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    In 1807 Master Mariner Thomas Jones (b.1742) of Pendre, probably living at an earlier building on this site, wrote his will. He referred to his wife Mary Jones (a daughter of Jonathan Jenkins of Cilbronnau, Llangoedmor); son Jonathan Jones (b.1772) – sail-maker; eldest son Thomas Jones, master mariner; and late son John Jones (d.13/04/1798 aged 26) and his family at Crugmore. On 8th December 1808 Captain Thomas Jones died aged 65. His son Abel Jones had been born in 1775 but died on 13th January 1791.

    '1829' date on roof truss, April 2001 (c) Glen K Johnson

    ’1829′ date on roof truss, April 2001 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Captain Jones’ son, Thomas Jones, married Anne. In 1812 their son Thomas Jones was born. In 1819 Elizabeth Jones, daughter of Thomas & Anne Jones was born. In 1824 Mary Jones, daughter of Thomas & Anne Jones was born. On 20th August 1828 Mary Jones, widow of Captain Thomas Jones, died aged 84. The present building at No. 11 Pendre was built in 1829 for ‘Jones & Co.’, rope-makers, and is dated on a roof timber. ‘Jones & Co.’ rope makers traded here in 1830-55. Thomas Jones, rope-maker, owned shares in the following Cardigan ships: ‘Phoebe’, 61 tons (1830-37); ‘Maria’, 65 tons (1834); ‘Agenoria’, 117 tons (1834-52); ‘Claudia’, 103 tons (1835); ‘Eaglet’, 60 tons (1835), ‘Ocean’, 57 tons (1835); ‘Atlantic’, 57 tons (1835); ‘Osprey’, 106 tons (1835); ‘Rachel’, 57 tons (1836); ‘Aran’, 34 tons (1836); ‘Gomer’, 47 tons (1836); ‘Maria’, 34 tons (1836); ‘Abigail’, 70 tons (1836); ‘Heart of Oak’, 121 tons (1837-45); ‘Mary’, 23 tons (1837-41); ‘William’, 50 tons (1837-49); ‘Confidence’, 106 tons (1837); ‘Pheasant’, 25 tons (1837); ‘Rapid’, 25 tons (1840); ‘Anne & Mary’, 37 tons (1841-48); ‘Maria Eliza’, 69 tons (1841); ‘Angelina’, 96 tons (1842); ‘Martha & Mary’, 140 tons (1842); ‘Rose & Ellen’, 91 tons (1843-51); ‘Hannah’, 98 tons (1848); and ‘Boudicea’, 161 tons (1853).

    In 1830 Evan Jones, son of Thomas & Anne Jones was born. On 11th October 1831 Thomas Jones (b. 1812), rope-maker, married Catherine Griffiths (b. 1812). On 7th February 1832 John Gwynne Jones, son of Thomas & Catherine Jones was born. On 3rd September 1833 Thomas Jones, son of Thomas & Catherine Jones, was born. On 18th January 1834 Captain Thomas Jones of No. 11, died aged 56. No. 11 is marked on J. Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan as the property of Mr. Jones. In 1833-74 Thomas Jones jnr. lived here. On 20th August 1835 Mary Jones was born here.

    In 1849 Thomas Jones and his wife Catherine Jones owned shares in the Cardigan ships ‘Emerald’, 44 tons, and ‘Victoria’, 62 tons. In 1851 No. 11 was occupied by:- Thomas Jones, 39, master rope maker; Catherine Jones, his wife, 38; Thomas Jones, 17, their son, seaman; and Mary Jones, 15, daughter. On 7th October 1852 John Gwynne Jones, son of Thomas & Catherine Jones, died on the schooner ‘Fanny’ of Milford, aged 20. On 29th March 1853 the Cardigan ship ‘Boudicea’, 161 tons, was lost – Thomas Jones was a shareholder. On 1st November 1853 Thomas Jones died. His will referred to his wife Catherine Jones, sons John Jones and Thomas Jones, and daughter Mary Jones. In 1855 Catherine Jones, widow of Thomas Jones, died.

    On 3rd October 1855 Thomas Jones, mariner, son of rope-maker Thomas Jones, married Margaret Griffiths of the ‘Ship & Castle’, No. 49 St. Mary Street, daughter of glazier Jonathan Griffiths. In 1861 No. 11 may have been occupied by the following persons: William Wagner Mitchell, 32, solicitor; Anne Mitchell, 33, his wife; Thomas Mitchell, 9, their son; R. M. M. Mitchell, 8, daughter; Anne M. Mitchell, 5, daughter; Sarah E. Mitchell, 4, daughter; William W. Mitchell, 2, son; Richard P. Mitchell, 8 months, son; and 2 servants – Rachel Evans, 21, kitchen maid; and Elizabeth Thomas, 21, house maid. The Mitchell family must have been tenants here for a short time if the Census information is accurate. On 19th October 1861 Mary Jones, daughter of Thomas & Catherine Jones of No. 11, married John Jones, tanner. On 4th October 1863 Anne Jones, widow of Thomas Jones of No. 11, died aged 71. In 1867 Margaret Jones lived here.

    In 1868-74 Captain Thomas Jones lived here. In 1868 Daniel Enoch Griffiths Jones was born here. On 5th April 1868 Thomas John Jones and Daniel Enoch Griffith Jones – sons of Thomas & Margaret Jones, were baptised at Hope English Congregational Chapel, Pendre. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Margaret Jones, 38, master mariner’s wife; Catherine Jones, 14, her daughter; Jonathan G. Jones, 10, son; Thomas J. Jones, 7, son; Daniel Enoch Griffiths Jones, 3, son; and a servant. Captain Thomas Jones and Margaret Jones and their daughter, Catherine Jones, lived here in 1873. On 18th August 1874 Captain Thomas Jones, Master of the “Queen of the Colonies”, died aged 41 from heart disease. In January 1875 the ‘Queen of the Colonies‘ was lost at sea. In 1875-84 Margaret Jones, widow, milliner & dress-maker lived here.

    By 14th July 1876 Mr. J. W. Meyler, estate agent & surveyor occupied the shop. No. 11 was advertised to let on 13th September 1878. On September 18th 1879 Daniel Enoch Griffith Jones, son of Mrs. Margaret Jones, was a supported Cardigan Grammar School pupil. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Margaret Jones, 48, letting apartments; Thomas John Jones, 17, her son; Daniel Enoch Griffith Jones, 13, son; and Elizabeth Evans, 15, servant. On 4th March 1884 Kate Jones, eldest daughter of the late Captain Thomas Jones, married the Mayor of Cardigan, Joseph Rees, of No. 42 High Street. On 4th March 1887 No. 11, together with No. 12 and four cottages behind, was advertised for sale.

    In 1891 the following persons lived here: Evan Jenkins, 36, grocer; Margaretta Jenkins, 29, his wife; David Jenkins, 7, their son; E. J. Jenkins, 5, daughter; Maggie Jenkins, 3, daughter; Elizabeth Williams, 55, visitor; Daniel Jones, 19, grocer’s servant; David Jones, 17, grocer’s servant; Sarah Thomas, 24, domestic servant; and Jane Richards, 17, domestic servant. In 1893-99 this was Mrs. Haden’s School. In June 1894 No. 11 was advertised for sale, occupied by Mrs. Haden’s school as yearly tenant. In 1895 Miss Noott assisted at the school. On 24th April 1895 Frank Mortimer Rowland of Lichfield married Ellen Josephine Haden, daughter of Mrs. Haden of No. 11 & the late Mr. W. H. Haden. On 24th October 1895 Robert Ashton Bostock married Caroline Mary Haden, daughter of Mrs. Haden of No. 11. John Williams lived here in 1900-12. Matilda E. J. Haden may still have been here in 1900.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: John Williams, 66, stationer’s shop keeper; Margaret Williams, 69, his wife; Martha Williams, 32, their daughter; and Elizabeth Harries, 42, niece. All were bilingual and born in Cardigan. In a separate 2 room unit lived Lucy E. Bennison, 29, lodger, intermediate school teacher, born at Manchester, English-speaking. In 1902 John Williams became a Deacon of Bethania Baptist Chapel, William Street. On 9th May 1912 Mrs. Margaret Williams died aged 83. In July 1912 and March 1913 No. 11, occupied by John Williams, was advertised to let, and John Williams vacated soon afterwards. In September 1913 a temporary piano exhibition was held here.

    On 20th March 1914 William Hughes Phillips, formerly of Velindre, opened a watchmaker & repairer’s shop here. On 8th June 1915 Lloydie Davies, eldest son of Mrs. Davies of No 11, died aged 5 years, 10 months. In 1914-January 1916 William Hughes Phillips kept a shop here, selling watches and clocks. On 20th January 1916 William Hughes Phillips married Martha Vaughan of Pontfaen. In 1917-18 Mrs. Mary Davies traded here as a ladies’ costumier and dress-maker. In June 1918 No. 11 was advertised for sale by Mrs. J. L. Thomas of No. 10 Pendre. In April 1922 Glyn Matthews had a draper’s shop here. In March 1923 No. 11, with 6 bedrooms and 2 box rooms, was advertised for sale. It was then occupied by William Hughes Phillips, watch-maker & jeweller.

    In April 1923 John Thomas Evans, jeweller, bought No. 11 and moved his business here from No. 5 Bridge Street in late July. In 1923-53 John T. Evans, watch-maker, had a shop and dwelling here. On 2nd June 1939 Evan John Evans, 22, only son of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Evans, jewellers, died tragically. On 11th September 1946 Mrs. Maggie Rita Evans of No. 11 also died under tragic circumstances, aged 55. Ieuan Jones and his family lived here in 1949-63. On 7th November 1952 Ieuan Jones and Wiktor Gwizdak of Lower Spring Gardens, went into business together as building contractors. On 13th February 1953 jeweller John Thomas Evans was buried following his recent death. In 1955 Ieuan Jones, Lily Glenys Jones and Margaret Rosena Jeremiah lived here. In September 1955 this was the ‘Studio Jon’ photographic studio. In February 1960 J. Thomas & Son, jewellers, moved here from No. 7 Priory Street. On 7th June 1963 Mrs. Lily Glenys Jones died tragically, aged 45.

    ‘Vanity Hair Fashions’, run by Mrs. M. A. Harries (Heidi Harries), traded here in 1967-75. In October 1971 ‘Vanity Hair Fashions’ changed hands, Jem Austin being the new proprietress. On 15th June 1979 this was ‘Wings of a Dove’ Ladies’ Boutique. On 27th June 1980 ‘Tops ‘n’ Bottoms’ clothing shop opened here. In 1980-84 the shop was ‘Tops ‘N’ Bottoms’, run by Julian Beynon-Lewis. In 1986 this was ‘Shoe Tree’, run by Mr. & Mrs. D. C. Jones. Permission was unsuccessfully sought for alterations by M. Kitson in 1988. No. 11 was ‘Chapel House Antiques’ by 1988 until at least 1992 and became a listed building in 1992. By 1994 No. 11 was known as “Treflyn” and was vacant by that time.

    In January 1996 Mr. & Mrs. A. Sacco successfully applied for permission to convert No. 11 into two shop units and three flats. It became ‘The Wallpaper Shop’ that year. Following the death of Mr. Sacco, No. 11 was advertised for sale in September 2002. It was sold in 2003 and became ‘Page’s Books’ managed by Graham Woodford. ‘Page’s Books’ traded here in 2003-05. In 2006 the shop became an antique shop which traded in 2006-09. It closed in early 2009. Following a refurbishment, the property was advertised for sale in August 2011. A new shop, ‘The Crafter’s Cwtch‘ was opened here in March 2013, under the management of Ann and George Barlow.


    Nos. 10 & 11 Pendre in 2004 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Nos. 10 & 11 Pendre in 2004 (c) Glen K Johnson

    The building was described by CADW in 1992:

    Early C19 house, one of a pair, rubble stone with imitation slate roof and south end brick stack. Two storeys, double fronted with paired brackets to deep flat eaves. 12-pane sashes with cambered brick heads and slate sills, except to ground floor left which has modern plate glass shopwindow. Centre 6-panel door with traceried narrow overlight in Regency-style reeded doorcase with shelf hood on brackets. Panelling below hood.

    Nos. 10 & 11 were a pair, whitewashed rubble with sash windows throughout as shown in C19 photographs, but No 10 is substantially altered…”

    Additional observations (2000):

    Rear stair to upper storeys is probably original with stick balusters and ramped handrail. Attic beam dated ‘1829’.


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    © Glen K Johnson 13/06/2013


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    1. Ann Barlow
      February 24, 2014 at 7:12 pm

      Hi Glen,
      I was interested to read the history of the shop, quite intriguing. Can I ask you to make an amendment to the last sentence, the managers/proprietors of the shop since March 2013 are Ann and George Barlow, (the other two names listed are not the managers and have never been).
      Hope you do not mind me correcting you on this, but you obviously have been fed the wrong info.
      Ann Barlow

      • glen
        February 25, 2014 at 7:40 am

        Hi Ann

        My apologies for the error, which I have now corrected. No. 11 has a colourful history, and is one of my favourite buildings on the street, being so little altered. Best wishes with the business.



        • Ann Barlow
          February 28, 2014 at 11:19 pm

          Thank you Glen, it was so interesting reading the history of the building, it’s ideally suited as a local craft shop, think this was its ultimate destiny !!
          It’s our first year anniversary tomorrow, so exciting times!

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