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    In 1861-78 James & Elizabeth Tucker lived here. In 1861 the following persons lived here: James Tucker, 33, mariner; Elizabeth Tucker, 27, his wife; and Ellen Tucker, 7 months, their daughter. In 1871 Elizabeth Tucker, 37, sailor’s wife, lived here with their daughters, Ellen Tucker, 11, and Elizabeth Tucker, 8. On January 18th 1876 Elizabeth Tucker was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 13. On September 29th 1878 Ellen Tucker, 19, daughter of James Tucker, ship’s carpenter, married William Henry Hughes of Clawddcam. In the 19th Century there was a good well here.

    In 1882-1907 Captain John Jones lived here. On 4th March 1882 a son was born to the wife of Captain John Jones. John Herbert Jones was buried at St. Dogmaels on November 23rd 1882 following his death aged 8 months. In 1891 the following persons lived here: John Jones, 42, master mariner; Elizabeth Jones, 36, his wife; and Anne Jones, 75, his mother. On December 20th 1893 Anne Jones, widow of the late Captain Rees Jones, was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 78 on 16th December 1893. On 29th March 1896 landlady Elizabeth Jones, wife of Captain John Jones died aged 42. In 1901 the following persons lived here: John Jones, 52, licensed victualler (b. Blaenffos); Mary Jones, 53, his (2nd) wife (b. Cippyn); and Leonard Jones, 10, his son (b. St. Dogmaels). The household was bilingual. In September 1901 John Jones became the 2nd Coxswain of the local lifeboat. On 10th February 1905 the building was considered structurally unsuitable as a public house. On December 9th 1907 Mary Jones of this address was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 65.

    In 1914 Rev. William Edwards, Curate, lived here. In 1916 Margaret Harries lived in ‘Cardigan Bay Cottage’. On January 24th 1929 Washington Thomas, mariner of this address, married Gwyneth Maria Evans of No. 15 Castle Street, Cardigan. In 1938-57 Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas lived here. In 1946-57 James Sallis lived here. In 1955-57 Elizabeth Thomas, Mary Anne Sallis and James Sallis lived here. In August 1957 Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas died aged 87. On 19th January 1963 Mrs. Mary Anne Sallis of this address, wife of James Sallis, died aged 60. She was an elder daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. Washington James of this address.

    Former Cardigan Bay Inn in August 2006 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Former Cardigan Bay Inn in August 2006 (c) Glen K Johnson


    Semi-detached two storey C19 stucco rendered house with slate gabled roof. A very old well was once located to the rear of the property.


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    © Glen K Johnson 17/07/2013.


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