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    No. 10 was built in 1829 as one of a pair with No. 11 and is shown on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan as the property of Mr. Jones.

    In 1861 the following persons lived here: Daniel Rowland, 49, Inland Revenue Officer; Sarah Jane Rowland, 38, his wife; Margaretta Rowland, 7, their daughter; Sarah Maria Rowland, 5, daughter; Eliza Georgina Rowland, 3, daughter; David A. Rowland, 2, son; Mary Jane Rowland, 1, daughter; and Elizabeth Lewis, 22, house servant. Daniel Rowland lived here in 1861-80. On 30th March 1863 Susanna Cordelia Rowland, daughter of Daniel Rowland, died aged 8 months. In 1865 Annie Rowland was born here. In 1867 William N. Rowland was born here. In 1871 this was the residence of Daniel Rowlands, 59, Inland Revenue Officer; Sarah Jane Rowland, 47, his wife; Margaretta Rowland, 17, his daughter; Sarah Maria Rowland, 15, daughter; Georgina Eliza Rowland, 14, daughter; Daniel A. Rowland, 12, son; Mary Jane Rowland, 11, daughter; Annie Rowland, 6, daughter; and William N. Rowland, 4, son. On September 19th 1876 Margaretta Rowlands, daughter of Inland Revenue Officer Daniel Rowlands, married Washington Gillespie of Castle Street, Bridge End, St. Dogmaels. On 12th January 1877 Miss Georgina Rowlands was preparing to open a school here. On 22nd September 1880 Daniel Rowlands was buried at St. Mary’s Church having died on 17th September 1880 aged 68. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Sarah Jane Rowlands, 57, widow; Georgina Rowlands, 24, her daughter; Mary Jane Rowlands, 21, daughter; William Rowlands, 14, son; Maria James, 65, sister; and Harriet Richards, 21 general servant. In 1880-84 Mrs Sarah Jane Rowlands still lived here. [She died on 15th March 1897, aged 74.]

    In 1886-1900 D. Morgan Jones, town clerk, lived here. In 1891 the following persons lived here: William H. Tamlyn, 35, land surveyor; Annie L. Tamlyn, 30, his wife; Frederick A. Tamlyn, 9, their son; Margaret L. Tamlyn, 5, daughter; Charles R. H. Tamlyn, 3, son; and Thomas A. Tamlyn, 18 months, son. In June 1894 the property was advertised for sale. It was occupied by town clerk D. Morgan Jones and Mrs. Haden as yearly tenants. On 20th December 1900 D. Morgan Jones married Miss Sarah Miriam Evans of Bingham Terrace. In 1901 No. 10 was unoccupied. On 18th March 1904 David Arthur Williams opened a new ironmongery shop here and traded here in 1904-05. A fire destroyed the shop on 3rd March 1906.

    In 1912-14 the Misses Sarah and Kate Griffiths lived here. On 10th September 1914 Kate Griffiths, 3rd daughter of the late Jonathan Griffiths, died. On 25th March 1917 Miss Sarah Griffiths of No. 10 Pendre, retired milliner, died aged 89. In June 1918 Mrs. J. L. Thomas of No 10 advertised No 11 Pendre for sale. In October 1918 No. 10, with 3 bedrooms and an attic, was advertised for sale. In 1919 John Teifion James Williams, architect, acquired the property and had an office here in 1920. Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Lewis and Alfred Lewis lived here in 1923. In 1924-26 John Teifion James Williams, architect, had an office here. In 1925-26 David Arthur Williams lived here. In February 1929 No. 10 was advertised to let. On 20th December 1929 D. T. Thomas, late of the ‘Royal Arms’ on Pwllhai, opened a fish & chip shop here. In 1931, following a fire, architect John Teifion James Williams converted the property into two shops.

    On 1st January 1932 part of the property was leased for 21 years to ‘Johnson Brothers (Dyers) Ltd.’ who traded here in 1932-63. In 1935 Fred Lewis, hairdresser, may already have had a shop here. Central Boot Stores may have been located here in 1935, run by Mr. W. P. Evans. In July 1940 No. 10 was advertised for sale – Mrs. Hallam had a hair salon in two rooms downstairs, the rest of the property being occupied by Messrs. Johnson’s Dyers & Cleaners. In 1949 a person named Jones lived here. In 1950 No. 10a. was a hairdresser’s – Lewis & Martin. Alfred Lewis had a fishing tackle shop here. In 1952 Fred Lewis of No. 10 became the Mayor of Cardigan. On 8th February 1954 Lewis & Martin announced some changes to the hair-dressing business that they had conducted for 25 years. The Ladies’ salon was transferred from Empire House to No. 10, which had previously traded as ‘Edna’s’. In April 1955 Mrs. M. A. Williams of No. 10a died. Frederick D. Lewis, hairdresser, still lived at No. 10a Pendre in 1955. Sarah Lewis and Mary Ann Williams also lived here that year. By 25th April 1958 Mrs. Llewelyn was the new manageress of ‘Johnson’s’ dyer’s shop and dry cleaners.

    In 1965 F. D. & S. J. Lewis still traded here as drapers and suppliers of fishing tackle. On 29th September 1972 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lewis of No. 10a retired from their fishing tackle business & draper’s shop which then passed to Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams. In 1974-76 Mr. & Mrs. M. & A. Williams of No. 10a were selling clothes. M. & A. Williams’ fishing tackle shop traded here in 1986-91. In late 1991 the fishing tackle shop at No. 10a was converted into an estate agent’s for Philip Huw James. In 1992-97 No. 10a. was ‘Sosban’ suppliers of cooking equipment, run by Alun & Helen Williams. In July 1997 ‘Sosban’ was transferred to new owners Annie & John Davies. In 1998 Annie & John Davies lived at No. 10a. The property was then ‘Davies’ Cookers & Boilers’. The business traded there in 1997-2009. ‘Yum Yum’s’ sweet shop opened at No. 10a in 2002. ‘Yum Yums’ traded here in 2002-06. The façade was given a facelift in March 2004. In January 2006 ‘Yum Yum’s’ moved to No. 6 Pendre. In April 2006 the ‘Get Connected’ Orange mobile phone shop opened here. Davies’ Cooker’s & Boilers’ began a closing down sale due to retirement in June 2009 and closed in August 2009. In December 2010 ‘Sugar Craft’ cake decorators’ shop opened here.

    No. 10 Pendre, January 2009 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 10 Pendre, January 2009 (c) Glen K Johnson


    Old photographs show a C19 house and shop, colourwashed, with pitched slate roof. Two storey, 2-window range with sashes having slate sills to all openings, wider to ground floor. Low raised plinth. Door to ground floor centre with squared pilastered doorcase and flat projecting hood on brackets.


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    © Glen K Johnson 27/08/2013


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