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    In 1830-31 this was the ‘Ship on Launch’ public house – home to John Phillips, mariner, and his wife Mary Phillips and their sons David Phillips (b. 1813) and John Phillips. John Phillips Snr. wrote his will on 22nd November 1831. A building here is marked on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan. On December 12th 1837 John Phillips married Jane Griffiths. In 1830-59 John Phillips lived here. In 1841 No. 19 was the home of John Phillips, 20, cabinet-maker; Jane Phillips nee’ Griffiths (daughter of Thomas Griffiths, tailor, Cardigan), 25, his wife; Mary Phillips, 3, their daughter; and David Phillips, 1, son. In 1842 William Phillips was born here. In 1845 Elizabeth Phillips was born here. In 1847 Margaret Phillips was born here. In 1848 Thomas Phillips was born here. In 1850 Jane Phillips was born here. In 1851 the following persons lived here: John Phillips, 33, assistant overseer; Jane Phillips, 34, his wife; Mary Phillips, 12, their daughter; David Phillips, 10, son; William Phillips, 9, son; Elizabeth Phillips, 6, daughter; Margaret Phillips, 4, daughter; Thomas Phillips, 3, son; Jane Phillips, 1, daughter; and a servant. In 1859 John Phillips died aged 42. In 1861 Mary Phillips, 22, grocer, lived here with her sisters Margaret Phillips, 14, and Jane Phillips, 11, and kept a shop. Mary Phillips may have married David John Harries of Bridell.

    In 1868 this was the shop of John Harper, poulterer. In 1869-71 Joseph Harper, poulterer, traded and lived here with Mary Anne Harper, his wife. In 1871 the following persons lived here: David Mathias, 26, cabinet-maker; Mary W. Mathias, 23, his wife; and John J. Mathias, 6 months, their son. In 1881 Ann Wright, 54, annuitant, lived here.

    Owen's tiled name at entrance in June 2002 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Owen’s tiled name at entrance in June 2002 (c) Glen K Johnson

    By 3rd February 1882 Owen Thomas Owens had a Slate & Marble Works here. Owen Thomas Owens, mason, traded here in 1882-1901. In 1883 O. T. Owens owned shares in ‘The Cardigan Mercantile Company’. In 1883 Hetty Owens was born here. On 4th September 1884 the house and garden here, formerly part of the Priory estate, was sold to the tenant, Owen Thomas Owens, for £170. In 1885 Bella Owens was born here. In 1885-1952 Miss Bella Owens lived here. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Owen Thomas Owens, 36, stone-cutter; Anne Owens, 36, his wife; Hetty Owens, 8, their daughter; Bella Owens, 6, daughter; David E. Owens, 11, nephew; John Owens, 10, nephew; and Thomas Owens, 3, nephew. O. T. Owens was a Deacon of Bethania Baptist Chapel, William Street, by 1892. On 27th January 1896 Annie Owens, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. O. T. Owens, was born here. In 1901 the following persons lived at the 5 room property: Owen Thomas Owens, 46, stone-cutter & sculptor; Anne Owens, 46, his wife; Hetty Owens, 18, their daughter, school teacher; Bella Owens, 16, daughter, domestic servant; Annie Owens, 5, daughter; and Thomas Owens, 13, nephew, post office messenger. All were bilingual and born in Cardigan. Owen Thomas Owens died on Christmas Day 1901 aged 47.

    Mrs. Anne Owens was the occupier in 1901-19. On 20th March 1913 R. E. Alexander of Brynamman married Ellen Owens, the eldest daughter of Mrs. O. T. Owens of No. 19. On 20th August 1913 David Edward (“Ted”) Owens of No. 19 married Lydia M. Bargiss of Monmouthshire. In 1917-55 Miss Mary Jane Owens lived here. On 3rd October 1919 Mrs. Anne Owens, widow of Owen Thomas Owens, died aged 64. On 16th June 1919 David Griffiths Lloyd of Abigail House, St. Dogmaels, married Miss Hetty Owens of No. 19. On 8th December 1926 Miss A. Maude Owens, daughter of the late O. T. Owens & Mrs. Owens, married George Sambrook of St. Dogmaels. In November 1928 Miss Mary Jane Owens opened a general and fancy draper’s shop here. In February 1931 the building was enlarged and renovated for Miss Mary Jane Owens. In 1933-34 this was ‘Owen’s’ ladies’ fashion shop. In 1957 No. 19 was referred to as ‘Regent House’.

    From July-December 1960 Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Morgan traded as ‘The Realm’ here as their New Manchester House (Bridge Street) premises was being renovated. On 22nd July 1961 the 3-bedroom property was sold by auction. On 26th October 1961 ‘The Regency’ opened here. In 1961-71 this was ‘The Regency’. On 5th February 1971 No. 19 was advertised for sale. On 27th February 1971 ‘The Regency’ ceased trading as a clothes shop.

    No. 19 Pendre, March 2002 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 19 Pendre, March 2002 (c) Glen K Johnson

    On 3rd June 1971 Mr. & Mrs. J. C. (“Con”) Lewis opened ‘The Regency’ china shop here. This was ‘The Regency’ in 1971-80. On 31st October 1980 the shop continued to trade under new proprietors. In 1983-84 this was ‘The Regency’ china shop. In 1989-2009 this was ‘Seconds Ahead’ clothing shop. The shop was expanded in late 2002. By July 2009 it was trading as ‘Trade Secret’ and did so in 2009-12. The shop was taken over and briefly became a branch of ‘Happit’ in 2012. In January 2013 ‘Pritchard Cowburn‘ opened an opticians’ branch here, having moved from William Street.


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    © Glen K Johnson 31/08/2013


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