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    In 1835-70 Anne George was the publican. In 1851 Anne George, 65, lived here with servant Catherine Jones, 23. In 1861 the following persons lived here: Anne George, 74, widow, baker; Catherine Llewelyn, 33, niece, baker’s assistant; Catherine Llewelyn, 2, niece’s daughter; and Elizabeth Jones, 62, sister-in-law, mariner’s widow. On May 25th 1870 Anne George was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 84. In 1870-86 Catherine Llewelyn lived here. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Catherine Llewelyn, 42, shop keeper; Elizabeth Llewelyn, 9, her daughter; and Elizabeth Jones, 78, widow, her mother. In 1881 the occupants were: Catherine Llewelyn, 53, widow, grocer; and Elizabeth Llewelyn, 18, daughter, grocer’s assistant. On July 15th 1886 Catherine Llewelyn was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 59. On October 24th 1888 Joseph Llewelyn Kinsella was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 1 month. In 1891 Elizabeth Kinsella, 28, grocer, lived here with her daughter – Catherine Mary Kinsella, 1; and a servant – Ellen Williams, 21. In 1891 William Kinsella may have been trading here as a grocer. In February 1894 Angel House was advertised to let. Captain David Jones was the owner in 1894. The building stood on the corner of High Street (Finch Street?) and Mill Street, and was advertised for sale, no longer a public house, on 10th June 1898, then occupied by John Williams, stone-cutter.

    In 1901-37 Evan Griffith James lived here. On 21st January 1901 Hannah James, wife of Evan James, died aged 28. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Evan Griffith James, 29, butcher, widower (b. at Llantood, bilingual); Louisa James, 39, his sister, housemaid (b. Llangoedmor, Welsh-speaking); and Sarah Davies, 9, boarder (b. Llandisillio, bilingual). On July 29th 1909 Annie Maude James, 24, of Angel House, daughter of horse-keeper David James, married Evan Evans of Bettel, Ferwig. In 1911 the following persons lived here: David James, 51, colliery horse keeper (underground) (b. Cardigan); Anne James, 53, his wife (b. Cardigan); and “Roly” James, 22, their son, collier (b. St. Dogmaels). In 1911-38 David James lived here. In 1911-31 Mrs. Anne James lived here. In May 1911 David James of Angel House purchased a cottage and 4 gardens at Cwmdegwel.

    On 11th May 1912 Mary Hannah Evans was born here. On 30th July 1913 Elizabeth Maud Evans was born here and lived here in 1913-33. On 9th June 1916 Catherine Jane Evans was born here and lived here until 1939. In April 1918 Private J. James of Angel House was in France. On 17th January 1919 Mrs. Annie Maud Evans conveyed premises in Mill Lane to David James, both of Angel House. In 1921-39 Mrs. Annie Maud Evans, widow of Evan Evans lived here. In 1921-28 Mary Hannah Evans lived here. In 1924 Angel House was occupied by David James, Mrs. Anne James, Mr. E. G. James & Mrs. Annie Maud Evans. In 1931 Mrs. Anne James died. On 31st March 1932 Mary Anna Evans, eldest daughter of Mrs. Anne Maud Evans, married David L. Hazelby of Llechryd. In June 1933 John James, a Monmouthshire grocer aged 42, son of David James, died under tragic circumstances. His brother – Evan Griffith James – lived here. On 15th January 1935 Lizzie Maud Evans, second daughter of Mrs. Anne Maud Evans, married Thomas Granville Griffiths of Union Terrace. They moved to Princess Villa. On 5th January 1938 David James, the senior Deacon of Capel Seion C M Chapel, died aged 78. On 23rd September 1939 Miss Catherine Jane Evans, daughter of Mrs. Ann Maud Evans, married Albert J. Baum of Cardiff.

    In May 1941 Mr. & Mrs. D. O. Wilcox moved here. In June 1946 Mr. D. G. James of Clydfan, Pentrelangwm, took over the butcher’s shop here, formerly run by G. E. Jones. In June 1947 David Trevor Wilcox lived here. On 21st May 1948 the 3-bedroom house, then in excellent condition, was advertised for sale. On 31st July 1949 Griffith Davies of Angel House became a Deacon of Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel. On 17th September 1949 and 4th March 1950 Angel House failed to sell by auction. In February and August 1951 the 3 bedroom house was advertised for sale. In 1953 J. Pedwell lived here. In September 1955 W. Punchard moved here temporarily. In June 1956 Angel House was advertised for sale. In September 1962 ‘Jean’s’ ladies’ hairdressers shop opened here. On 11th September 1964 the 3-bedroom property was advertised for sale. The building has since been demolished.


    Two storey house of ca1800 in roughcast with slate gabled roof.


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    1. helen lawless lee
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      Hi Glen,

      I always knew that my father was born in St Dogmaels, but it was only last week I actually asked him where. He was born on 4th June 1932 to Mary Anna Hazelby (neè Evans) in Angel House. This is so exciting! He also said that his great uncle, brother of Anne Maud Evans, ran Y Felin at that time…..but I see from reading your post about Y Felin that he is possibly wrong. I need to ask him his uncle’s name.
      Thank you for sharing all your work.

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