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    The name means ‘Chapel’. The property probably takes its name from a lost mediaeval pilgrim’s chapel that once stood at Capel-bach, and may have been dedicated to St. Bartholemew. Capel was recorded in 1671. In 1806-17 John Jonathan lived here. On 22nd February 1806 Catherine Jonathan, wife of John Jonathan, died aged 56. In 1807-18 Benjamin Rees also lived here. In 1813 Griffith David also lived here. On 16th May 1817 John Jonathan died aged 77. A couple of days later Griffith James died here aged 3. In April 1818 Benjamin Rees died here aged 67.

    In 1827-42 Thomas Evans (jnr.) lived here. In June 1827 Thomas Evans was a shareholder in the Cardigan ship ‘Enterprise’. On 16th November 1831 Thomas Evans of Capel, farmer, wrote his will. He referred to his daughter Mary Davies; son Enos Evans; son Evan Evans; daughter Catherine Davies; daughter Ann Evans; son Abel Evans; son Thomas Evans; son John Evans; daughter Elizabeth Evans; and wife Deborah Evans. In 1839-42 Thomas Evans was a burgess of Cardigan. On 18th April 1839 Deborah Evans of Capel, widow, wrote her will. She referred to her deceased husband Thomas Evans; her son Thomas Evans, farmer; and son John Evans, farmer. On 26th December 1839 Thomas Evans of Capel, son of Thomas Evans of the same, married Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of Thomas Edwards, Croesyforwyn, Llantood. In 1841 the following persons lived here: Thomas Evans, 20; Elizabeth Evans, 20, his wife; Margaret Evans, 7 months, their daughter; Ann Phillips, 20, servant; and Harriet Thomas, 15, servant. In a separate unit lived three agricultural labourers – David James, 20; Evan Edward, 15; and John Evans, 20.

    In 1841-68 William James lived and farmed here. In 1847 it was owned by Rev. Robert Miles of the Priory and was leased to William James with 85 acres. On 18th December 1847 William Thomas, a servant at Tregibby, married Elizabeth Davies of Capel-bach. In 1849 Margaret James was born here. In 1850 John James was born here. In 1851 the occupants were:- William James, 26, farmer of 85 acres (b. Cardigan); Mary James, 25, his wife (b. Ferwig); Margaret James, 2, their daughter (b. Cardigan); John James, 8 months, son (b. Cardigan); and servants – David Prosser, 19 (b. Blaenporth); Elenor James, 29 (b. Llanfyrnach); and Hannah George, 7 (b. Tremain). In 1852 William James was born here. In 1853 Elizabeth James was born here. In 1856 Mary Ann James was born here. In 1858 Maud James was born here. In 1860 David James was born here. In 1861 the following persons lived here: William James, 36, farmer of 85 acres; Mary James, 35, his wife; Margaret James, 12, their daughter; John James, 11, son; William James, 9, son; Elizabeth James, 8, daughter; Mary Ann James, 5, daughter; Maud James, 3, daughter; David James, 1, son; and three servants – David Thomas, 19, farm servant; John Thomas, 14, farm servant; and Margaret Williams, 15, nurse.

    In 1871-81 John Jenkins lived here. In 1871 the following persons lived here: John Jenkins, 26, farmer; Margaret Jenkins, 22, his wife; Margaretta Jenkins, 3, their daughter; William Jenkins, 8 months, son; and 2 servants. In 1872 David Jenkins was born here. In 1874 Mary Jenkins was born here. In 1875 Maud Jenkins was born here. On 13th August 1875 the water wheel was torn away by the Mwldan flood. In 1877 Amy Jenkins was born here. In 1879 Elizabeth Jenkins was born here. In 1880 John Jenkins was born here. The following persons lived here in 1881: John Jenkins, 35, farmer; Margaret Jenkins, 32, his wife; Margaretta Jenkins, 12, their daughter; William Jenkins, 10, son; David Jenkins, 9, son; Mary Jenkins, 7, daughter; Maud Jenkins, 6, daughter; Amy Jenkins, 4, daughter; Elizabeth Jenkins, 2, daughter; John Jenkins, 6 months; William Griffiths, 17, farm servant; Anne Owens, 20, domestic servant; and Anne Thomas, 14, domestic servant. The following persons lived in two dwellings at Capel-Bach: 1): David Williams, sailor; Hannah Williams, 45, his wife; and Thomas Davies, 11, their son. 2): Elizabeth Davies, 30, agricultural labourer’s wife; Harriet Davies, 6, her daughter; Evan Davies, 5, son; Anne Davies, 3, daughter; and David J. Davies, 8, son.

    In 1891-1908 Lewis Davies lived here. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Lewis Davies, 30 (b. Mwnt); his wife, 28; David John Davies, 1, son; Ester Ellen Davies, 3 months, daughter; and 2 servants – Anne Owens, 15 (b. Llangoedmor); and Sarah, 15 (b. Llangoedmor). The household was Welsh-speaking. Capel-bach was occupied by: John James, 32, labourer (b. Llangoedmor); Margaret James, 31, his wife (b. Tremain); Elizabeth James, 6, their daughter; Thomas James, 4, son; and James James, 2, son. Except where noted otherwise, all were born in Cardigan and spoke Welsh. In 1892 Hannah U. Davies was born here. In 1896 Capel Bach was still thatched. In 1896 Sarah E. Davies was born here. On 19th June 1897 William Morse Davies, infant son of Lewis Davies of Capel, died. Capel was sold on 27th August 1897 as part of the Priory estate. In 1900 Tom L. Davies was born here. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Lewis Davies, 40, farmer (b. Mwnt); David John Davies, 11, his son (b. St. Clears); Esther E. Davies, 10, daughter (b. Cardigan); Hannah U. Davies, 9, daughter (b. Cardigan); Sarah E. Davies, 5, daughter (b. Cardigan); Tom L. Davies, 1, son (b. Cardigan); Eliza Davies, 48, sister, housekeeper (b. Mwnt, Welsh-speaking); Daniel Owen Rees, farm servant (b. Llangoedmor); Thomas James, 13, farm servant (b. Cardigan); and Elizabeth James, 16, housemaid (b. Tremain). Except where noted otherwise, all were bilingual. On 16th October 1908 a clear-out sale was held here for Lewis Davies, who was leaving.

    In 1912-30 David Evans was the farmer. In 1918-24 David & Anne Evans lived here. Capel was sold on 15th February 1919 as part of the Priory estate. It was sold with 86 acres to the tenant, David Evans. In 1922 Albert Hicks lived here. In 1924 Mr. & Mrs. David Evans lived here, as did Mrs. Hicks in 1923-24. In May 1929 the 86 acre property was advertised for sale. In July 1934 Capel was advertised to let with 86 acres. On 3rd October 1934 there was a sale of stock, crops and implements here for Mr. D. T. Harries, who was leaving. In 1935 Mrs. Margaret Hicks of North Road owned Capel and Mrs. Owen lived here. In April 1937 Mrs. Hannah Owen of Capel died. In 1940 Mr. & Mrs. Owen lived here. On 15th June 1940 Miss Beryl Owen of Capel, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. Owen, married David Davies of Llantood. During World War II, Benjamin Thomas Owen of Capel was killed in action. On 17th May 1946 Miss Iris Morwen Owen, second daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Owen of Capel, married William Ll. Volk of Clawddcam, St. Dogmaels. In 1955 David Samuel Owen, Elizabeth Owen and Gwilym Owen lived here. On 31st July 1959 Capel was advertised for sale with 84 acres.

    On 10th February 1969 Trevor Thomas of Capel died. In July 1969 the farm was advertised for sale with 53 acres and a 3-bedroom farmhouse. In December 1979-July 1980 Capel was advertised for sale.


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