 Miss Gower Williams of Penrallt, Aberporth, took a lease on the property.

    On 23rd May 1941 the 5-bedroom property, then occupied by B. Jones, was advertised for sale. On 10th October 1941 a clear-out sale was held here for Mrs. M. Lampard. In 1955-58 Mrs. Morris lived here. On 6th August 1958 Elizabeth Morris of Alma Grange, widow of John Griffith Morris, died. In July 2003 the 5 bedroom property was advertised for sale. In early 2012 the property was advertised for sale again.


    Two storey, 3 window range of ca1870 in painted stucco with hipped slate roof.


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    (c) Glen K Johnson 28/07/2013


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