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    A building on this site is marked on the 1834 John Wood map of Cardigan. In 1861 James Davies and Elizabeth Davies, confectioners, probably traded here. In 1861 Thomas Evans, 31, shoe-maker, formerly of No. 14 Pendre, may have lived and traded here with his wife Elizabeth Evans, 38, and daughter Sophia Evans, 4. If so, he was still here in 1868. In 1871 Mrs. Elizabeth Davies, 64, confectioner, kept a shop here with her son, James Davies, 25. In 1861-1900 James Davies (“Davies the Cookshop”) and Elizabeth Davies traded as confectioners here. In 1881 No. 16 was occupied by Elizabeth Davies, 74, her son, James Davies, 35, and Martha Evans, 16, general servant. In 1891 James Davies, 45, confectioner, lived here with Sarah Jeremiah, 17, servant. In 1901 James Davies, 55, pastry cook, lived here. He was bilingual and had been born at Manordeifi. By 4th January 1904 James Davies, confectioner, had disappeared and was never found. He was regarded as a somewhat eccentric figure, and reclusive since the death of his mother. It was supposed that he had drowned himself.

    Bill-head for Tom Smith, No. 16 Pendre, circa 1915 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Bill-head for Tom Smith, No. 16 Pendre, circa 1915 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    In 1910-14 Margaret Griffiths, confectioner, lived and kept a shop here. In 1915 the premises was Tom Smith’s Pendre Bakery. He traded here in 1915-49. In 1922 Mari Smith was born here. In 1923 Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith, Dewi Wyn Smith and Marie Smith lived here. During World War II Charles Gwyn Smith of No. 16 was killed in action. On 5th August 1944 Able-Seaman David (“Dewi”) Thomas Griffiths Smith, son of Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith, married Miss Olive Roberts of Widnes. In December 1945 David Thomas Griffiths Smith was home, having served in the forces during World War II. In April 1948 Mrs. Sarah Anne Smith, wife of Tom Smith (b.1879), died aged 66. On 4th March 1949 No. 16 was advertised for sale. On 27th August 1949 it was sold by auction as Tom Smith was retiring.

    Bill-head of D R Davies, No. 16 Pendre, 29/07/1953 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Bill-head of D R Davies, No. 16 Pendre, 29/07/1953 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    On 16th January 1950 D. R. Davies opened a shop here. In 1950-55 No. 16 was the business premises of fishmonger & grocer David Roger Davies. In September 1959 and March 1960 it was advertised for sale as a fish & chip shop. In September 1965 and December 1967 No. 16 was referred to as ‘G. Morgan’s fish & chips’. In 1969 W. & M. Davies were the proprietors. In 1975 No. 16 became the Pendre Fish & Chip Shop and Café. There was a fire here on October 23rd 1996, but the property was repaired. It was advertised for sale in 2002. In 2003, under new ownership, it became ‘John’s Kitchen’ and traded as such in 2004-07. In January 2007 the premises became ‘Pendre Café’ once again.

    No. 16 Pendre in October 2005 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 16 Pendre in October 2005 (c) Glen K Johnson


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    © Glen K Johnson 30/08/2013


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