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    A building occupied the site on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan. In 1868-71 John Isaac, grocer, lived and traded here. In 1871 John Isaac, 52, grocer, lived here with his wife, Esther Isaac, 62. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Joshia Owen, 58, woodman; Margaret Owen, 51, his wife; John Owen, 22, their son; Eleanor Owen, 20, daughter; and Griffith Daniel Owen, 14, son. In 1891 the following persons lived here: John Owen, 67, coal merchant; Margaret Owen, 62, his wife; Eleanor Owen, 30, their daughter; and Griffith Daniel Owen, 24, son, coal merchant. In 1895 Griffith Daniel Owen, coal-merchant, traded here.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: Matilda E. Haden, 62, living on own means (b. Cardigan), English-speaking; Emily Haden, 30, her daughter (b. Staffordshire, English-speaking); and Elizabeth Grifffiths, 24, domestic servant (b. Newport, bilingual). In June 1901 Mrs. Haden advertised Fernleigh to let for six weeks. In June 1903 Mrs. Haden advertised a house to let. Mrs. Haden still lived here in November 1905.

    North Road with No. 27 & 28 Pendre on right, circa 1910 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    North Road with No. 27 & 28 Pendre on right, circa 1910 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Ca. 1906 William Edward Matthews and his new bride moved here. In 1906-50 William Edward Matthews, proprietor of Bridge End Foundry, Cardigan, lived here with his wife. In 1911 the following persons lived here: William Edward Matthews, 38, engineer; Gertrude Elizabeth Mathias, 33, his wife; Marjorie Matthews, 7, her daughter; Beryl Matthews, 4, daughter; and Annie Evan, 21, servant. In 1913 W. E. Matthews joined Cardiganshire County Council. On 16th July 1914 a son was born to Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Matthews. In August 1934 W. E. Matthews became a J. P.. On 7th October 1936 Marjorie Matthews, elder daughter of Alderman William Edward Matthews, J. P., and Mrs. Matthews, married Jack Humphreys Nell, solicitor, Newcastle Emlyn. In 1938 W. E. Matthews, Elizabeth Gertrude Matthews and Marjorie Matthews lived here. In 1939 Miss Beryl Matthews lived here.

    No. 28 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 28 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In February 1940 W. Gordon Matthews of No. 28 was a 2nd Lieutenant in the army. On 7th August 1940 Royal Artillery 2nd Lieutenant Gordon Matthews, son of Mr. & Mrs. William Edward Matthews, married Sybil Phillips of Ystrad Mynach. In May 1942 Alderman W. E. Matthews resigned from Cardiganshire County Council. W. Gordon Matthews was home from the war in December 1945. On 3rd February 1950 William Edward Matthews died aged 76. In 1950-70 Mrs. Gertrude Elizabeth Matthews, his widow, lived here. In 1955 Beryl Matthews lived here. In February 1970 Mrs. Gertrude Elizabeth Matthews, widow of W. E. Matthews, died aged 92. On 23rd June 1994 the 8-bedroom property was advertised for sale.


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