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    The ‘Alliance‘ was a Cardigan Brig of 126 tons with a 12ft draft, built in 1796 at Bideford. In 1809 the ‘Alliance‘ was sold to the Davies family of Bridge House, Bridge Street, Cardigan, for £1580. Captain John Davies, Bridge House, Cardigan became the ship’s first master. In 1809 he sailed to Plymouth and London. He had two guns on board to ward off privateers. By September 1809 Captain Llewelyn Davies had taken command of the vessel. That month he was in Scandinavia to purchase timber at Stockholm and in November he was in Gothenburg. In February 1810 Captain Davies took a cargo of deals from London to Newport and then travelled via Milford to Liverpool. In 1810 he visited the Baltic again for the timber trade. In July 1810 he took a cargo of coal from Swansea to Waterford. In September 1810 the ‘Alliance‘ sailed from Milford to Swansea. In 1811 Captain Davies was trading between Bristol and Liverpool and between Liverpool and Limerick. In January 1812 he sailed from Cardiff via Milford to Bowling Bay. In February that year he sailed from Cardiff via Milford to Cork. In November 1812 the ‘Alliance‘ sailed from Cork via Milford to Newport. In June 1813 the vessel sailed from Poole, via Milford to Liverpool. In July she sailed from Minehead via Milford to Swansea, and then took a cargo of coal from Swansea to Waterford. On August 9 1813 the ‘Alliance‘ crew were ordered to take to the boats as their vessel was burnt by the American warship ‘Argus‘ off Ireland en route from Cork to Limerick.



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