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    The property was referred to in 1584. By 1760 John Rees (ca1696-1764) lived here. He had been born at Penrallt Ceibwr, and married Mary of St. Dogmaels. He died on 17th March 1764 and was buried at Cilfowyr. John & Mary Rees had children – John Rees (b. 1725, later of Eglwyswrw – his great grand-daughter Phoebe later married William Williams of Manian Fawr. John Rees died in 1788); David John Rees of Granant Isaf (b. 1730); Mary Phillips (wife of John Phillips of Moylgrove); and Thomas Rees (b. 1735. He later lived at Pentre Ifan and his son Joseph Rees later married Elizabeth Mathias of Hendre). David John Rees married Mary Rowlands (1739-1831). David John Rees & Mary Rees had children – John Rees of Granant Uchaf (b. 1763, he married Catherine George in 1800 and died in 1827); Dinah Rees (b. 1769, married Thomas Llewelyn of Esgair on 27th August 1796); Mary Rees (who married Eli David of Graig); Rachel Rees (b. ca1773, married Chancy Harries of Cippyn Fach and Ty’r Cwm on 24th October 1794); Rees Rees (b. ca.1774, a mariner of Penwhelp); David Rees of Granant; Daniel Rees (b. 1776, of Gernos); William Rees (b. 1782, of Granant Isaf) and illegitimate daughter Anne (1799-1818).

    On 13th December 1803 Rees Rees married Martha Richard. On 23rd August 1806 David Rees of Granant wrote his will. He referred to his daughter Mary David – wife of Eli David of Graig; son Daniel Rees; daughter Rachel Harry, widow of Chancy Harry of Cippynfach; son David Rees; daughter Dina Llewelyn – wife of Thomas Llewellin of Esgair; son John Rees; and son William Rees. David John Rees died in 1807.

    William Rees succeeded to Granant Isaf. On 23rd November 1812 he married Martha Thomas of Pantgarreg, Eglwyswrw. Their son, David Rees, later of Granant Uchaf, was born on 24th November 1813. They also had children: William Rees (November 1815-13/01/1816); Mary Rees (18/11/1819-1891 – later married David Lloyd of St. Dogmaels, mariner on 31st October 1840); John Rees (04/10/1819-1900 – married widow Letitia Phillips of Hendre); Daniel Rees (b. 1821, died 10/12/1824); Margaret Rees (b.11/06/1824, married Thomas Evans on 14/03/1853 – the first Baptist minister to go to India, but died on the way there with him); Daniel Rees (b. 267/04/1827 – emigrated to the U. S. A. ca1848); Benjamin Rees (16/06/1829-29/12/1914); Richard Rees (b. 3rd April 1832 – later a miner in Pontypridd); and Eleanor Rees (b. 28/08/1836 – later married John Williams of Manian Fawr).

    On 13th January 1816 William Rees, infant son of William Rees, died aged about two months. On 8th July 1818 Anne Rees, (illegitimate) daughter of David John Rees, died aged 19. On 4th October 1819 John Rees, son of William Rees, was born here. On 10th December 1824 Daniel Rees of Granant died aged 3. On 27th April 1827 Daniel Rees was born here, the son of William & Martha Rees. In 1828 William Rees and John Rees lived here. On 16th June 1829 Benjamin Rees was born here, the son of William & Martha Rees (nee’ Thomas). On 28th August 1836 Eleanor Rees was born here, the daughter of William & Martha Rees. On 31st October 1840 Mary Rees, daughter of William & Martha Rees, married David Lloyd, a St. Dogmaels mariner – master of the sloop ‘Hope’ of Cardiff. In 1841 the following persons lived here: William Rees, 55; Martha Rees, 50, his wife; John Rees, 20, their son; Margaret Rees, 15, daughter; Daniel Rees, 14, son; Benjamin Rees, 11, son; Richard Rees, 9, son; and Eleanor Rees, 4, daughter. On 14th March 1853 Margaret Rees married Rev. Thomas Evans. In 1861 the following persons lived at Granant Isaf: William Rees, 78, farmer of 96 acres; Martha Rees, 71, his wife; Benjamin Rees, 31, their son; Eleanor Rees, 24, their daughter; and 4 servants – David Morgan, 21, carter; John Phillips, 16, carter; Sarah Griffiths, 20, dairy-maid; and Anne Johns, 16, house servant. In December 1861 Benjamin Rees married Elizabeth Thomas. In 1861-1914 Benjamin Rees lived here. On 3rd July 1862 William Rees of Granant-isaf, died at Ty Newydd Granant, aged 80. He had been a member of Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel for sixty years, 30 as a Deacon.

    On July 4th 1863 Mrs. Martha Rees of Tynewydd, Granant, and Benjamin Rees of Granant, handed to Thomas Llewelyn of Glanymor, deeds and documents relating to the property of his wife, formerly held by the family here. On 3rd February 1866 Martha Rees of Granant Isaf, widow of William Rees, died aged 76. She had been a member at Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel for sixty years.

    In 1871 the following persons lived here: Benjamin Rees, 41, farmer of 96 acres; Elia Rees, 41, his wife; Eliza Davies, 29, dairy maid; Anne Edwards, 20, servant; William Phillips, 22, servant; and David John, 17, servant; On March 18th 1874 Benjamin Rees became a Deacon of Gerazim Baptist Chapel. In 1880 Benjamin Rees was one of the overseers of the rebuilding of Geraim Baptist Chapel. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Benjamin Rees, 51, farmer of 106 acres; Eliza Rees, 51, his wife; Eliza Davies, 33, dairymaid; Emiah Richards, 17, general servant; and James Johnson, 19, farm servant. In 1885 Benjamin Rees was a Guardian of the Poor. In the late 1880’s the occupiers were Benjamin Rees, J. P., William Williams and Elia James.

    In 1891 the following persons lived here: Benjamin Rees, 61, farmer; Eliza Rees, 61, his wife; Daniel Harris, 18, servant; George Davies, 16, servant; Margaret Davies, 34, servant; and Hannah Daniel, 25, servant. In 1893-94 Benjamin Rees still lived here, sharing with Thomas Williams [who had a room over a stable]. On 7th July 1896 Elizabeth Rees, wife of Benjamin Rees, died aged 67. In July 1898 Granant Isaf was advertised to let. In 1899 Benjamin Rees wrote a history of the Baptist chapels in the parish, in which his photograph appeared. On 27th July 1899 Benjamin Rees married Eliza Rees of Dinas Cross and left Granant.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: William Morris, 55, farmer; Jane Morris, 43, his wife; Arthur Lewis Morris, 19, their son; D. L. Morris, 15, son; Annie Morris, 12, daughter; Sarah Morris, 9, daughter; Emily Morris, 5, daughter; and Johnny Williams, 15, cattle boy, Welsh-speaking. Except where noted otherwise, all were born in the parish and bilingual. On 24th September 1909 a clearance sale was held here for William Morris, who was retiring.

    In 1911-21 Arthur Lewis was farming here. In 1911 the following persons lived here: Arthur Lewis, 28, farmer (b. Manordeifi); Mary Lewis, 29, his wife (b. Llanfihangel); John Richards, 21, farm servant (b. St. Dogmaels); Idris Evans, 15, farm servant (b. Llanfihangel); and Rachel Ann Griffiths, 17, servant (b. Cardigan).

    About 1919 Mr. & Mrs. William Nicholas moved here. In 1919-49 Mrs. Eliabeth Nicholas lived here. There were clearance sales here on 6th September and 11th October 1921 for Arthur Lewis, who was leaving the property. On 21st February 1923 William Nicholas died aged 56 when his clothes were caught in a water wheel here, leaving a widow named Elizabeth Nicholas. He had been a Deacon of Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel. In 1934 Mrs. Nicholas and Mr. Andrew lived here.  In 1938 Clement James and Mrs. Nicholas lived here. On 15th March 1941 Miss Eleanor (“Ella”) Nicholas, only daughter of the late William Nicholas and of Mrs. Nicholas, married Lewis Ll. Williams of Heolycwn, Ferwig. On 7th January 1949 Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholas, widow of William Nicholas, died aged 72. In 1952 Mrs. Tydfil Nicholas lived here. In 1955-71 B. R. Nicholas lived here. On 26th October 1971 a clear-out sale was held here for B. R. Nicholas, who had sold the farm.


    None available.


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