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    In 1835-39 David Jenkins paid rent for a property leased from David Davies, Bridge House, Cardigan, for use as a Methodist Preaching House, on behalf of Captain Thomas Evans, Master of the ‘Eleanor’. The congregation was founded here in 1836 and on 23rd May 1838 Captain William Rowlands leased a piece of land to Captain J. Evans for 999 years for building a chapel, which was completed in 1839. From 1840-43 the Davies’ property was leased by Thomas Lloyd, carpenter. On 16th January 1848 Captain William Rowlands sold the land, including the chapel, to Thomas Davies. In 1851 Thomas Davies was the elder, and average Sunday attendance was 49 in the mornings, 100 in the afternoons and 90 in the evenings.

    Rev. Morris, Minister of Capel Seion (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Rev. Morris, Minister of Capel Seion (Glen Johnson Collection)

    In 1852 Rev. William Jones became the first dedicated Minister. In 1855 Thomas Davies made a gift of the chapel to the chapel trustees. On January 22nd 1868 Rev. William Jones, 56, the Minister, died. In 1868 the St. Dogmaels School Board met here. In 1870 Rev. William Morris became the Minister. By 30th December 1870-90 Rev. William Morris was the Minister. A hand-written document of 14th November 1871 survives, permitting the solemnising of marriages here. In 1879 there was a brief disagreement with neighbours regarding the cutting of a tree. On 31st December 1890 Rev. William Morris, for 20 years the Minister, died aged 45.

    In July 1892 Rev. E. D. Jones of Blaenycefn Chapel, Llangoedmor, was invited to become the Minister, and accepted. On 27th January 1894 Minister Rev. E. D. Jones died aged 32. On 13th November 1895 Rev. David Morgan became the Minister until 1907. A “Sacred Cantata” was held here on 12th February 1902. In 1907 Rev. David Morgan ceased to be the Minister, having resigned in September. In April 1908 Rev. David Richards was announced as his successor.

    On 10th February 1909 Rev. David Richards was inducted as the new Minister of Capel Seion and Glanrhyd C. M. Chapel, Llantood. In 1909-21 Rev. David Richard Richards was the Minister of the chapel. On 6th October 1919 his son, William Lloyd Richards, died aged 22, having served in France in 1916-19. In 1921 there were 51 members. In 1921-25 the Deacons were: Captain William Morgan, John Jenkins; Captain David Lewis; James Lewis and D. O. Conwyson Roberts. In July 1921 Rev. David R. Richards announced his forthcoming departure. On 13th September 1921 his farewell meeting was held. In 1923 there were 47 members.

    Capel Seion & Rev. D Moses Davies, 1936 (Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser)

    Capel Seion & Rev. D Moses Davies, 1936 (Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser)

    On 26th June 1923 Rev. D. Moses Davies of Llanon became the Minister. In 1923-37 Rev. D. Moses Davies was the Pastor. The Deacons in 1924 were named as Captain William Morgan of Church House, Treasurer; Captain David Lewis of Roby Villa, Treasurer; John Jenkins of Pomona, Treasurer; James Lewis of Rhianfa and D. O. Conwyson Roberts of Cardigan. Miss Arianwen Williams of Ambleston Cottage, High Street, was the Secretary. In 1924 there were 53 members; in 1925 there were 56. On 23rd April 1926 tenders were sought for re-seating and other renovations to plans by Mr. T. Morris George, architect. In 1928 Captain William Morgan, John Jenkins and D. O. C. Roberts were the Deacons. In 1928 there were 55 members; and 1930 there were

    Capel Seion Deacons and Secretary, 1935 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Capel Seion Deacons and Secretary, 1935 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    62. In September 1930 the Quarterly Session of the Presbyterian Church in Wales met here. In 1930-32 the Deacons were: Captain William Morgan, David James, John Jenkins, Daniel Davies, D. O. C. Roberts, Evan Rowlands and J. P. Williams. In 1931 there were 62 members. In 1933-34 the Deacons were John Jenkins, Daniel Davies, D. O. C. Roberts, Evan Rowlands, David James and J. P. Williams. In 1934 Evan Rowlands, Deacon, died. In 1935 the Deacons were John Jenkins, Daniel Davies, David James and J. P. Williams. J. P. Williams left that year. In 1936 the Deacons were: John Jenkins, Captain J. W. Jones, David James, Willie Morris, Daniel Davies, T. H. Evans, and E. G. James. In March 1936 John Jenkins, Pomona, retired as Treasurer of the chapel. In October 1936 the chapel celebrated its centenary. In 1937 Deacon Daniel Davies died. On 7th December 1937 Rev. D. Moses Davies died suddenly aged 61. On 5th January 1938 David Jones, Angel House, the Senior Deacon, died aged 78. In 1940 the Deacons were: John Jenkins, E. G. James, T. H. Evans, Roderick Evans, William Morris, John Thomas and T. J. Morgan. On 31st March 1940 John Jenkins, the Senior Deacon, died.

    In May 1940 Rev. H. Jenkins Evans became the Minister. Rev. Henry Jenkins Evans was the Minister in 1940-57. In 1952 the Deacons were Messrs. T. H. Evans, E. G. James and John Thomas. On 3rd May 1957 Rev. H. Jenkins Evans, Minister, announced his forthcoming retirement.

    Cover of Closure Service Programme, Capel Seion, 19/04/1989 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Cover of Closure Service Programme, Capel Seion, 19/04/1989 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    On 16th May 1958 Rev. Gomer M. Roberts became the Minister here and at Glanrhyd Chapel, Llantood. The new vestry here opened just before 5th June 1959. Rev. Gomer M. Roberts was still the Minister in 1960. In October 1969 Rev. Richard Jones, Minister of Tabernacl C. M. Chapel, Cardigan, was inducted as the Minister. In June 1979 planning permission was being sought to convert the building into two houses. From 1980-84 Rev. Thomas Roberts was the Minister here and at Tabernacl, Cardigan. On 19th April 1989 a Closing Service was held here, ending the religious life of the chapel.

    In 1989 the chapel was deconsecrated. The property was sold in 1990. By 1994 it had been converted into two houses.


    None available.


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    Glen K Johnson 17/07/2013.


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      Hi Lesley. All I can say for sure is that John Jenkins lived at Pomona, St. Dogmaels, in the early Twentieth Century. He was married to Mary and had a daughter named Lyllian, who I believe married a Mr. Joel. There was a David Jenkins mentioned very early in the history of Capel Seion who may well have been a relation. Regards, Glen

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