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    No. 15 appears in the 1834 John Wood map of Cardigan as the property of James James. In 1861 the following persons lived here: John Edwards, 50, tailor; Charlottte Edwards, 60, his wife; Elizabeth Edwards, 22, their daughter; and David Griffiths, 15, apprentice. In 1861-71 John Edwards, tailor, kept a shop here. On 5th February 1862 Griffith Edwards, Private in the Royal Engineers and tailor, son of John Edwards, married Lettice Rowlands of Feidrfair, innkeeper. On 15th March 1862 Elizabeth Edwards, daughter of tailor John Edwards, married William Woodward, carpenter of Pontycleifion. In 1871 John Edwards, tailor, 63, lived here. In 1881 Sarah Edwards, 54, baker, ran a coffee house here, and lived here with Ann Newman, 51, her sister, and James James, 25, lodger, carpenter & joiner. In 1891 the following persons lived here: John Bowen, 60, general labourer; Sarah Bowen, 59, his wife; George B. Davies, 31, tailor, boarder; Tom J. Thomas, 19, boarder; Thomas Jones, 71, widower, visitor; and Griffith Thomas, 71, visitor. On 24th September 1900 Mrs. Sarah Bowen of Pendre died aged 73.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: Thomas Davies, 52, grocer’s haulier; Sarah Davies, 52, his wife; Tom Davies, 26, their son, ironmonger’s haulier; Evan Davies, 24, son, butcher; and Mary Davies, 15, daughter, domestic servant. All were Welsh-speaking and born in Cardigan. The brothers Daniel & John Evans had a surgery here for many years, where they treated cancer sufferers – apparently with a remarkable degree of success. Their fame reached its peak between 1905-09. In 1906 about 45 local persons were being treated by the brothers, and there were a few beds here for the worst cases.

    On 12th August 1909 William Henry Davies of Pwllhai married Miss Frances Ann Richards of No. 15. In 1923 Mr. & Mrs. William Griffiths lived here. In early August 1927 William Griffiths of No. 15 Pendre, formerly landlord of the ‘Hope & Anchor’, died here aged 72. In 1934-42 Mrs. Fanny Griffiths lived here. On 7th February 1942 the 2-bedroom and attic dwelling house was sold. On 22nd November 1942 Mrs. Fanny Griffiths, widow of the late William Griffiths of No. 15, coach-builder, died aged 87 at Holdenhurst, Cardigan. In 1955 Audrey Alice Spencer, Laura A. Spencer and Stanley Leonard Spencer lived here.

    No. 15 Pendre in January 2009 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 15 Pendre in January 2009 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Lloyd’s saddlers moved here from Priory Street, and traded here for a number of years. By 1986 to at least July 1988 this was a fashion shop called “Tops & Bottoms”. In 1988-99 this was “Ice ‘n’ Easy” – a frozen food shop. In 1999 the shop became ‘Penny Pinchers


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    © Glen K Johnson 30/08/2013


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