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    The name may either be ‘Hill’ with another obscure element or, less likely, from the Anglo-Saxon, meaning ‘Brink House’. Bryncws was recorded in a lease dated 5th April 1720. On 20th August 1722 it was leased for three lives to George Jenkin of Bryncws, together with Pencnwc and Foxhill, by Stephen Parry of Noyadd Trefawr, Llandygwydd. In 1760 it was occupied by Jenkin Evan. On 6th April 1771 a garden and field here called ‘Parkycoed’ was leased by Marmaduke & Frances Gwynne of Noyadd Trefawr to David Richards of St. Dogmaels, mason, for 21 years at £4. 8s. per annum. In 1768 William Sambrook was the tenant. On 7th August 1771 Marmaduke Gwynne of Noyadd Trefawr and Frances Gwynne, his wife, leased Bryncws to William Sambrook of St. Dogmaels for 21 years. In 1779 William Sambrook still held the lease.

    On 18th May 1786 John Owen of Brincws was elected the Petty Constable for the ensuing year. In 1786-93 Madame Gwynne leased Bryncws to Evan Owen. In 1794-1804 John Owen was the tenant. In 1795-99 John Owen of Brincws was a parish constable. In 1797 John Owen of Brincws became a warden of St. Thomas’ Church. In February 1801 John Owen employed Rachel Evan here as an apprentice. On 18th December 1803 John Owen lived here, and leased Bryncws for three lives from Frances Gwynne of Noyadd Trefawr. In 1817-27 John Owen was still resident at Old Bryncws. On March 23rd 1818 David, illegitimate son of David Rees of Bryncws, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Jenkins of Tredefaid, Llantood, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels.

    In 1819 Captain William Henry Webley Parry of Noyadd Trefawr leased Bryncws to Thomas Samuel of Trerees for 21 years. In 1827-49 William Nicholas lived at New Bryncws. On 16th October 1827 and 12th October 1833 William Nicholas of New Bryncws and John Owen of Old Bryncws were burgesses of Cardigan. In 1828 William Samuel lived here. Two properties with this name are shown on the 1838 tithe map. In 1841-61 David Davies lived here. In 1841 the following persons lived here: David Davies, 25; Margaret Davies, 25, his wife; Margaret Davies, 6, their daughter; William Davies, 4, son; Elizabeth Davies, 2, daughter; Mary Davies, 2 months, daughter; Servants – Mary James, 20; Alis Gannet, 20; Enoch Davies, 20; and Thomas Davies, 25. On 11th August 1842 Thomas Davies, labourer here, married Margaret Davies of Rhydtalog. On 11th May 1849 William Nicholas was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 89.

    In 1851 the following persons lived here: Margaret Davies, 36; Margaret Davies, 16, her daughter; William Davies, 14, son; Elizabeth Davies, 11, daughter; Mary Davies, 9, daughter; David Davies, 7, son; Hannah Davies, 5, daughter; John Davies, 3, son; Stephen Davies, 1, son; and three servants. On January 21st 1859 Margaret Davies, daughter of David & Margaret Davies, died aged 23. On March 16th 1860 Elinor Davies of Bryncws was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 5. On March 28th 1860 Maud Davies of Bryncws was buried at St. Dogmaels having died in infancy. In 1861 David Davies, 46, farmed 136 acres here, and lived here with his wife, Margaret Davies, 46, and their children – William Davies, 26; Elizabeth Davies, 22; Mary Davies, 20; David Davies, 18; Hannah Davies, 16; John Davies, 15; Stephen Davies, 11; and Sarah Davies, 3.

    On October 6th 1867 Evan Davies of Bryncws, mariner, son of farmer Evan Davies, married Mary Gwyon of Tynewydd, Llantood. In 1871-91 David Davies lived here. In 1871 the following persons lived here: David Davies, 41, farmer; Eli Davies, 34, farmer; and servants: Dan Jenkins, 28; Maria Rees, 68; Sal Davies, 20; and Margaret Davies, 18. In 1881 the following persons lived here: David Davies, 52, farmer; Eli Davies, 47, his brother, farmer; Daniel Jenkins, 39, indoor servant; Benjamin James, 17, servant; Margaret James, 40, dairy maid; and Margaret Wiliams, 25, servant. On 13th August 1886 Bryncws was advertised for sale. J. James left Bryncws Fach in the late 1880’s, when Eli Davies occupied Bryncws, along with Margaret James, Margaret Williams, W. R. James and Daniel Jenkins. On 11th July 1890 Bryncws-issa was advertised for sale. In 1891 the following persons lived here: David Davies, 60, farmer; Eli Davies, 57, his brother; Margaret Jones, 16, servant; John James, 21, servant; and John Griffiths, 18, servant.

    In 1894-97 William Volk lived at Bryncws. In 1894 John James lived at Bryncws-issa. On 21st February 1895 Frances Volk, wife of William Vaulke, died aged 32. On 20th August 1897 William Volk died aged 31. In 1901 the following persons lived here: William James, 44, farmer; Elizabeth E. James, 37, his wife; James Griffith James, 14, their son, cattleman; Rowland Volk James, 11, son; John Daniel James, 10, son; David Thomas James, 7, son; William Sidney James, 5, son; Sarah Ida Corbetta James, 3, daughter; Caleb Lloyd James, 2, son; Sarah Jane Volk, 24, visitor; and Griffith Griffiths, 38, servant, ploughman. All were St. Dogmaels born and bilingual. In 1901-04 Mrs. James lived here. In 1901-11 William James was the farmer. In 1911 the following persons lived here: William James, 55, farmer; Elizabeth Corbetta James, 48, his wife; James Griffith James, 25, their son; Mary Ellen James, 23, daughter; Rowland Volk James, 22, son; John Daniel James, 20, son; William Sydney James, 16, son; Sarah Corbetta James, 13, daughter; Caleb Haydon James, 12, son; Margaret Ann James, 9, daughter; and Margaret Morris, 38, servant. All were bilingual. On 21st September 1912 Bryncws was sold – part of the Pantsaeson (Monington) estate. On 13th July 1913 Rowland Volk James of Bryncws, 24, married Charlotte Anne Johns, 24, of the ‘Plasterer’s Arms’, Cardigan. In 1914 John Jenkins lived at Bryncws issa.

    In 1914-45 Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph lived and farmed at Bryncws. In 1918 Private J. D. Joseph of Bryncws was on active service. In 1924 Miss Leah M. Davies lived at Bryncws Cottage. On 1st November 1934 Eliza Morris of Bryncws died aged 83. On 26th November 1935 Johnny Griffiths of Bryncws married Miss Maggie Rees of Newport. On 27th November 1936 Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. In 1938-39 Mr. Joseph, Mr. D. T. Joseph, Willie Joseph, May Joseph and Margaret Joseph lived here. On 5th October 1939 Margaret Joseph, wife of William Joseph, died aged 83. On 29th December 1944 Willie Joseph, son of William Joseph & the late Mrs. Joseph, died aged 53. In January 1945 Bryncws was advertised for sale and was sold in August with 135 acres. On 19th October 1945 there was a clear-out sale here for William Joseph. On 5th December 1945 William Joseph, lately of Bryncws, died aged 82.

    In June 1948 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Challis and family occupied Bryncws Cottage. In November 1948 William Stephens of Bryncws Cottage died. From at least January 1949 Gwyn Nicholas James and family farmed Bryncws. In 1952 Miss May James lived at Bryncws-fach and Miss L. M. Davies lived at Bryncws Cottage. On 6th November 1959 Bryncws Fach was advertised for sale with 9 acres. In 1974 Gwyn M. James, Mrs. M. James, Vivian N. James and Miss Margaret E. James lived here. By 12th February 1994 a landslip was causing cracks to appear in the walls of Bwthyn Bryncws. The property was vacated by March that year and was afterwards demolished. The farm was advertised for sale in July 2002 with 29 acres, and sold the following month.


    None available.


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    1. June 28, 2014 at 10:26 pm

      Within your amazing “life of the Bryncws cottage” I found Miss L.M Davies, We have a 1949 letter from her at this address, and have long been trying to locate her within our family. We think she is the daughter of John and Margaret Davies of St. Dogmells; John being the son of William and Margaret Davies of Cardigan. William and Margaret died sometime between 1871 and 1881. Their daughter Ann was 12 in the 1871 census with her mother and brother (father being a sailor was not at home at the time of the enumeration.) Ann is next found 1871 in Rhyl census as servant at the Vicarage. What a find!
      Thanks, Ruth Watson

      • glen
        June 30, 2014 at 5:43 am

        Thanks Ruth – best wishes with researching the family! Glen

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