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    The Circulating School in Ferwig in 1740-41 had 98 pupils. In 1746-47 there were 56 pupils. For 1751-52 there were 71 pupils, falling to 50 for 1752-53 and rising back to 60 for 1753-54. In 1755-56 there were 62 students. Cwm was the venue – earlier schools having occupied Ferwig Church. In 1756-57 the school was held in Ferwig Church again and there were 47 pupils. In 1760-61, 58 pupils attended at Cwm, Ferwig. Rev. John Thomas, Curate, was acting as a teacher at Ferwig in 1765. David James was teaching in Ferwig in 1776. On July 8th 1868 there were 23 pupils at the temporary Ferwig schoolroom.

    On 19th April 1875 the Ferwig School Board was founded. In 1875 David Jones was the master, receiving £60 per annum. In 1875 John Thomas of Cardigan was selected as architect:

    “…for the proposed new Board School, with boundary wall and offices, for the sum of £5 and to be clerk of the works for £5. To contact Woodward & Miles and agree to purchase the site at Verwick and to enter into a contract…for the sum of £20…

    On 8th September 1876 tenders were sought for building a Board School here. The successful tender was that of William Woodward, Caerleon House, Pendre, Cardigan, for £376. Cardigan brick was used in the construction. Nearby, a house called ‘The Old Schoolroom’ betrayed by name its’ original function. In October 1876 uncertified teacher John Evans was elected headmaster. The new school opened on 8th June 1878 and was designed to accommodate 80 pupils. On 14th August 1883 Ellen Davies became an Assistant Teacher here until 31st December 1883. On 15th January 1884 M. E. Adey became the Assistant Teacher. On 7th November 1887 Margaret Davies, Assistant Teacher and Sewing Instructor, ceased duties.

    On 13th January 1890 Griffith Huw Mathias, Bridge Parade, Cardigan, became the headmaster until 1895. In February 1895 he resigned after five years as Headmaster. On 6th February 1895 there was a presentation to the departing Griffith Huw Mathias and Margaret Davies.

    On 25th February 1895 Samuel Robert Maltby became the headmaster. On 29th August 1896 complaints were made about the drunken behaviour of Mr. Samuel Robert Maltby, the headmaster. As the incident occurred outside of working hours, the Board took no action. A further summons against Mr. Maltby on 7th November 1896 for the same reason resulted in his written resignation at the end of the month. He then applied for his old post and was re-appointed by the Board on the condition that he kept sober during school hours. On 8th September 1897 Samuel Robert Maltby resigned.

    Ferwig School, 1919

    Ferwig School, 1919

    On 13th September 1897 James James, a trained and certified teacher, became headmaster. In 1902 James James ceased to be the Master and Mr. Roberts was a Master here that year before John Williams became the new headmaster on 11th November 1902. Some repairs to the building were conducted in 1904. In November 1911 windows were smashed at the school by vandals. In July 1912 and June 1913 tenders were sought for improvements to designs by architect George Dickens-Lewis of Aberystwyth. On 24th July 1913 Hannah Williams finished teaching here. On 11th November 1913 Nellie Evans commenced teaching here. In 1922 a report observed:

    Building needs plastering outside and new slates. Water supply from cistern for village outside school. Needs more open windows…”

    Ferwig School pupils in 1925

    Ferwig School pupils in 1925

    On 19th December 1924 John Williams retired and on 5th January 1925 Mr. W. John Morgan became the new headmaster until his departure for the headmaster’s post at Cardigan Boys’ School on 13th June 1931. From 1st October 1925 until 26th May 1926 Miss Eluned Lewis was a student teacher here before her departure for Yeovil. On 28th December 1926 headmaster W. J. Morgan married Miss Victoria Maud Chinn of Cardigan. In 1927 the façade of the school building was covered in cement render. In 1931 Miss H. J. Peregrine came here to teach. On 9th January 1932 H. E. Davies became the temporary headmaster. On 4th April 1932 Mary Jones became the temporary head-teacher.

    Bois y Frenni ticket, 20/02/1943 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Bois y Frenni ticket, 20/02/1943 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    On 9th January 1933 John Evan Davies became the headmaster. In November 1947 a new school canteen and kitchen opened. In 1949 electricity was installed. On 3rd October 1950 Nellie Evans retired and Mary James became the Infants’ Mistress. On 30th April 1959 Mary James retired. From 4th May until 8th September 1959 Mrs. E. M. Evans worked here as a supply teacher. Her successor was Mrs. M. M. Tyrer. In July 1968 John Evan Davies retired after 35 years as headmaster.

    Ferwig School in 1996 (c) Janet Joel

    Ferwig School in 1996 (c) Janet Joel

    On 3rd September 1968 Mr. J. M. O. Jones became the headmaster until 20th July 1977. On 5th September 1977 Mr. J. Edward Morgan became the headmaster. On 9th July 1980 Mrs. M. M. Tyrer left. In September that year Delyth Lewis joined the staff temporarily. On 8th January 1985 Mrs. Deanna Hywel and Mrs. Rhian Selby joined the staff. At the end of the summer term in 1990, Mr. J. Edward Morgan retired as headmaster. In July 2004 Deanna Hywel left. In September 2004 Clive Rees became the last headmaster and remained in post with Rhian Selby and Gaynor Jones until the school closed. In June 2005 the school was threatened with closure. It closed in July 2006.


    None available.


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