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    The ‘Erin‘ was a Cardigan Brig of 126 tons,launched in 1828 at Cardigan. From 1828 until 1835 Captain David Morgan was the master of the ship. In February 1828 she sailed from Cardigan to Cardiff – presumably her first voyage.In February 1830 she sailed from London via Milford to Liverpool. In July that year she sailed from Cardiff to Liverpool. In February 1834 the ‘Erin‘ sailed from Cardiff via Milford to Belfast. In September that year she sailed from Milford to Limerick, and that December she was docked at Newport, Monmouthshire. On 24 July 1835 Captain David Morgan died off the coast of Ireland the circumstances are unknown.

    From 1835-6 Captain Owen Morgan was the master of the ‘Erin‘. In January 1836 she was docked at Newport again, and in July that year and again in March 1837 she was docked at Swansea. In January 1839 she visited Port Penrhyn, Bangor. In December 1840 she sailed with a cargo of iron from Cardiff to Portsmouth. On 22 October 1846 she was wrecked off Fishguard during a storm.



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