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    The name means ‘Well of Crowns’ – perhaps once a place of religious offerings. Reference was made in 1623 to “Placeffynnon y Corane”. On 28th June 1633 Thomas Revell of Bridell granted to David Parry of Noyadd Trefawr, Llandygwydd, the “…capital messuage called Crownes Well…” On 24th September 1634, John and Llywelyn Parry of Noyadd Trefawr and John Parry of Blaenpant, Llandygwydd, mortgaged, by way of a bargain and sale, “…the capital messuage called Crownes Well…” to David Jenkins of Hensoll, Glamorgan.

    In 1642 David Jenkins leased the “…capital messuage called Crowne’s Well…” to James Lewis of Cardigan (and Coedmore, Llechryd) and John Parry. On 16th September 1661 David Jenkins of Gray’s Inn, Middlesex, leased Crown’s Well for 21 years to Rignoll Jenkins of Blaen-y-Pant, Cardiganshire. On 31st July 1680 William Jenkins of Blaenpant leased the property to William Wogan of Gray’s Inn, Middlesex. In 1746 Margaret Gwyn, the eldest daughter of Jenkin Gwyn of Ffynnoncoronau, married John Turnor of Crugmore, Cardigan. On 24th November 1746 Gweyon Jenkins of Crownswell wrote his will, referring to his son – Jenkin Gweyon, and the latter’s daughters. These were Mary Jenkins, Gwenllian Jenkins and Alice Jenkins, and Margaret Lewis, wife of John Lewis of Crugmore.

    In 1748 the property belonged to John Symmons and was occupied by Thomas George. Thomas George lived here in 1748-74. John George (b.ca1741) lived here in 1748-1807. On 19th March 1774 John & Thomas George became burgesses of Cardigan. In 1777 David George was born here, the son of John & Elinor George of Ffynnoncoronau. On 18th February 1780, David George, the three-year-old son of John George, tenant, died. On 4th April 1780 the property was sold with 188 acres as part of an estate. In 1780 John George, son of John & Elinor George, was born here and lived here in 1780-1866. On 11th February 1782 John George of Ffynnoncoronau wrote his will. In August 1784 Mary George was born here, the daughter of John & Eleanor George, but died on 19th March 1785 aged 7 months. In 1786 the property was owned by Samuel Lloyd and occupied by the tenant, John George. In 1786 another Mary George was born, daughter of John & Elinor George. On 22nd January 1788 Mary George, daughter of John & Elinor George, died aged 2. In 1791-96 John Lloyd leased Crownswell to John George. In 1792 John Colby of Ffynnonau leased a property in Cilgerran parish to John George of “Crownswell”, yeoman. In 1797-1803 Thomas Lloyd leased the property to John George. On 24th January 1805 John George, was ordained a Deacon at Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel, St. Dogmaels. On 25th January 1807 David George, second son of John George, died aged 27. On 8th August 1807 John George died here aged 66.

    On 26th March 1811 James & David George were accused of forcible entry and ejectment by Thomas Hassall Esq. at Bridell. On 10th June 1813 David & James George of Ffynnoncoronau were burgesses of Cardigan. On 11th November 1818 John George of Ffynnoncoronau married Elizabeth David of Bridell. On 29th March 1821 their son, David George, was born. On 21st February 1823 William George was born here to John & Elizabeth George. On 17th March 1826 Mary George was born here, the daughter of John & Elizabeth George. On 15th March 1828 Thomas George was born here, the son of John & Elizabeth George. On 22nd July 1830 Eleanor George, widow of John George, died aged 89. In 1830 David George of Bridell, auctioneer, may have lived here. On 15th July 1833 John Picton George, a member of the resident family, became the Rector of Bridell Church. David George, auctioneer, became the Portreeve of Cilgerran in 1834 and again in 1836. On 19th May 1835 Sarah George was born here, the daughter of John & Elizabeth George. Ca 1835 Griffith George was born here and lived here in 1835-75. On 14th April 1838 David George, a Cardigan auctioneer and son of Thomas & Anne George of Ffynnoncoronau, died. About 1838, Jonathan George was born here and lived here until 1915.

    The following persons lived here in 1841: John George, 55; Elizabeth George, 40, his wife; John George, 21, their son; David George, 20, son; William George, 17, son; Mary George, 13, daughter; Elinor George, 10, daughter; Thomas George, 12, son; Griffith George, 6, son; Sarah George, 5, daughter; Jonathan George, 3, son; and servants – John Davies, 26; Elinor Gwyon, 17; Elizabeth Michael, 17; Mary Evans, 17; George Evans, 45; and Rachel David. Ca1841 Betsey George was born here, the daughter of John & Elizabeth George nee’ David. On 7th January 1845 John George, son of John George of Ffynnoncoronau, married Margaret George, daughter of Thomas George of Glynhenllan, Cilgerran. On 3rd January 1849 Sarah George of Ffynnoncoronau was buried at Bridell Church, having died aged 15 on New Year’s Day. On 17th June 1849 Mary George, daughter of John George of Ffynnoncoronau, married John George, farmer, of Penrallthywel. In 1851 the following persons lived here: John George, 70, farmer of 188 acres; Elizabeth George, 54, his wife; David George, 30, their son; Mary George, 24, daughter; Thomas George, 22, son; Eleanor George, 20, daughter; Griffith George, 18, son; Jonathan George, 13, son; Betsy George, 10; Griffith George, 16 months (John George’s daughter’s son); and four servants – James Evans, 18; Margaret John, 22; Mary Richards, 19; and Sarah Rowlands, 11. On 10th August 1854 Thomas George, son of John George of Ffynnoncoronau, married Mary Morris, daughter of William Morris of Glynhenllan, Cilgerran.

    On 3rd January 1857 Elizabeth “Betsey” George of Ffynnoncoronau was buried at Bridell Church, having died aged 15 on New Year’s Day. On April 30th 1857 David George, 26, farmer, son of John George, farmer, married Eliza Phillips of Trerees, St. Dogmaels. By 1861 John George may have been a Baptist preacher or deacon. In 1861 the following persons lived here: John George, 79, farmer; Eleanor George, 31, his daughter; Griffith George, 28, son; Jonathan George, 23, son; and 5 servants – Jane Davies, 26, house servant; Elizabeth Jones, 18, house servant; John Thomas, 18, carter; David Evans, 16, carter; Thomas Jones, 14, carter; and John George, 6, grandson. In March 1866 Eleanor George of Ffynnoncoronau married William George of Penrallthowell. In 1866 John Roland Phillips referred to a field here called “Parc Syr Eynon”. On 14th September 1866 John George died aged 86.

    In 1867-75 Griffith George farmed here. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Elizabeth George, 73, widow; Griffith George, her son, 35; Jonathan George, son, 31; John George, 20, grandson; and Margaret George, 19, grand-daughter: plus servants – William James, 36; David Williams, 17; Griffith Davies, 14; Anne Jenkins, 18; and Mary Anne Bowen, 16. On 8th August 1872 Elizabeth George of Ffynnoncoronau was buried at Bridell Church, having died aged 75 on 4th August. On 27th March 1875 Griffith George of Ffynnoncoronau married Margaret George, daughter of Griffith George of Penrallthowell. On 10th November 1882 William Thomas of this address married Margaret Williams of Penybryn. In 1887 John Evans George received a Certificate in Music from ‘The Tonic Sol-Fa College’. In February 1889 the farm was offered to let. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Jonathan George, 58, farmer; Hannah George, 49, his wife; John Evans George, 15, their son; Asa Evans George, 13, son; Ivor George, 10, son; and Arthur Johnson, 28, servant. On 20th October 1898 John Evans George of Ffynnoncoronau married Miss Mary Ellen Sambrook of Pentood Uchaf, St. Dogmaels. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Jonathan George, 62, farmer; Hannah George, 58, his wife; and Asa Evans George, 22, their son. All were bilingual. In 1911 the occupiers were Thomas Jones, Jonathan George (a Deacon of Penybryn Baptist Chapel), Asa E. George (the Secretary of Penybryn Baptist Chapel) and David Williams. On 4th May 1912 Mrs. George died. In 1913 Asa George lived here. In March 1915 the 190 acre property was advertised to let. On 11th March 1917 Jonathan George died aged 79. He had lived his last two years at Penalltcadwgan, Cilgerran. His wife had died in 1913 – a daughter of the late Asa Johnes Evans. He left three sons – John Evans George (London), Cllr. Asa E. George of Penralltcadwgan, Cilgerran, and Mr. I. E. G. George.

    On 25th May 1918 John Dyfnallt (Devonald) Davies of this address died aged 56. On 10th May 1921 Hannah Davies, widow of John Davies of Ffynnoncoronau, died aged 62. On 22nd December 1921 Margaretta Davies, daughter of John Devonald Davies & Hannah Davies of Ffynnoncoronau, married John James. Her brother, David John Davies, and sisters Lizzie and Sarah May Davies, were also referred to. In 1922-26 David John Davies was the farmer and W. H. Davies lived here. On 1st February 1927 David John Davies, eldest son of the late Mr. & Mrs. J. Devonald Davies of Ffynnoncoronau, married Miss Margaretta Williams of Manordeifi at Monington Church.  In 1934-41 the Messrs. Davies were farming here. In 1940 William Henry Davies lived here. In 1942 Miss Lizzie Davies and Miss Sarah Mary Davies lived here. In 1949 James O. Davies lived here. Miss Davies lived here in 1952. On 10th May 1960 Elizabeth Blodwen Davies of Ffynnoncoronau was buried at Bridell Church, having died aged 72 on 5th May. On 13th February 1964 William Henry Davies of this address was buried at the same place, having died aged 61 on 8th February. On 29th October 1964 there was a clear-out sale of cattle held here.


    None available.


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