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    In 1782 William Williams of Gernos became a Warden of St. Thomas’ Church. In 1786 William Price leased Gernos to William Williams and Mary Mathias. In 1787-88 David Rees was the tenant. In 1789 John Rees of Gernos became a parish constable. In 1790-91 David & John Rees were the tenants. In 1793 Ely Davies & David Rees were the tenants. In 1794-1803 David & John Rees were, again, the tenants. In 1795 Sudney Rees of Gernos was baptised at the age of about 34, at Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel. She was the wife of John Rees.

    In 1802-44 Daniel Rees lived here. On 18th December 1802 Daniel Rees of Gernos, formerly of Granant Isaf, the son of David John Rees & Mary Rees, married Eleanor Hughes. Eleanor Hughes was the half-sister of Rev. David Phillips of Hendre by his mother Anne’s second marriage. In 1803 David Rees was born to Eleanor & Daniel Rees of Gernos. In 1804 Chauncy Harries was a labourer here. On 30th January 1805 John Rees was born here, the son of Daniel & Eleanor Rees. On 1st February 1807 William Rees was born here to the same couple. Daniel & Eleanor Rees had the following children:– David Rees, born 1803, lived at Gernos; John Rees, born 1805, later lived at Cippyn Fawr; Martha Rees – married Mr. Richards of Penrhiw (their son, David Richards, later married Martha Phillips of Trerees); Rees Rees – later lived at Alltycoed; Anne Rees – alias Nancy Rees, later of Glanymor (b. 18/02/1820); and Joseph Rees who later married Leah Phillips of Hendre.

    On 14th February 1809 Hannah Rees was born here, the daughter of Daniel & Eleanor Rees. On 21st February 1811 Rees Rees was born here, the son of Daniel & Eleanor Rees. In 1813 Daniel Rees became a warden of St. Thomas’ Church. On 31st May 1813 Martha Eleanor Rees was born here, the daughter of Daniel & Eleanor Rees. On 1st May 1818 Joseph Rees, son of Daniel & Eleanor Rees, was born here. In 1827-73 David Rees lived here. In 1827 David Rees owned shares in the 54 ton ship ‘Hannah’. On 10th November 1829 John Rees of Gernos married Hannah Llewelyn of Esgair. In 1830-37 Daniel Rees owned shares in the 61 ton Cardigan ship ‘Phoebe’. On 26th July 1831 Hannah Rees, daughter of Daniel Rees, married John Richards. On 2nd February 1832 William Rees, son of Daniel Rees, married Elizabeth Rowlands. On 21st June 1832 Daniel Rees became a Deacon of Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel. Ca1832 George Rees was born here, the son of John & Hannah Rees. On 4th December 1832 Martha Eleanor Rees married William Richards. In 1835-36 Daniel Rees owned shares in the 54 ton Cardigan ship ‘Hannah’. On 29th October 1835 Rees Rees, formerly of Gernos, married Mary Evans. Gernos is marked on the 1838 tithe map.

    In 1840 Daniel Rees owned shares in the 49 ton Cardigan ship ‘Sincerity’. In 1841 the following persons lived here: Elinor Rees, 60; David Rees, 25; Joseph Rees, 25; Nancy Rees, 20; and two servants. On 24th March 1842 David Rees, son of Daniel Rees, married Elizabeth James of St. Dogmaels. Daniel Rees died on April 13th 1844, aged 68. He had been a Deacon of Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel for 12 years. His will referred to: John Rees, his son, Cippyn; William Rees, son; Rees Rees, son; Daniel Rees, son; Hannah Richards, daughter, wife of John Richardss of St. Dogmaels; Martha Richards, daughter, wife of William Richards of St. Dogmaels; and Nancy Rees, daughter.

    On 24th November 1846 Nancy Rees, daughter of the late Daniel Rees, married John Rees of Glanymor. On 24th March 1849 Eleanor Rees, widow of Daniel Rees, died aged 70. Her will referred to her children: John Rees (of Cippyn Fawr); Rees Rees (of Alltycoed); William Rees (ship’s carpenter); Daniel Rees (Master Mariner); Hannah Richards (wife of John Richards of St. Dogmaels); Martha Richards (wife of William Richards of St. Dogmaels): Anne Rees (of Glanymor); David Rees and Joseph Rees. The last two inherited the lease of Gernos. On November 21st 1849 David Rees became a Deacon of Gerazim Baptist Chapel. In 1851 David Rees, 48, and his brother Joseph Rees, 30, farmed the 132 acres here with the help of three servants. On 8th July 1852 Joseph Rees, 33, farmer of Gernos, married Leah Phillips, daughter of the late James Phillips of Hendre.

    In 1856-94 David Richards lived here. On October 23rd 1856 David Richards, 24, farmer, son of William Richards, married Martha Phillips, 24, of Trerhys. On November 10th 1860 John Jones, 21, labourer at Gernos, married Hannah Stephen of St. Dogmaels. In 1861 the following persons lived here: David Rees, 58, farmer; David Richards, 28, his nephew, farmer; Martha Richards, 28, David Richards’ wife; Martha Richards, 3, their daughter; Eleanor Richards, 2, daughter; Daniel Richards, 6 months, son; and 3 servants – William Morgan, 13; Catherine Evans, 27; and Eleanor Jenkins, 31. In 1871 the following persons lived here: David Richards, 37, farmer; Martha Richards, 37, his wife; Martha Richards, 14, their daughter; Elenor Richards, 12; Daniel Richards, 10, son; William Richards, 9, son; Eliza Richards, 8, daughter; David Richards, 6, son; Joseph Richards, 4, son; Ada Richards, 2, daughter; Mary H. Richards, 3 months, daughter; David Rees, 48, uncle; Owen Lloyd, 25, servant; William Morris, 17, servant; Phoebe Rees, 17, servant; and Hannah Jones, 16, servant. On 4th March 1872 Mary Hannah Richards, daughter of David & Martha Richards, died aged 2 months. David Rees died on May 12th 1873 aged 70. On 4th June 1873 Elizabeth Richards, daughter of David & Martha Richards, died aged 10. On March 18th 1874 David Richards became a Deacon of Gerazim Baptist Chapel. On 4th May 1875 David Rees of Gernos died aged 70.

    In 1881 the following persons lived here: David Davies, 52, farmer of 260 acres; Anne Davies, 48, his wife; David E. Davies, 18, their son; Thomas E. Davies, 16, son; Owen E. Davies, 13, son; William G. Davies, 10, son; Anne E. Davies, 8, daughter; and Mary Morgan, 17, servant. On 16th June 1886 David Evans Davies, son of David Davies of Gernos, died aged 24. In the late 1880’s David Davies lived here. In 1891 the following persons lived here: David Richards, 21, farmer; Eleanor Richards, 14, his sister; David Rees, 26, servant; and Hannah Jones, 19, servant. On 9th June 1895 David Davies died aged 63. In July 1895, February 1896 and March/April 1898 Gernos was advertised to let with 150 acres. On 18th December 1898 Miss Annie Davies of Gernos died aged 21. On 9th April 1899 a body was washed up at nearby Pwllygranant.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: John Melchior Evans, 34, farmer; Margaret Evans, 46, his wife; Lizzie May Evans, 7, their daughter; Stephen Evans, 79, father-in-law, retired clog-maker; and George Phillips, 19, ploughman. Except where noted otherwise, all were Welsh-speaking and born in the parish. In 1901-13 John M. Evans was the farmer. In July 1906 the 144 acre property, occupied by John Evans, was advertised for sale. In 1911 the following persons lived here: John Evans, 43, farmer; Margaret Evans, 56, his wife; David William Evans, 18, son, farm worker; and Lizzie Mary Evans, 16, daughter, dairy worker. All were born in Whitchurch. On 3rd August 1913 John Melchior Evans died aged 46. On 29th September 1919 there was a sale of stock here for Mrs. & Miss Evans.

    On 13th May 1921 Gernos was advertised for sale with 144 acres. On 14th October 1921 there was a clearance sale here for J. Rees, who was leaving. In 1926 James Johnson was the farmer. On 12th October 1926 there was a sale of crops, stock and implements here for James Johnson. In 1927 John Ernest Marshall lived here. In 1932-34 Levi George James lived here. In April 1932 Levi George James was fined for not sending his children to school. In May 1933 Miss Annie Margaretta James lived here. In June 1942 Gernos was for sale.

    Gernos in May 2011 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Gernos in May 2011 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In January 1945 C. R. Roberts lived here. In May 1949 W. H. Poulsom was farming Gernos. In September 1949 Gernos was advertised for sale with 150 acres. In 1950-55 R. J. Balchin lived here. On 23rd October 1957 there was a sale of stock, crops and implements here. In December 1964 and January 1965 Gernos was advertised for sale. On 8th September 1965 there was a clear-out sale here.


    None available.


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