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    The name means ‘Peter’s Well’. Thomas Jenkins and eleven members of the congregation of Capel Mair, Cardigan, founded Ffynnonbedr Chapel in 1865. Rev. William Davies of Capel Mair was the Minister here from the opening until 1871. In 1871 the chapel was unified with Capel Isaf, Llechryd, under Rev. William Rees. The following was written at about that time:

    A small but very pretty chapel with around a 150 seats, within 3 miles of Cardigan, not far from the main road from there to Aberaeron. There had been a longing for an Independent chapel in this area for more than forty years, as there was not one closer than Cardigan and Brynmair, and a chapel would have been built here long ago if there had been land available. Eventually a smallholding was acquired by Mr David Williams, Treferddiuchaf, and he gave half an acre of land on that smallholding to build a chapel and for a cemetery. The chapel was built in 1865, and Mr Williams has granted it on a lease of 1/- a year for 999 years. As soon as the chapel was ready a church was formed of 26 members, mostly from Capel Mair. The first communion was celebrated by the old minister Mr Daniel Davies, Cardigan. For the next five years the little church was under the care of Mr W Davies, Mr D Davies’ successor in Cardigan. During his ministry the last penny of the £250 debt was paid. In 1871 Mr Davies gave up the care and was followed by Mr W Rees, Llechryd, who is the current minister. The membership is now 60 and the chapel is in very good shape…”

    Concert ticket, Ffynnonbedr Chapel, 28/02/1898 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Concert ticket, Ffynnonbedr Chapel, 28/02/1898 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    In February 1881 Rev. William Rees resigned as he felt his strong views on temperance were unpopular with the congregation. In May 1884 Rev. William Hopkin Rees of Capel Isaf, Llechryd became the Minister(?). In 1884 a surprise religious census showed 96 attending in the morning and 72 in the evening. In 1884-1926 Rev. Hermonydd Williams was the Minister. In July 1921 tenders were sought for painting and redecorating the chapel. Rev. Hermonydd Williams, minister since 1884, died on 8th October 1926.

    Lecture Poster, Ffynnonbedr Chapel, 24/01/1940 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Lecture Poster, Ffynnonbedr Chapel, 24/01/1940 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    On 8th January 1929 Rev. David Roberts was inducted as the Minister. In 1944 Vincent Davies of Trefere Uchaf, Tremain, became a Deacon. In February 1949 tenders were sought for repairs and redecoration. On 5th February 1953 Rev. David Roberts, the minister for 25 years, passed away. On 29th July 1955 Rev. Meirion Evans became the minister. On 6th January 1956 the chapel was licensed for the solemnising of marriages. In March 1960 Rev. Meirion Evans accepted another calling to Caernarfonshire. In 1961 Rev. Arthur Evans Williams became the Minister. In 1961-1990 Rev. Arthur Evans Williams was the Minister. In September 1965 the chapel celebrated its centenary. In 1967 Miss M. Davies became the Financial Secretary. In 1972 Miss Ceri Jenkins became the secretary. In 1973 Walwyn James and William J. Davies became Deacons. In 1977 Elisabeth Alwena Davies, David Edward Jenkins, Samuel Jenkins, Gomer Wynne Jones and David Glyn Morgan became Deacons. In 1980 there were 98 members. In 1982 Gwyn Davies became the Treasurer. In 1986 membership rose from 89 to 94. In 1987 Desmond W. Davies, Gwyn M. Davies and Delyth G. Legg became Deacons. In 1990 Rev. Arthur Evans-Williams ceased to be the Minister. On 9th December 1992 Rev. James Henry Jones became the Minister. He left in June 1994. In 1996 Rev. Dorian Sampson became the Minister until 2005. In April 2008 a planning application was made to build a new kitchen and toilet extension.


    None available.


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