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    A building on this site is marked on John Wood’s Map of Cardigan of 1834. In 1851-61 Eleanor Morris lived here. In 1851 the occupiers were: Eleanor Morris, 32, ship’s carpenter’s wife; Mary Morris, 6, her daughter; Helen Morris, 4, daughter; and Margaret Morris, 1, daughter. In 1852 Jane Morris was born here. In 1855 Elizabeth Morris was born here. In 1858 John J. Morris was born here. In 1861 the occupiers were: Eleanor Morris, 40, public house keeper; Mary Morris, 16, her daughter; Eleanor Morris, 14, daughter; Margaret Morris, 12, daughter; Jane Morris 9, daughter; Elizabeth Morris, 6, daughter; and John J. Morris, 3, son. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Eleanor John, 84, widow; Ann John, 30, her daughter-in-law; William John, 1, grandson; Ellen John, 7 days, grand-daughter; and 1 servant.

    On 15th October 1880 No. 20 was referred to as ‘The Studio’ where E. Vandermees conducted oil paintings and family portraits. By 29th April 1881 Owen Evans, greengrocer, had a shop here. On 4th September 1884 No. 20 was sold by the Priory estate, the tenant at that time being one James Ladd. On 19th September 1890 it was advertised for sale. It was unoccupied in 1891. In 1895 David John had a shop here. On 22nd January 1896 Mrs. Sarah John, wife of David John, possibly of No. 20, died aged 70.

    No. 20, a butcher’s shop, was unoccupied in 1901. On 7th November 1901 Lizzie Hannah Francis, 20, daughter of Thomas Francis, married Thomas Francis Baldwin, 22, of Glanafon, St. Dogmaels. In 1901-14 Thomas Francis, butcher & maltster, had a shop here. On 26th March 1914 Thomas Lewis Francis of No. 20 died aged 56. In 1914-26 Mrs. Hannah Francis, a sister of Samuel Young, kept a butcher’s shop here. On 18th November 1929 Mrs. Elizabeth Hannah Baldwin, wife of Thomas Francis Baldwin (who had recently ceased trading at No. 55 Pendre), died here at her mother’s home at the age of 47. She was a daughter of the late Thomas Lewis Francis, butcher. Thomas Francis Baldwin lived here in January 1930. On 26th September 1932 Mrs. Hannah Francis of No. 20 died aged 84. The property was then advertised for sale.

    On 16th December 1932 David Griffith Lloyd opened a new draper’s shop here and named the house ‘Kensington House’ after his place of origin. In 1932-55 Mr. & Mrs. D. G. Lloyd lived here. In 1942 Miss Connie Lloyd lived here. On 18th August 1942 Miss Rena Lloyd, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. G. Lloyd, married Pilot Officer P. C. Smith of Nova Scotia. On 15th September 1942 Miss Constance Lloyd, youngest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Griffith Lloyd, married Captain H. Leslie Phillips of Liverpool. In 1943-44 Mrs. Connie Phillips lived here. On 5th July 1946 the 5-bedroom property was advertised for sale with vacant possession. On 23rd January 1947 Mary Walker, wife of dentist A. D. Walker, died here. On 3rd July 1948 Emmanuel Griffiths opened ‘Mani’s’ electrical goods shop here. In December 1948 Emmanuel Griffiths moved to No. 30 Pendre.

    On 1st February 1950 the ‘Trustee Savings Bank’ opened a branch here – Arthur Thomas was the first manager. The Trustee Savings Bank traded here in 1950-83. In 1952 David & Hettie Lloyd lived here and the ground floor was ‘The Cardigan Savings Bank’. In 1953-57 South West Wales Savings Bank traded here. On 16th March 1958 David Griffith Lloyd of No. 20 died aged 85, leaving a widow – Mrs. E. A. Lloyd. On 16th December 1963 the T. S. B. re-opened here after a major re-fit. From 1970-75 Mr. D. Lyn Thomas was the manager of this branch of the T S B.

    No. 20 Pendre in March 2002 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 20 Pendre in March 2002 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In 1988 the building became ‘Six To Teens’ clothes shop. In 1992 John Higginbottom ran Cardigan Design Services here. In April 1996 Dr. A. E. Carlisle applied successfully for permission to turn the upper floors into a dental surgery. By the late 1990’s this was a Salvation Army charity shop. The ‘Care & Share Shop‘ closed in December 2000. In 2001 it became part of the ‘Seconds Ahead’ clothes shop which traded here in 2001-09. In 2009 the name of the shop changed to ‘Trade Secrets’ and remained here in 2009-11. It traded as ‘Happit‘ in 2012. In January 2013 opticians ‘Pritchard Cowburn‘ moved here from William Street.


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    © Glen K Johnson 31/08/2013


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