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    Abigail‘ (St. D) Schooner 70t. b. 1836 Cardigan. 1836 Captain William Griffiths, Abigail House, St. Dogmaels. Lost 1855.

    Acorn‘ Brig 92t. b. 1812 Cardigan. 1825-34 Captain William Jones. 1833 Converted to Schooner 62t. 1836 Captain David Jones, St. Dogmaels.

    Active‘ Snow 142t. b. 1802 Cardigan. Captain John Davies, Bridge, Cardigan. Lost 1828

    Active‘ 142t. b. 1802 Cardigan. 1824 Captain William Shadrach.

    Active‘ 35t. b. 1826 Cardigan. 1826 Captain John Owens

    Active‘ (St. D) Sloop 30t. b. 1838 Milford. 1852 Captain Evan Morgan, St. Dogmaels. May 1860 Lost off St. Anne’s Head.

    Adeona‘ (St. D) Sloop 76t. b. 1802 Cardigan. 1825-36 Captain George Bowen. 1847 Captain Thomas Jenkins.

    Adeona‘ 34t. b. 1852 St. Dogmaels. 1852 Captain Thomas Jenkins.

    Adroit‘ Schooner 94t. b. Pembroke 1844

    Aeron‘ Sloop 65t. b. 1814 Llanddewi Aberarth. 1826 Captain Thomas Thomas. 1837 Captain William Davies. 1840 Captain William George.

    Agenoria‘ (St. D) Schooner 117t. b. 1834 Newport. 1834 Captain William Evans. (Captain John Davies, Commercial House, High Street, St. Dogmaels.) 1852 Transferred to Cardigan & Converted to Brigantine 84t.1852 Captain Benjamin Lodwick. 28/03/1880 Lost. Crew saved.

    Aid‘ Sloop 25t. b. 1799 Cardigan

    Aid‘ Smack 36t. b. 1829 Cardigan. 1829-36 Captain Daniel Jenkins. 13/09/1869 Lost, Ramsey Sound

    Alberta‘ (St. D) Schooner 90t. b. 1861 Aberystwyth. 1868 Captain Thomas Owens. Captain William Finch. 07/11/1875 foundered on the Cardigan Bar. Crew survived.

    Albion‘ Snow 166t. b. 1815 Milford. Captain Llywelyn Davies, Bridge, Cardigan. Lost November 1819, Wicklow Bank, w. all hands.

    Albion‘ Schooner 59t. b. 1835 Plymouth. 1868 Captain William Edwards, No. 8 Castle Street. 1874 Sold.

    Aleona‘ (St. D) Smack 29t. b. 1852 St. Dogmaels. 1852 Captain David Davies. 26/10/1859 Lost at Angle Point, Fishguard Bay.

    Alert‘ Schooner 73t. b. 1826 Cardigan. 1826 Captain David Davies. Lost 1830.

    Alliance‘ Brig 126t. b. 1793 Bideford. Captain John Davies, Bridge House, Cardigan. Burnt 1813 by American warship ‘Argus‘ off Ireland.

    Amity‘ Schooner 60t. b. 1820 Chepstow. 1825-34 Captain John Jones. 1848 Transferred to St. Dogmaels. 1848 Captain Thomas Lewis. Captain John Lewis, No. 23 Castle Street. 1860 Lost.

    Angelina‘ Schooner 100t. b. 1842 Cardigan. 1842 Captain Thomas Evan Rees.

    Ann‘ (St. D) Sloop 40t. b. 1813 Cardigan. 1826 Captain James James

    Ann‘ Sloop 31t. b. 1825 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Thomas Rees; 1836 Captain William James, St. Dogmaels. 1840 Captain Thomas Thomas.

    Ann‘ Smack. Lost 1845 at Jack Sound

    Ann‘ 23t. b. 1821 New Quay. 1845 Captain Owen Bowen.

    Ann & Betsy‘ Smack 22t. B, 1837 Newport. 1867 Transferred to Cardigan. 1920 Scrapped.

    ‘Ann & Mary‘ 37t. b. 1841 St. Dogmaels. 1841 – Captain David Evans, St. Dogmaels. 1841-76

    Ann & Mary’ 21t. b. 1848 New Quay. 1848-55 Captain James James.

    Ann Jones‘ (St. D) Sloop 27t. b. 1853 St. Dogmaels. 1853 Captain Rees Jones, St. Dogmaels. 1856 – Run down in Milford Haven.

    Ann Wilson‘ Barque 416t. b. 1854 Pembroke U. S. A. 1869-76. 1879 – Broken up in Cardiff

    Anna Letitia‘ (St. D) Schooner 106t. b. 1833 Cardigan. 1833-36 Captain Thomas Davies.

    Anne‘ (St. D) Sloop 31t. b. 1818 Cardigan. 1837 Captain Lewis.

    Annie‘ (St. D) Ketch w. engine 32t. b. 1895 Pembroke Dock. 1898 Captain William Jones, Feidrfawr, St. Dogmaels. 02/03/1918 Sold to Cardiff.

    Ard‘ Sloop 25t. b. 1799 Cardigan

    Ardent‘ Sloop 63t. b. 1815 Cardigan. 1825 Captain John Williams. 1834-39 Captain David Peters.

    Ardent‘ 125t. b. 1817 Newport. 1836 Captain Joseph Dudding. 11/01/1858 – Lost, Shetland.

    Ardent‘ 50t. 1825

    Arethusa‘ (St. D) Brig 120t. b. 1842 Cardigan. 1843 Captain George Lloyd, St. Dogmaels. 1854 Captain James Wade. July 1856 Lost.

    Art‘ (St. D) Brig 126t. b. 1816 Newport. Captain David Owen, St. Dogmaels. Lost 1832.

    Artuose‘ Schooner 100t. b. 1823 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Owen Williams. Lost 1830

    Atlantic‘ 57t. b. 1835 New Quay. 1835 Captain Thomas Jones.

    Atlantic‘ Schooner 87t. b. 1862 Kincardine, Perthshire. 1863 Transferred to Aberystwyth.

    Aurora‘ Schooner 83t. b. 1816 Cardigan. 1825 – Captain Thomas Owen. 1829 Captain Hezekiah Jones. Lost 1833

    Aurora‘ Smack 30t. b. Brixham 1818. 1886 Captain John Thomas, No. 1 Albion Terrace. 11/10/1894 Lost at Mumbles.

    Bee‘ (St. D) Sloop 30t. b. 1790 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Robert George, St. Dogmaels. 1833-36 Captain Griffith Daniel, St. Dogmaels.

    Beginning‘ Sloop. Captain Evan Francis. 1812 Sank at Cardigan Island with all hands.

    Betsy‘ Smack 36t. b. 1802 Cowes. 1851 Captain John Ferrier.

    Betsy‘ Brig 128t. b. 1811 Cardigan. 1825 Captain David Richards. 1843 Converted to Snow 115t. 1843 Captain Griffith Jenkins, Ferwig. 1849 Captain Thomas Beynon. 1869 Lost.

    Betsey‘ 104t. b. 1816 Cardigan. 1837 Captain Davies.

    Betsey‘ (St. D) Schooner 88t. b. 1830 Cardiff. 1830-37 Captain William Lloyd, Pembroke House, High Street, St. Dogmaels

    Black Swan‘ Barque 297t. b. 1854 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. 1867 Captain Thomas Lewis. 13/09/1870 Lost.

    Blanche‘ Schooner 89t. b. 1808 Douglas, Nova Scotia. 1826 Captain David Morgan

    Boudicea‘ Schooner 161t. b. 1841 Cardigan. 1841-53 Captain David Evans, Pendre. 1853 Converted to brigantine 161t. 29/03/1853 Lost.

    Breeze‘ Sloop 28t. b. 1839 Cork

    Bristol Trader‘ Lost 1843 w. all crew

    Britannia‘ (St. D) Sloop 24t. b. 1793 Aberporth. 1825-36 Captain William Rowlands, St. Dogmaels; 1846 Transferred to Aberporth.

    Britannia‘ (St. D) Smack 30t. b.1797 Cardigan. 29/11/1862 Lost off Lawrenny.

    Britttania‘ 18t. b. 1844 Pwllheli. 1844 Captain James Rowlands. 25/01/1866 Broken up.

    Briton‘ Schooner 71t. b. 1815 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Caleb Williams

    Briton‘ (St. D) Sloop 61t. b. 1825 Cardigan. 1837 Captain Thomas Lewis. 1846 Lost, St. Bride’s Bay

    Briton‘ Sloop 36t. b. 1839 New Quay. 1845 Transferred to Cardigan. 1855 Lost, Strumble Head.

    Brothers‘ Smack 46t. b. 1848 Cardigan. 1892 Wrecked.

    Busy‘ (St. D) Schooner 64t. b. 1809 Totnes. 1855 Captain William Williams, Grove Villa, St. Dogmaels. 21/03/1857 Lost at sea between Cork and London.

    Carnsew‘ 68t. b. 1836 Hayle, Cornwall. 1872-75 Captain David Evans, Greenfield Row. 1876 Transferred to Caernarfon.

    Caroline‘ Brig 225t. b. 1844 Grand River, Prince Edward Island. 1848 Captain John Morgan.Lost 1858.

    Caroline‘ Smack 27t. b. 1843 Jersey. 1861 Captain Thomas Phillips. 1862 Sold to Aberystwyth.

    S. S. ‘Castle Green‘ Steamer 510t. b.1902 Ardrossan. 1934. 07/06/1935 Sold to Estonia.

    Catherine‘ (St. D) Sloop 27t. b. 1797 Cardigan. 1826-39 Captain George Richards, St. Dogmaels 1850 Captain David Evans, St. Dogmaels. 1864 lengthened. 1867 Captain David Jones, St. Dogmaels. 1881 Sold to Mumbles

    Ceres‘ (St. D) Sloop 45t. b. 1814 Cardigan. 1826 Captain David George. Lost 1834

    Charlotte‘ Sloop 23t. b. 1795 Cardigan. 1826 Captain William Davies.

    Charlotte‘ Brig 93t. b. 1815 Cardigan. Lost 1828

    Charming Nancy‘ 19t. b. 1807 Lawrenny. 1836 Captain Owen Owen.

    Charming Nancy‘ 20t. b. 1827 Milford. 1827 Captain Morgan Morgan. 1855 Lengthened Cardigan. 1855 Captain David Evans. 29/08/1909 Stranded and lost off Dee Light.

    Christiana‘ Smack 25t. 22/09/1896 Lost.

    Clare‘ Schooner 140t. b. 1817 Swansea.

    Comet‘ (St. D) Sloop 42t. b. 1816 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Thomas Lewis. 1836 Captain L. Griffiths

    Commerce‘ Schooner 59t. b. 1814 Cardigan 1814-25. 1825 – Captain John Pritchard. 1837 Captain John Williams. 1841 Captain David Phillips.

    Commerce‘ (St. D) Smack 28t. b. 1800 Carmarthen. 1842-50 Evan Davies, St. Dogmaels.

    Cygnet‘ Sloop or schooner 81t. b. 1797 Cardigan. 1826 Captain William Lloyd. rb. 1829. 1829-36 Captain Benjamin Lodwick.

    Cygnet‘ (St. D) Snow 62t. b. 1827 Cardigan. 1848 Captain John Davies, St. Dogmaels. Captain Evans, Brynivor, High Street, St. Dogmaels. October 1860 stranded Westport.

    Cymro‘ (St. D) Smack 28t. b. 1888 Milford. Lost 1902 Milford.

    David‘ Sloop 35t. b. 1813 Newport.

    David‘ (St. D) Schooner 26t. b. 1830 Newport. 1830 Captain David Davies. 1837 Captain Thomas Lewis, St. Dogmaels. 1876

    Defiance‘ (St. D) Schooner 107t. b. 1831 Blythe Dock. 1834 Captain David Davies. 1836 Captain Thomas Lloyd. 1849 Captain Thomas Davies.

    Diligence‘ (St. D) Sloop 46t. b. 1785 Burntisland, Fife. 1834-38 Captain David Finch, St. Dogmaels. 1890 Converted to hulk

    Dolphin‘ 28t. b. 1804 New Quay. 1831 Captain David Lloyd. Lost 31/07/1831

    Dolphin‘ (St. D) Sloop 18t. b. 1819 Cardigan. 1825 Captain David Lewis. 1829 Captain David Griffiths

    Dove‘ Sloop 28t. b. 1798 Cardigan. 1826 Captain James James.

    Drogheda‘ 48t. b. 1878 Drogheda. 27/10/1916 Lost off Bull Point.

    S. S. ‘Drumlough‘ Steamer 311t. b.1921 Rutherglen. 1934

    Eagle‘ Smack 21t. b. 1790 Aberystwyth. 1824 Captain David Davies. 1830 Captain John Morgan.

    Eagle‘ Brig or schooner 85t. b. 1799 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Owen Morgan.

    S. S. ‘East Coaster‘ Steamer 650t. b. 1919

    Eaton‘ Smack. Capt. Evan Rees 1828

    Eclair‘ Brig 161t. b. 1817 Swansea. 1825 Captain John Davies. 1837-39 Captain Rees Thomas. 1848-49 Captain James Ellis, No. 9 Castle Street

    Ecton‘ (St. D) Sloop 55t. b. 1825 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Evan Rees. Lost 1829 w. all hands.

    Effort‘ (St. D) Sloop 41t. b. 1845 St. Dogmaels. 1845 Captain Griffith Davies, St. Dogmaels. 15/12/1853 Lost.

    Eleanor‘ (St. D) Schooner 40t. b. 1860 St. Dogmaels. 1860 Captain John Thomas, St. Dogmaels. 22/08/1866 Run down off Lundy Island.

    Eleanor Hughes‘ (St. D) Schooner 64t. b. 1840 Bideford. 1850 Captain David James. Lost 16/12/1857.

    Elendale‘ (St. D) Smack 19t. b. 1851 Aberarth. Scrapped 07/10/1933

    Elinor‘ (St. D) Sloop 35t. b. 1802 New Quay. 1824 Captain William Richards. 1839-46 Captain Thomas Evans. 1867 Broken up.

    Eliza‘ 143t. b. 1801 Cardigan. 1824 Captain William Davies

    Eliza‘ 97t. b. 1827 Milford

    Eliza‘ 28t. b. 1807 Craiglas. 1836-37 Captain John Jones. 1849 Broken up.

    Eliza Anne‘ (St. D) Ketch 31t. b. 1877 Ceibach. 1877 Captain David Evans, St. Dogmaels. 17/03/1918 Sunk by enemy submarine.

    Elizabeth‘ Sloop 35t. b. 1844 Cardigan. 1844 Captain Thomas Evans. 09/11/1891 Wrecked at Eddystone.

    Elizabeth‘ (St. D) Sloop 20t. b. 1827 Cardiff. 1842 Captain William Davies. 1859 Transferred to Cardiff.

    ‘Elizabeth’ Smack. Captain T. Mathias. 23/02/1866 lost on the Cardigan Bar:

    Elizabeth & Mary‘ Smack 20t. b. 1854 Pembroke Dock. 14/02/1861 Lost off Strumble Head.

    Elizabeth Anne‘ Brig 147t. b. 1855 Cardigan. 1855 Captain Thomas Evans.

    Elizabeth Davies‘ (St. D) Smack 28t. b. 1868 Cardigan. 1868-78 Captain Evan Davies, St. Dogmaels. 21/12/180 Sold. 1880-83 Captain David Jones, St. Dogmaels.

    Elizabeth Stephens‘ Brigantine 197t. b. 1871 Ipswich. 1876

    Ellen‘ Brig 112t. b. 1829 Cardigan. 1829 Captain Thomas Evans. 1835 Captain David Davies. 1836-45 Captain David Evans. 1852 Converted to brigantine 112t. 1852 Captain RogerDavies. 1869 Captain Owen Morgans. Sold to Newport.

    Ellen‘ (St. D) Sloop 40t. b. 1842 Ulveston. 1859 Captain Thomas Davies, St. Dogmaels. 28/08/1860 Lost in Ramsey Sound.

    Ellen Owens‘ (St. D) Ketch 34t. b. 1861 Cardigan. 1861 Captain John Owens, St. Dogmaels. 1866 Sold to Captain John Davies, St. Dogmaels. 1866-86 Captain John Davies. 1886 Sold to Captain William Davies, Angorfa, High Street, St. Dogmaels. 1905 Lost in Swansea Bay following collision.

    Ellendole‘ 19t. b. 1851 Llanddewi Aberarth. 1861 Captain Richard Jones, St. Dogmaels. 1935 Broken up at Cardigan.

    Emeralda‘ Sloop 61t. b. 1828 Cardigan. 1828-49 Captain Thomas Owens

    Emily‘ (St. D) 70t. b. 1840 Swansea 1871 Captain William Williams. 24/11/1871 Transferred to Swansea.

    S. S. ‘Enid Mary‘ Steamer 584t. or 605t. b. 1921 Barnstaple. 1934

    Enterprise‘ 48t. b. 1827 New Quay. 1827 Captain James James.

    Erin‘ Brig 126t. b. 1828 Cardigan. 1828 Captain David Morgan. 1837 Captain Owen Morgan.

    S. S. ‘Eskburn‘ Steamer 472t. b. 1917 Sunderland. 1934

    Eugenie‘ (St. D) Schooner 44t. b. 1855 St. Dogmaels. 1855 Captain Thomas Jenkins, St. Dogmaels. 04/08/1864 Run down, St. Bride’s Bay.

    Europa‘ Brig 155t. b. 1849 Cardigan. 1849 Captain Owen Williams. Captain William Richards, Bridge House, St. Dogmaels; Captain John Griffiths, Norwood, High Street, St. Dogmaels.

    Excel‘ Schooner 99t. b. 1858 Appledore.

    Expedition‘ Sloop 37t. b. 1809 Cardigan. 1824 – Captain John Griffiths. 1837 Captain Thomas Davies.

    Expedition‘ Smack 15t. b. 1805 Cardigan. 1805-25

    Ezel‘ Schooner 140t. b. 1873 Cardiff. 1907. 08/09/1917 Sunk by German submarine.

    Fair Cambrian‘ Brig 120t. 1819-20

    Faithful Mother‘ Sloop 40t. b. 1849 Cardigan.

    Fame‘ Sloop 38t. b. 1803 Aberystwyth. 1825 Captain James Lloyd

    Fame‘ (St. D) Brig 85t. b. 1814 Cardigan. 1826-36 Captain Owen Williams, No. 1 Castle Street. 1848 Captain Thomas Nicholas. 1867 Lost.

    Fanny‘ (St. D) Brigantine 135t. b. 1847 Fort Hill, Prince Edward Island. 1848 Captain William Richards, Bridge House, St. Dogmaels 24/07/1861 – Lost off Bayonna Island, New Jersey.

    Farmer’s Lass‘ (St. D) Brigantine 144t. b. 1844 St. Dogmaels. 1854 Lengthened.

    Fishminer‘ 90t. b. 1789 Cardigan. 1824 Captain David Richards.

    Flying Fish‘ (St. D) Smack 30t. b. 1836 St. Dogmaels. 1860 Captain Peter Davies, St. Dogmaels. 1861 Transferred to Cardigan. 1862 Sold to St. Dogmaels. 1863 Sold to Llanelli.

    Frances‘ Sloop 71t. b. 1830 Cardigan. 1830-48 Captain Rees Davies.

    Frances‘ Schooner 47t. b. 1813 Cardigan

    Friends‘ Schooner 97t. b. 1828 Cardigan. 1828-36 Captain David Thomas. 1854 Captain John Thomas. 25/05/1865 Lost.

    Friendship‘ 31t. b. 1810 New Quay. 1826 Captain Richard Finch.

    Friendship‘ Brig 83t. b. 1817 Newport.

    Frolic‘ (St. D) Smack 45t. b. 1857 St. Dogmaels

    George & Jane‘ Schooner 37t. b. 1822 Kidwelly. 1861 Captain Evan Morgan, St. Dogmaels. 06/11/1865 Lost at St. Govan’s Head.

    George Evans‘ (St. D) Ketch 32t. b. 1862 Ceibach. 1879 Captain David Rees, St. Dogmaels. Broken up 1921

    Gleaner‘ 97t. b. 1825 New Quay. 1825 Captain John Griffiths. 1836 Captain Thomas Evans. 1845 Captain Rees Thomas.

    Glen Roy‘ Brigantine 132t. b. 1839 Prince Edward Island. 1860 Registered at Cardigan.1860 Captain John Thomas, Glenroy, Cardigan (d. May 1867). 1870 Sold to Whitehaven.

    Gloucester Packet‘ Smack 22t. b. 1836 Carmarthen. 1866 Captain David Rees. 1881 Sold to Newport, Pembs..


    Goliah‘ 973t. b. 1840 Quebec. 1863 Registed at Cardigan. 1863 Wrecked in St. Lawrence River.

    Gomer‘ Sloop 49t. b. 1830 Cardigan. 1830 Captain Thomas Rees. 1836 Captain Thomas Richards.

    The Good Behaviour‘ ca1710

    Good Hope‘ 22t. Captain Evan Thomas, Bridge End, Cardigan. Lost 1859.

    Gratitude‘ (St. D) Sloop 61t. b. 1828 Cardigan. 1828-36 Captain George Richards, St. Dogmaels

    Hannah‘ Sloop 59t. b. 1788 Lancaster. 1825 Captain Evan Evans. Lost 1842

    Hannah‘ (St. D) Sloop 54t. b. 1827 Cardigan. 1827-32 Captain George Bowen. 1835-36 Captain Jonathan Lodwig. Lost Feb. 1841 at Worm’s Head.

    Hannah‘ Schooner 98t. b. 1848 Cardigan. 1848 Captain Thomas Jones.

    Hannah‘ Schooner 64t. b. 1840 Ceibach. 1844 Captain Owen Owens.

    Harmony‘ Schooner 80t. b. 1829 Llangrannog. 1829 Captain Griffith Davies. 1832 Lost with all hands

    Harmony‘ Schooner 78t. b. 1835 Aberarth. 1837 Captain Lewis Davies. 1867 Abandoned off Ireland.

    Harriet‘ Schooner 99t. b. 1868 Appledore. 1874 Sold to St. John’s.

    Hawke‘ Schooner 74t. b. 1797 Aberystwyth. 1825-29 Captain Thomas Nicholas

    Heart of Oak‘ Brig 137t Schooner. b. 1811 Cardigan. 1825 Captain John Howell. 1837 Captain David Evans. 1845 Converted to Brig 137t. 1845 Captain David Jones. Captain Thomas Davies.

    Heart of Oak‘ Brig 148t. b. 1792 Poole. 1825 Captain John Bowen. Captain John Mathias, Eagle Inn, Castle Street

    Heart of Oak‘ 50t. b. 1827 New Quay. Captain Evan Davies.

    Heather Bell‘ Brig 188t. b. 1847 Blyth. 1851 Captain James Ellis, No. 9 Castle Street.

    Heatherbell‘ Dandy 58t. b. 1873 Cardigan. 1873-76

    Hermione‘ Brig 162t. b. 1845 Bristol. 1860 Captain Rees Davies. Captain John Stephens, Brooklyn Terrace, St. Dogmaels.

    Hero‘ Sloop 49t. b. 1814 Cardigan.

    Hero‘ Sloop 41t. b. 1830 Cardigan. 1830 Captain David Jones. 1836 Captain David Thomas. Lost 1839 Stanraer.

    Hero‘ (St. D) Schooner 57t. b. 1820 Chepstow. 1858 Captain Thomas Davies, Bryndu, St. Dogmaels. December 1859 Lost on Lady Island near Troon.

    Hibernia‘ (St. D) Sloop or Schooner 67t. b. 1822 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Thomas Morgan. 1837-38 Captain George Lewis, St. Dogmaels. 1847 Captain David Rees. 1853 Captain Evan Morgan. 1857 Lost off Bardsey.

    Hope‘ Sloop 22t. b. 1821 New Quay. 1829-37 Captain Levi Davies. 08/10/1865 wrecked.

    Hope‘ Brig. 129t. b. 1799. Captain John Nicholas.

    Hopewell‘ Sloop 34t. b. 1826 Llangrannog. 1847 Transferred to Cardigan. 1847 Captain David Davies. 30/09/1870 Struck Horse Rock, Ramsey Sound & sank. Crew saved. ‘Hopewell‘ (St. D) Sloop 29t. b. 1782 Pwllheli. 1826-28 Captain Joseph Lewis. 1839 Captain David Jones. 1852 Broken up.

    Industry‘ (St. D) Sloop 23t. b. 1805 Cardigan. 1825-29 Captain David Evans.

    Industry‘ (St. D) Sloop 36t. b. 1825 Ulverston. 1860 Captain Morgan Evans, St. Dogmaels. 1865 Transferred to Criccieth.

    Irish Miner‘ Brig 90t. b. 1789 Liverpool. 1825. Lost 1831.

    James‘ (St. D) Schooner 48t. b. 1844 Lawrenny. 1847 Captain Evan Evans. 1855 Lengthened at Cardigan, 71t. 1856 Captain Evan Evans. 03/02/1867 Sank, Black Rocks, salvaged.

    James‘ 34t. b. 1864 Cardigan. 1882

    Jane‘ Brig 163t. b. 1818 Cardigan 1818-25. 1826 Captain William Williams. Lost 1833.

    Jane‘ Schooner 97t. b. 1838 Cardigan. 1838 Captain John James.

    Jane Owens‘ 97t. 1876

    Jenny‘ (St. D) Sloop 23t. b. 1792 New Quay. 1826 Captain John Evans. Lost 1840 Newport.

    Joan‘ (St. D) 19t. rb. 1784 St. Dogmaels. 1826 Captain Joshua Williams

    John‘ (St. D) Sloop 19t. b. 1784 St. Dogmaels

    John Ewing‘ Schooner 95t. b. 1867 Whitehaven. 1903 Sold to Somerset.

    John St. Barbe‘ (St. D) Schooner 65t. b. 1827 Rye. Lost 25/10/1859.

    Katie Darling‘ Ketch 57t. b. 1856 Flint. 1898. 1916 Sold to Swansea.

    Kattina‘ Cutter 20t. b. 1833 Cowes.

    Leech‘ (St. D) Sloop 29t. b. 1808 Cardigan. 1826 Captain Thomas Jones. 1832 Captain David Evans. 1849 Captain John Evans.

    Letitia‘ (St. D) Sloop 27t. b. 1804 St. Dogmaels

    Letitia‘ (St. D) Sloop 24t. b. 1807 Cardigan. 1826 Captain David Rees. 1837 Captain Titus Rees. Lost 31/03/1839 Waterford.

    Lettice‘ 27t. b. 1804 St. Dogmaels. 1825-27 Captain Thomas Richards.

    Linnet‘ Sloop 40t. b. 1820 Ceibach. Lost 07/11/1890 Lavan Sands.

    Lion‘ Sloop (St. D) 35t. b. 1810 Cardigan. 1825 Captain David Jones. 1837 Captain J. Lewis. 1862 Captain David Stephens, St. Dogmaels. d. 1866. 1866 Sold. 1866 Captain Thomas Evans, St. Dogmaels. 1878 Sold. 1878 Captain David James, St. Mary Street, Cardigan. 1879 Sold to Pembrokeshire.

    Lion‘ 11t. b. 1824 Llangrannog. 1824 Captain James Evans

    Little Malta‘ 8t. b. 1887 Glasgow. 1911 Broken up.

    Liza‘ (St. D) Sloop 22t. b. 1807 Craiglas.

    Lizzie Ellen‘ 84t. b. 1874 Cardigan. 1874 Captain David Davies. 06/04/1884 Sold to Chester.

    Lovely‘ Sloop 47t. b. 1811 Cardigan. 1825 Captain David James. 1831 Captain David George. 1837 – Captain David Thomas.

    Lovely Peggy‘ Sloop 31t. b. 1810 New Quay. 1829-30 – Captain John Nicholas. Lost 1833 or 1857.

    Lovely Peggy‘ Sloop 21t. b. 1810 Cardigan

    Lovely Peggy‘ Sloop 34t. b. 1806 Ferryside. 1845 Captain George Lloyd, St. Dogmaels.

    Loyalty‘ (St. D) 30t. b. 1784 Barmouth. 1826 Captain James Jones, St. Dogmaels.

    Magdalen‘ (St. D) Schooner 102t. b. 1837 Cardigan. 1837 Captain George Bowen, St. Dogmaels. Lost 23/01/1863

    Major Nanney‘ Sloop 43t. b. 1841 Pwllheli. 1876 Stranded, St. Govan’s Head. Crew saved.

    Margaret‘ Sloop 46t. b. 1816 Derwen Las. Captain Owen Owens.

    Margaret‘ Sloop 75t. b. 1804 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Thomas Davies. Lost 1834

    Margaret‘ (St. D) Schooner 73t. b. 1827 Cardigan. 1827-36 Captain James James. Captain Evan Phillips, Corner House,High Street, St. Dogmaels. Lost 05/12/1856 Youghall.

    Margaret‘ 128t. b. 1830 Milford. 1830 Captain John Davies. 1830 Lost with all hands.

    Margaret Ann‘ (St. D) Schooner 64t. b. 1841 St. Dogmaels. 1841 Captain Thomas Griffiths, St. Dogmaels. Lost 15/10/1862 off Abercastle Point.

    Margaret Ellen‘ 27t. b. 1862 Cardigan.

    Margaret Lewis‘ (St. D) Smack 28t. b. 1869 Cardigan 1869-76. 1869 Captain Thomas Lewis, Fern Grove, St. Dogmaels. 1895 Sold to Swansea.

    Margaretta‘ Smack 25t. 1866 Captain David Evans.

    Margaretta‘ Brig 112t. b. 1807 Llansanffraid. 1825 – Captain Thomas Evans. Lost 1825.

    Maria‘ (St. D) Sloop 30t. b. 1795 Pwllheli. 1826-37 Captain George Finch. 1862 Captain Evan Davies, St. Dogmaels. 1885 Broken up at Cardigan.

    Maria‘ Sloop 65t. b. 1834 Cardigan. 1834 Captain John Jones. 1836 Captain Thomas Jones. Captain Thomas Evans

    Maria Eliza‘ Schooner 90t. b. 1811 Cardigan

    Maria Eliza‘ Schooner 97t. b. 1841 Cardigan. 1841 Captain David Llewellin, Forest, Cilgerran. 24/07/1863 Lost.

    Martha‘ Schooner 78t. b. 1837 Cardiff. Wrecked 1891 at Wolf’s Rock.

    Martha & Mary‘ (St. D) Schooner 140t. b. 1842 Cardigan. 1842 Captain John Davies. 03/03/1844 Lost.

    Mary‘ 53t. b. 1783 Newport

    Mary‘ Brig 102t. b. 1812 Cardigan. 1825 Captain John Owen. 1836 Captain Thomas Owens. 1841 Captain James Owens. January 1854 Lost at Milford.

    Mary‘ Smack 68t. b. 1825 Milford. 1825-39 Captain John Griffiths. 1858 Lost

    Mary‘ Sloop 55t. b. 1825 Milford. Lost 1825 Holyhead with all hands.

    Mary‘ 21t. b. 1829 New Quay. 1850 Captain John Morgan.

    Mary‘ 23t. b. 1837 Cardigan. 1837 Captain John Owen.

    Mary‘ (St. D) Sloop 35t. 1859 Captain David Davies, Sloop, High Street, St. Dogmaels. 23/07/1874 Run down by a Waterford mail steamer. Lost with all hands.

    Mary‘ (St. D) Smack 27t. b. 1842 Lancashire. 1850 Captain David Davies. 05/04/1859 Lost Strumble Head.

    Mary & Eleanor‘ (St. D) Brig 130t. b. 1818 Newport Mon. 1835 Captain J. George. Lost 1847.

    Mary Ann‘ Sloop 28t. b. 1810 Newport. 1826 Captain Thomas Evans

    Mary Ann‘ (St. D) 22t. 1876

    Mary Ann Newell‘ Brig 251t. b. 1854 Montague River, Prince Edward Island. August 1863 Wrecked en route from Pwllheli to Queenstown.

    Mary Ellen‘ 29t. b. 1862 Milford.

    Mary Jane‘ 297. b. 1868 Cardigan. 1868 Captain Griffith Jenkins.

    Mary Joanna‘ (St. D) Schooner 118t. b. 1840 Cardigan. 1840 Captain John Davies, Cannon House, St. Dogmaels. 1858 Lost, Dutchman’s Bank nr. Beaumaris

    Mary Sarah‘ Ketch 91t. b. 1861 Conwy (as schooner) 1899 Lighter at Madeira.

    Maryanne‘ Sloop 28t. b. 1829. Lost 1831.

    Matthew‘ (St. D)

    S. S. ‘Mayflower‘ Steamer 258t. b. 1900 Larne. 1903 Came to Cardigan. 28/03/1904 Sold to Liverpool

    Mentor‘ Sloop 40t. b. 1805 Cardigan. 1824 Captain David George. 1841 Captain David Davies. 1858 Broken up.

    Mermaid‘ Sloop 25t. b. 1778 Cardigan

    Milo‘ (St. D) Brigantine 76t. b. 1840 Bristol. 1856 Lengthened Cardigan, converted to Schooner. 1856-70 Captain James James, Milo, High Street, St. Dogmaels. 26/04/1882 Run down at Belfast and sunk. Crew saved.

    Minerva‘ Brigantine 86t. b. 1811 Pembroke.

    Minerva‘ Sloop 41t. b. 1815 Cardigan. 1825 Captain John Evans. 1836 Captain David Davies.

    Mirth‘ Sloop 51t. b. 1824 Cardigan

    Molly‘ 27t. b. 1802 Cardigan. 1824 Captain John Evans.

    Molly Lloyd‘ (St. D) Sloop 20t. b. 1799 Llansanffraid. 1825 Captain William Jones

    Morgan‘ (St. D) Schooner 91t. b. 1867 Pembroke Ferry. 1867 Captain Evan Morgan, St. Dogmaels. 24/02/1869 Sold to Denmark.

    Morning Star‘ (St. D) Sloop 15t. b. 1800 rb. 1825 Aberaeron. 1826 Captain David Edwards. Lost 1842 Milford.

    Mountain Lass‘ Brigantine 107t. b. 1849 Aberaeron. 1876

    Mouse‘ Ketch 48t. b. 1878 Drogheda 1896-1916. 29/10/1916 Foundered off Bull Point.

    Nancy‘ Brig 109t. b. 1814 Harrington, Cumberland. 1850 Captain David Davies. 21/02/1864 foundered en route to Liverpool.

    Nelson‘ Sloop 42t. b. 1805 Cardigan. 1824 Captain David Peters. Lost 1828

    Neptune‘ Sloop 49t. b. 1827 Cardigan. 1827 Captain David Jones. 1836 Captain John Lloyd. 1854 Captain William Evans.

    Nina‘ Schooner or Brig 97t. b. 1825 Cardigan Captain John Griffiths

    Nymph‘ Schooner 78t. b. 1828 Milford. 1829 Captain James Evans

    Ocean‘ Brig 121t. b. 1832 Newport. 1832-36 Captain David Nicholas.

    Ocean‘ 57t. b. 1827 Aberaeron. 1835 Captain David Morgans.

    Ocean Queen‘ Snow 158t. b. 1854 Sunderland. 22/07/1867 Wrecked West Indies.

    Olive‘ Schooner 100t. b. 1825 Chepstow. 1825-36 Captain David James. 29/12/1847 Lost Mull of Kintyre.

    Oliver Lloyd‘ 44t. b. 1839 Lawrenny. 1839 Captain William Davies.

    S. S. ‘Orchid‘ Steamer 483t. b.1918 Appledore. 1934

    Otter‘ (St. D) Smack 7t. b. 1859 Cardigan. 1859 Captain Thomas Nicholas, St. Dogmaels.

    Packet‘ Smack b. 1838. Capt. Thomas Evans. Lost 1843 with all hands.

    Paramour‘ 1682

    Peggy‘ (St. D) Sloop 41t. b. 1784 St. Dogmaels. 1825 Captain John Lewis.

    Peggy‘ (St. D) Sloop 25t. b. 1804 St. Dogmaels. 1826-45 Captain John Evans. 1848 Captain David Davies, St. Dogmaels.

    Peggy‘ (St. D) 35t. b. 1836 Chester. Captain Daniel Howell, St. Dogmaels. 19/10/1873 foundered off the Cardigan Bar with no loss of life.

    Peggy‘ Sloop 27t. b. 1782 Cardigan. 1826 Captain Thomas Davies. Lost 20/10/1873

    Peggy‘ (St. D) Sloop 99t. b. 1785 Cardigan. 1826 Captain George Richards. 1831 Captain John Jones. 1836 Captain Richard Richards, Manianfach, St. Dogmaels. 1849 Captain William Parry. Lost 1861.

    Peggy‘ Dandy Schoner 35t. b. 1836 Chester. 1856 Captain John James.

    S. S. ‘Pegwen‘ Steamer 512t. b. 1912

    Pelican‘ Smack 19t. b. 1871 Brake, Oldenbury. 1871 David Owen, St. Dogmaels. March 1873 Sold to Fishguard.

    Penrhyn Castle‘ 44t. b. 1839 Lawrenny. 1840 Captain William Lewis.

    Pet‘ Schooner 45t. b. 1851 Dartmouth. 1858 Captain John Owens. 13/091859 Lost off Bardsey.

    Peter‘ (St. D)

    Pheasant‘ (St. D) 30t. 1876 Captain Jones, Lion House, High Street, St. Dogmaels

    Phoebe‘ (St. D) Sloop 61t. b. 1830 Cardigan. 1830-37 Captain Benjamin Owen, St. Dogmaels. 1855-62 Captain David Mathias, St. Dogmaels. 1862 Restored for Captain Mathias. 1864 Sold to Caernarfon.

    Phoenix‘ Sloop 54t. b. 1825 Cardigan. 1825 Captain John James

    Pomona‘ (St. D) Schooner 109t. b. 1834 Milford. 1834 Captain William Davies, Pomona Cottages, St. Dogmaels. Lost 1850 Isle of Aran or 1856 Isle of Man.

    Preese‘ 28t. 1839 Captain Richard Jones.

    President‘ Sloop 74t. b. 1814 Aberaeron

    Prince of Wales‘ 112t. b. 1849 Llanelli. 1849 Captain Thomas Thomas. 1852 Lost.

    Prince Regent‘ Sloop 69t. b. 1814 Cardigan 1814-25. 1825 Captain Eynon Richards

    Princess Royal‘ Sloop 50t. b. 1791, rb. 1801 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Thomas Dodding.

    Princess Royal‘ (St. D) Schooner 90t. b. 1849 Teignmouth. 1863 Transferred to Cardigan. 14/11/1875 Stranded at Goodwin.

    Princess Royal‘ Brig 148t. b. Swansea 1851. 1879

    Protheroe‘ Schooner 136t. b. 1834 Cardiff. 1834-36 Captain Thomas Amlot.

    Providence‘ Sloop 25t. b. 1776 St. Dogmaels. 1826-29 Captain Thomas Evans. 1834 Captain John Edwards. Lost 07/09/1838 Goodwin.

    Providence‘ (St. D) Sloop 28t. b. 1777 Newport. 1826 Captain Thomas Thomas

    S. S. ‘Quaysider‘ Steamer 616 or 820t. b. 1913 South Shields

    Queen‘ Sloop 58t. b. 1812 Cardigan. 1825 Captain Owen Davies. Lost 1828

    Queen Adelaide‘ (St. D) Sloop 66t. b. 1831 Cardiff. 1831 Captain David Davies.

    Racehorse‘ Sloop 48t. b. 1786 Blackstar

    Rachel‘ Sloop 33t. b. 1836 Cardigan. 1836 Captain Thomas Evans. Lost 1843 Cardigan Bar

    Rachel‘ Sloop 25t. b. 1836 Ceibach. 1873 Foundered off Cardigan.

    Rapid‘ 25t. b. 1840 Cardigan. 1840 Captain John Bowen.

    Rath‘ Tops’l Schooner 48t. b. 1828 Cardigan. Lost 1874 Liverpool.

    Reserve‘ (St. D) Sloop 24t. b. 1803 Cowes. 1847 Captain John George, St. Dogmaels. 1852 Captain Thomas Mendws, St. Dogmaels. 1870 Lost, Porthkerry?

    Resolution‘ Brig 90t. b. 1801 Aberdovey. 1847 Captain John Davies. 1848 Transferred to Limerick.

    Resolution‘ 42t. b. 1827 Cardigan. 1827 Captain Thomas Davies.

    Retriever‘ (St. D) Sloop 44t. b. 1850 Liverpool. 1855 Captain Thomas Phillips, St. Dogmaels. 15/10/1869 Lost off Old Castle.

    Revival‘ Brigantine 136t. b. 1849 Ceibach. 1879 Dismantled and abandoned.

    Rival‘ Schooner 103t. b. 1840 Newport Monmouthshire. 1865 Captain John Bell. 09/05/1865 Lost, Fleetwood.

    Rose‘ (St. D) Sloop 32t. b. 1798 Cardigan

    Rose & Ellen‘ Schooner 91t. b. 1842 Cardigan. 1843-51 Captain Benjamin Lodwick. 1857 Converted to Brigantine.

    Rosina‘ Schooner 74t. b. 1828 Milford. 1828 Captain John Prichard. Lost 1834.

    Royal George‘ (St. D) Sloop 25t. b. 1798 Cardigan rb. 1817. 1825 Captain Philip Benjamin. 1842 Captain Thomas Edwards. 1855 Captain Thomas Evans. December 1868 Broken up.

    Royalty‘ (St. D) Sloop 30t. b. 1784 Barmouth.

    Ruby‘ Sloop 21t. b. 1839 Cardigan. 1839-49 Captain David Jones.

    Ruth‘ Sloop 46t. b. 1828 Cardigan. 1828 – Captain David Davies. 1836 Captain David Harries. Captain John Bowen. 1858 converted to tops’l schooner. 15/11/1874 Lost Liverpool.

    S. S. ‘St. Tudwal‘ Steamer 99t. or 204t. b. 1895 Swan Hunter, Wallsend-on-Tyne. 09/10/1915 Sold to Aberdeen.

    Salacia‘ 92t. b. 1816 Milford. 1824 Captain John Harries

    Sampson‘ Sloop 29t. b. 1801 Cardigan. 1825 Captain John Lloyd. 1837 Captain Thomas Morgan. 1863 Broken up.

    Samuel‘ Sloop 17t. b. 1831 Cardigan. 1831 Captain Griffith Davies.

    Sarah‘ 19t. b. 1797 Cowes. 1840 Captain John Evans, St. Dogmaels. 1860 Broken up.

    Sarah‘ Sloop 38t. b. 1839 Cardigan. 1839 Captain Thomas Jones. Captain David Timothy.

    Sarah‘ (St. D) Smack 28t. b. 1797 Cowes. 1826 Captain David Evans

    Sarah Ann‘ Brig 133t. b. 1799 Prize from Bahamas. 1833 rb. Cardigan. 1836 Captain Davies. 1843-53 Captain John Jones, No. 4 Castle Street. 1865 Captain David Morgan. 13/12/1868 Lost.

    Schillizzi‘ Schooner 88t. b. 1849 Harrington, Cumberland. 1860 Captain John Rees.

    S. S. ‘Sea Flower‘ 66t. Steamer b. 1875 Port Glasgow. 1877 Commercial Steam Packet Co.

    Sedulous‘ (or ‘Sedulalles‘) Sloop 35t. b. 1806 Cardigan. 1824 Captain Thomas Evans.

    Severn‘ Brig. 106t. b. 1849 Brignorth, Salop. 1853

    Shannon‘ Schooner 117t. b. 1827 New Quay. 1828-50 Captain David Jones. 1850 Converted to Brigantine. 1850 Wrecked, Holyhead.

    Shark‘ (St. D) Smack 30t. b. 1861 Cardigan. 1861 Captain Thomas Edwards, St. Dogmaels. 1877 Transferred to Pwllheli.

    Sincerity‘ (St. D) Sloop 59t. b. 1839 Cardigan. 1839 Captain Daniel Griffiths, Sincerity, Pentrelangwm, St. Dogmaels. 21/01/1856 Lost Cardigan Bay.

    Sophia‘ Sloop 38t. b. 1839 Greenock. 1839 Captain Benjamin Thomas. 13/11/1850 Lost off Strumble Head.

    S. S. ‘South Coaster‘ Steamer 513t. b. 1911 or 1916

    Speedwell‘ Sloop 34t. b. 1795 Aberystwyth. Lost 1845.

    Speedwell‘ (St. D) Schooner 69t. b. 1803 Torquay. 1860 Registered St. Dogmaels.

    Squirrel‘ Sloop 27t. b. 1799 Llangrannog. 1825 Captain John Matthews. 1826 Captain William George. 1834 Captain William Lewis. 1837 Captain David Lewis. Lost January 1846.

    Stevens‘ Schooner 57t. b. 1856 Cardigan. 1856 Captain David Davies. 28/10/1864 Lost at Skomer.

    S. S. ‘Suir‘ Steamer 80t. b. 1916

    Surprise‘ Sloop 33t. b. 1815 Cardigan. 1836 Captain David Evans. May 1870 Broken up, Cardigan.

    Surprise‘ (St. D) Sloop 47t. b. 1815 Cardigan. 1825 Captain George Lloyd, No. 3 Castle Street.

    Susan‘ Schooner 151t. b. 1840 Cardigan. 1840 Captain David Jones. 1859 Transferred to Whitehaven.

    Susan Jane‘ Sloop 37t. b. 1828 Cardigan. 1828 Captain Benjamin Lodwick; 1836 Captain James Lodwick.

    Susannah‘ 120t. b. 1840 Cardigan. 1840 Captain George Lewis, Bridge End, Cardigan. 14/02/1848 Lost.

    Swallow‘ (St. D) Sloop 22t. b. 1780 St. Dogmaels. 1826 Captain George Lewis. 1830 Captain Thomas Lewis.

    Swallow‘ (St. D) Sloop 22t. b. 1830 St. Dogmaels

    Swift‘ (St. D) Sloop 28t. b. 1808 Cardigan. 1826 Captain David Harries.

    S. S. ‘Teifi‘ Steamer 95t. b. 1912 Selby. 1926-30. Capt. James Davies, Craiglee. 10/11/1930 Sank off Flatholm.

    Teifi Lass‘ Sloop 33t. b. 1840 Cardigan. Captain Thomas Thomas

    Telephone‘ (St. D) Smack 40t. b. 1878 Barnstaple. 1902 Captain Stephen James, Pengarn Fawr. St. Dogmaels. 04/08/1904 Sold to Criccieth.

    Thetis‘ (St. D) Schooner 60t. b. 1820 Chepstow. 1836 Captain Davies. Captain Benjamin James. 30/11/1866 Stranded.

    Thomas & Mary‘ (St. D) Sloop 24t. b. 1779 New Quay. 1826-28 Captain John Mathias No. 15 Castle Street. Lost 1833

    Three Brothers‘ (St. D) 19t. b. 1774 St. Dogmaels.

    The Three Sisters‘ ca1710

    Three Sisters‘ Sloop 33t. b. 1784 Cardigan. 1826 Captain Griffith Davies. 1838 Captain Evan Evans. Lost 1839 Dee Estuary

    Tivy‘ (St. D) Sloop 24t. b. 1802 Cardigan. 1825 Captain George Lewis. 1837 Captain James Lewis. 1854 Captain Thomas Morris. December 1875 Broken up.

    Tivy‘ (St. D) Sloop 25t. b. 1854 Cardigan.

    Tivy Lass‘ 33t. b. 1840 Cardigan. 1840 Captain Thomas Thomas. 1860 Lost.

    S. S. ‘Tivyside‘ 64t. Steamer b. 1869 Govan. 1869 Captain John Edwards. 1885 Transferred. 1900 Wrecked near Port Eynon, Gower.

    Trident‘ Sloop 44t. b. 1816 Llanddewi Aberarth. 1825 Captain Thomas Davies. 1836 Captain William George.

    Triton‘ Snow 260t. b. 1836 Sunderland. Lost 1864 Scillies.

    True Briton‘ (St. D) Sloop 20t. b. 1793 Aberporth. 1826-37 Captain Rees Morris, St. Dogmaels.

    True Briton‘ Sloop 22t. rb. 1797 Cardigan. 1824 Captain Evan Evans. 1829 Captain John Biddyr

    True Briton‘ (St. D) Sloop 22t. b. 1784 Aberystwyth. 1832 Captain David Lewis. Lost 1846

    The Two Brothers‘ 1682-83 Captain John Griffiths

    Union‘ Sloop 26t. b. 1813 Cowes. 1840 Captain Oliver Lloyd.

    Union‘ Sloop 22t. b. 1820 New Quay. 1852 Captain Thomas Jones. 10/11/1866 Lost

    United Friends‘ (St. D) Sloop 27t. b. 1828 Milford. 1836 Captain David Owen, St. Dogmaels.

    05/02/1865 Lost.

    Unity‘ (St. D) Sloop 25t. b. 1787 Llangrannog. 1825 Captain David Lloyd; 1828 Captain Thomas Hughes. 1842 Captain William Lewis. Captain David Owen, ‘Rose & Crown’, High Street, St. Dogmaels. 1902 – Lost Ramsey?

    Valiant‘ Sloop 73t. b. 1813 Cardigan. 1825 Captain William Michael. 1836 Captain Daniel Davies. Lost 1838.

    Valiant‘ Brig 117t. b. 1812 Newport.

    Velocity‘ Schooner 75t. b. 1826 Ceibach. 1826-36 Captain John Davies. Lost 17/06/1843 Milford.

    Velox‘ Sloop or Schooner 70t. b. 1829 Cardigan. 1829 – Captain James James; 1836 Captain Thomas James. 1843 Captain David Harries.

    Victoria‘ Schooner 79t. b. 1833 Cardigan. 1834-37 Captain Evan Thomas, Bridge End, Cardigan. 1849 Captain John Lewis. 1850 Captain John Mathias, Bridge End, Cardigan. 1854 Sunk Kingston. Raised and sold.

    Victoria‘ Sloop 16t. b. 1835 Aberaeron. Broken up 1894.

    Victory‘ Sloop 55t. b. 1808 Cardigan. 1824 – Captain George Lloyd; Captain John Mathias, No. 15 Castle Street (d. 1830). 1837 Captain Phillips. 1846 Wrecked.

    Vigo‘ Sloop 61t. b. 1811 Cardigan. 1825 Captain James Jones. 1836 Captain William Davies. 1841 Captain David Davies. Lost 28/02/1853.

    Violet‘ Brigantine 230t. b. 1864 Quebec. 1864 Captain John Griffiths, Forest, Cilgerran. 1864 Sold. 1864 Captain George Richards, St. Dogmaels. 1871 Captain John Richards, Ferwig. 23/05/1872 Lost 220 miles off Rio de Janeiro. Crew saved.

    Vulcan‘ Schooner 108t. b. 1822 Chepstow. 1827 Captain Evan Mathias. 1836 Captain J. Evans. 1853 Captain Evan Lloyd Mathias.

    Waterloo‘ Schooner or Brig 93t. b. 1815 Cardigan 1815-25. 1825 Captain John George. Lost 1828

    Wellington‘ Sloop 55t. b. 1819 Cardigan. 1825 Captain David Thomas. 1837 Captain David Davies. 1854 Captain William Edwards. October 1867 Foundered.

    M. V. ‘West Coaster‘ Motor Vessel. 420t. b. 1938 Holland.

    William‘ Schooner 56t. b. 1837 Cardigan

    William‘ Sloop 71t. b. 1831 Cardigan. 1831-37 Captain James James. 1849 Captain John Mathias.

    William & Mary‘ Sloop 48t. b. 1796 Ilfracombe. 1828 – Captain Thomas Morgan

    William & Nelly‘ Sloop 23t. b. 1803 Cardigan 1803-25. 1826 Captain William Parry

    William Skyrme‘ (St. D) Schooner 65t. b. 1810 Laugharne. 1825 Captain Thomas Lloyd, St. Dogmaels. 1834 Captain Thomas Edwards. 1837 Captain Thomas Griffiths. 1840 Captain John Lloyd. 1844 Lost with crew.

    Williama‘ 97t. b. 1848 Cardigan. 1848 Captain James Griffiths.

    Wombwell‘ Sloop 20t. b. 1818 Broadstairs. 1837 Captain James Owen.

    GLEN JOHNSON 2014.



    1. jane
      May 20, 2014 at 2:04 pm

      Glen, that is a heap of hard work! Well done, and thank you. Will come in very handy for research.
      Hope all is well

      • glen
        May 20, 2014 at 5:29 pm

        Hi Jane. Hope to have a greatly expanded version of the list up on this page later in the year! Kind Regards, Glen

    2. August 9, 2014 at 10:29 am

      hi glen
      great index of ships,but not showing the diligence built in newport and captained by llewellyn grifith,any info on this,i am in the process of studying my family tree and this was my great great great grandfather,would be much obliged if you have any info on this

      • glen
        August 9, 2014 at 4:36 pm

        Hi Alan, As stated in the introduction – there’s a very long way to go before this list is anything like complete, and I’m expecting it to be a work in progress for several years – I thought it worth putting the first “draft” up,but there are many many gaps. My current entry for the vessel merely reads:

        “…’Diligence’ 114t. Brigantine b. 1814 Cardigan. Captain Llewelyn Griffiths…”

        This note suggests that the vessel was built in Cardigan. It was one of the larger local vessels of the period, and possibly intend for overseas as well as coast-wise trade. As soon as I find out any more I’ll let you know, but it’s liable to be a fairly slow process. Best wishes in your own researches. Regards, Glen

      • August 30, 2015 at 10:51 am

        Hi ALAN

        The only thing I can add about the DILIGENCE is that she was definitely built in Newport (Trefdraeth), Brig rigged, built 1814 and was 100 tons registered.

        regards TOM Bennett

        • August 30, 2015 at 11:03 am

          Hi ALAN

          The only thing I can add about the DILIGENCE is that she was definitely built in Newport (Trefdraeth), Brig rigged, built 1814 and was 100 tons registered. In 1824 her rig was altered to a schooner and then registered as 114 tons. I do not know her fate.

          regards TOM Bennett

      • alan
        August 16, 2017 at 7:21 pm

        let me first say a massive sorry and appoligise for not thanking you for your reply to my enquirey ,I simply thought that you had not replied,not realising you have your own page.
        your page as such is great and the information you supplied was very helpful,i know now the diligence was broken up in Llanelli about 1948 have been in touch with dr davies of Newport who also gave some great info.
        I will not hesitate to keep in touch and will certainly keep looking on your web page.
        kind regards

    3. Kathryn Aldwinckle
      March 2, 2015 at 1:19 am

      Can anyone please tell me about the wrecked boat opposite the co-op car park in Cardigan. I’ve taken a lovely picture of it as im sure many have and people ask me about it and why its still there & its name etc. but I cant seem to find anyone who knows

      Regards Kathryn

      • glen
        March 3, 2015 at 7:28 pm

        Hi Kathryn. The boat was a Fleetwood trawler called “Suandra” which caught fire in the Bay in 1976 and was towed to the mudflats opposite the Quay Street car park, Cardigan. The incident was alledly an insurance fraud, and so the owners lost possession, the insurance company wrote it off their books, and nobody claimed her for salvage. A few years ago she looked quite noble, but now she is rather forlorn. Kind Regards, Glen

    4. alan
      May 5, 2015 at 12:31 pm

      trying to find out about my great great grand father llewelyn grifiths ships captain of the diligence,he was from newport pembrokeshire,making great headway with my family tree,but seems not a lot of info on this,although i have a lot o info on the ship.
      kind regards

      • glen
        May 7, 2015 at 2:20 pm

        I don’t cover Newport, although I know Dilwyn Miles did a booklet on Newport mariners, and there is a Welsh Mariners website managed by a Newport man who might have more information for you.

        • Jane
          May 7, 2015 at 7:34 pm

          According to Mariners of Newport – Llewelyn Griffith/s (1779- 1866 of the ” Ship Inn” was owner and master of the ” Diligence. His daughter Grace, married John Davies ( 1816-75).
          Son in law John Davies was Master of the “Dilgence” from 1861-1874
          Welsh Mariners also have him listed.
          Probate Indexes died 17 Jan 1866 – retired mariner from the Merchant Services

          • glen
            May 8, 2015 at 8:35 am

            Thanks Jane – that’s a terrific help! Much obliged to you. Regards, Glen

    5. chris carter
      August 14, 2015 at 9:57 am

      My grandfather Frances Carter was Coxswain of the Weymouth lifeboat Friern Watch1887-1894.

      On Nov. 25th 1888 went to the rescue of the schooner Mary Davies of Aberystwyth and rescued 3 souls.

      Chris Carter (Weymouth)

    6. Tom Bennett
      January 14, 2016 at 4:59 am

      Regards “Suandra” I am in agreement with all your comments about her demise, but I have failed to find much about her history before she arrived in North Pembrokeshire (looking for shipwrecks to salvage)
      There was a Fleetwood trawler of this name but I am not sure if it is the same vessel

      Type MFV Fishing Trawler, Port of Fleetwood ?. Length 64 ft Draught 9 ft Built Belgium. If anyone can tell me her date of building I would love to know.

    7. David Francis Stephens
      February 29, 2016 at 11:58 am

      Dear Glen,
      I notice that you have ths smack ‘Cymro’ listed which was built bu my great grandfather William Francis of J. & W. Francis, Castle Pill, Milford haven in 1888.
      I have 3 generations of shipbuilders, building ships for the local trade from around 1820 until 1922
      My earliest ancestor Thomas Francis learnt his trade of shipbuilding at Abercastle, then moved to the lower Slade Fishguard where he built many ships including the Gwaun Maid in 1846, The Anne of Cardigan in 1830, the Jane of Cardigan around the same time,also the Fishguard Lass in 1868.
      His two sons James and William opened a ship building yard in Castle Pill, Milford in the 1850′s
      Later William’s son George Paynter Francis built ships at Front Street, Pembroke Dock, the dry dock was sold in 1923 and is under a preservation order.
      Over a century or more years we have built and repaired hundreds of ships,
      I have a collection of information, letters, photographs and pictures, sale posters etc of ships that we built.
      The Cymro – official No 93432, smack, built at Castle Pill, by William Francis, sold to Master Joseph Williams of Moylegrove for a down payment of £175 and transferred to Cardigan on the 4th Feb 1893, 32 tons, length 56’4/10 ft. beam 16′ 8/10 ft, depth 6’4. On 3 July 1888 owner, builder J & W Francis On 12 July 1888 William Francis 32/64 shares and James Williams 32/64 shares.
      William Francis sold on 2nd Feb 1893. [ I have no picture ]

      Regards David

      • glen
        April 23, 2016 at 3:42 pm

        Thank-you for your very interesting comments and information – I am sure the readers will be extremely interested. Kind Regards, Glen

    8. John Bishop
      October 16, 2016 at 12:58 am

      Glen your website is impossible to navigate.

      Home page – You suggest that anyone with information contact you, but I cannot find any contact details.

      I try and search but the search button does not seem to work, and I am therefore reduced, as I do not have the time and patience to scroll through entry after entry hoping to strike lucky to message you on the first entry for Cardigan.

      My interests are Mendus of St. Dogmaels and Parry of Cardigan.

      Can you identify the following property in Cardigan from a 17th Century Will.

      “Item. Concerning my mansion house (wherein I now inhabit) with the appurtances, which heretofore I have conveyed and assured unto Christian Jenkin my Daughter my and meaning is, that the same appurtances shall stand and be assured to the benefit of my said daughter according to the true intent and meaning set down in the same writings, and I do by this my last will and testament confirm and allow , and also do give devise and bequeath unto my said daughter Christian all that one garden with the appurtances set lying and being within the said Town of Cardigan within the said County in a street called the Lower Street, between my said dwelling house on the west part, the lake or pool called Pwll Hai on the north part, the dwelling house of one Phillip John, Sailor? on the east part and the said street on the south part, to have and to hold the same unto her and her heirs forever, withal the estates, evidences and writings concerning the same.”

      As far as I can work out Elizabeth sister of Christian married my ancestor Obadiah Parry,

      The descripton of the proberty Christian the sister of Elizabeth inherited is very specific.

      Can you make any suggestions who owned in later years, as that may assist my research.


      • glen
        October 31, 2016 at 1:54 pm

        Hi John. The only help I can offer is that the property was on the north side of St Mary’s Street, from the description most likely lying somewhere between Numbers 9 and 20, with a greater likelihood being one of the lower numbers. The inhabitants of very few properties in Cardigan can be identified before 1800, but there were very probably large properties at this date, possibly gentry houses, at No. 9, No. 10, No 11, No. 12. No. 13, and No. 17.

    9. John Bishop
      November 12, 2016 at 7:13 pm


      My research suggests that the property passed down to the Morgan Family of Cardigan. John Morgan Solicitor, variously described of Llandovery and Cardigan being probably the best known.Wills and Deeds I have looked at all suggest they were Aldermen.

      Do you have a list of Aldermen on your site?

      They married others of the same social status, and in theory with some research it should be possible to trace properties passed down through the generations.

      Pritchard, Morgan, Lloyd, Davies, Stedman, Picton etc., etc. all are connected in some way.

      Any guesses?

      You mention No.9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 17 can you identify the tenants if not owners of these properties?

      The name Dassy or Tassy also seems to be connected, do you have any information on this surname?

      I also asked about Mendus of St, Dogmaels do you have any information?


    10. Dr Dafydd Huw Evans
      February 25, 2017 at 12:37 am

      Dear Mr Johnson, I wonder if you could help identify a ship built at Cardigan described thus in 1802 – ‘a welk man of war of ten tons burden and twenty poop guns on the stocks’, a privateer to be fitted out to cruise the Irish Channel against the French. I would of course acknowledge any help you might give me. Sincerely, Daydd Huw Evans.

      • glen
        March 4, 2017 at 5:20 pm

        I’m sorry to say that I can’t place this vessel at all. The port records are, at best, sketchy for this period.

    11. TOM Bennett
      August 3, 2017 at 9:08 am

      I am currently studying the ships built in Newport, Pembrokeshire, ie the brigs and sloops built by Levi Havard and William Lloyd. There is much cross over between the Newport built ships, the Cardigan ships and the masters of St Dogmaels vessels. When an ebook is ready I will let you know. In mean time anyone wanting info on Newport built vessels please get in touch, I probably have the answers.
      Tom Bennett . Philwrecks@gmail.com

    12. TOM Bennett
      August 3, 2017 at 10:44 am

      In answer to Dafydd Huw Evans enquiry of a man o war built Cardigan in 1802. A ten ton burthen ship would not be large enough to carry any ordnance. However, there are two vessels, one built in Newport, Pembs, hence Cardigan register. in 1802 and the other built Cardigan that do not fit into the usual pattern of owners or type of vessel that was being built then. In 1804 Lloyds Register of shipping there is the ELIZA a schooner built Cardigan 1801 of 149 ton owned Hammett and captain Frazer (not Welsh names) that was surveyed in London and operated to Newry. The other was built in Newport in 1802 that was called JUPITER (an odd name for a Welsh merchant vessel but the sort of name a privateer may have) a 65 ton sloop with J.Benvyn (Beynon?) as master / owner operating Dublin to Swansea.
      Let me know what you think.

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