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    A building on this site is marked on John Wood’s Map of Cardigan of 1834. In 1839-52 Evan John lived here. On 6th August 1839 William Jones, mariner, son of Evan John, weaver, married Margaret Davies, daughter of mariner John Davies of Quay Street. In 1841 the occupants were: Evan Johns, 50; Eleanor Johns, 50, his wife; Sarah Johns, 15, their daughter; Evan Johns, 14, son; Owen Johns, 11, son; and Thomas Johns, 3, son. In 1849 Evan John, weaver, was a Constable of the Borough. In 1851 the following persons lived here: Evan John, 61, weaver; Eleanor John, 62, his wife; and Thomas Jones, 14, their son, scholar. In 1861 Eleanor John, 73, lived here.

    In 1871 this was the home of John Myers, 69, who kept an ironmonger’s shop on Chancery Lane. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Richard Owen, 62; Mary Owen, 63, his wife; William Owen, 21, their son; and Charles Deakin, 54, boarder, pottery manager. On 4th September 1884 No. 21 was sold by the Priory estate – Richard Owen being the tenant. On 19th December 1887 Maud Jones, 39, widow of No. 21, daughter of Captain David Evans, married Captain John Williams, 39, widower, of the ‘Square & Compass’, Castle Street. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Maud Evans, 84, widow; Maud Williams, 40, mariner’s wife; and Maggie Jones, 15, grand-daughter. In 1895 John Williams, master mariner, lived here. In 1897 Maud Evans was still resident. It may have been this John Williams who became a Deacon of Bethania Baptist Chapel, William Street, in 1902.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: James James, 66, general labourer (b. Cardigan, Welsh-speaking); Anne James, 60, his wife (b. Cardigan, Welsh-speaking); Ben D. James, 23, their son, steam engine fitter (b. Llansamlet, bilingual); George J. Bowen, 16, boarder, at Cardigan Intermediate School (b. Clydey, bilingual); David Richards, 15, boarder, apprentice steam engine fitter (b. Dinas, bilingual); and Samuel George, 14, boarder, at Cardigan Intermediate School (b. Manordeifi, bilingual). In 1910-14 Jenkin Jones lived here. On 21st May 1924 Mrs. Maud Williams died here at the home of her daughter. She was the widow of Captain John Williams and had been the landlady of the ‘Queen’s Head’, Pendre. In August 1924 the 4 bedroom property was offered for sale.

    On 29th May 1925 Miss S. C. Williams of No. 4 Williams Terrace bought No. 21. About June 1925 John Frederick Sellars Reynolds moved here and opened a dental practice. In 1925-27 John Frederick Sellars Reynolds, dentist, traded here. In January 1927 J. F. S. Reynolds announced his departure and closure of his surgery. In 1934-38 Mr. Edwards, dentist, may have lived here. On 19th May 1941 Mrs. Phoebe Edwards, mother of Mr. W. G. Edwards of No. 21, died aged 75. In June 1942 the 4-bedroom property was advertised for sale. On 9th May 1947 Mrs. Hannah Bowen of No. 21, widow of John Rees Bowen, died. In 1949 a person with the surname Mouland lived here. In 1955 Arnaude E. Sharman and Gwendolene Sharman lived here. The property became ‘Johnson’s’ gents’ clothes shop. On 23rd March 1959 Mrs. Nan Price, widow of former Vicar of St. Mary’s Church Rev. D. T. Price, died here at her home, aged 58. On 18th July 1959 No. 21 was sold by auction.

    No. 21 Pendre in April 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 21 Pendre in April 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Prior to 1960 J. Thomas & Son, jewellers, traded here for a time. In 1962-71 a photofraphic studio called Studio Jon was located here. In February 1971 Ifor Davies Evans of ‘Studio Jon’ died. In October 1971 ‘Studio Jon’ was advertised for sale. On 9th May 1972 ‘Christine’s’ hair salon opened above ‘the studio’ here. In 1972-74 this was ‘Christine’s’ hair salon. In 1974-80 Dewi James, butcher, traded here. In 1986 H. Jenkins’ hairdressers and gift shop moved here from Pwllhai. In 1986-2006 this was ‘Jenkins’ hairdresser’s and gift shop. In 1998 there were two residential flats upstairs. In 2001 the building was renovated. On 14th April 2006 H. Jenkins retired, ending the 84 year span of the family business. In May 2008 the property was advertised for sale. In August 2009 an animal welfare charity shop opened here and traded here in 2009-13, before moving to No. 42 Pendre.


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    © Glen K Johnson 01/09/2013


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