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    A building is marked here on John Wood’s 1834 Map of Cardigan. In 1836-43 Levi Howells, carter, lived here and was a burgess of Cardigan. In 1841 No. 22 was occupied by Levi Howells, 35, innkeeper; Catherine Howells, 35, his wife; and Elizabeth Howells, 15, their daughter. On 13th February 1843 Levi Howells of the ‘Queen’s Head’ died aged 42. In 1843-56 Catherine Howells was the landlady. On 1st March 1849 Elizabeth Howells, daughter of the late innkeeper Levi Howells, married William Davies, shipwright of Bridge End, Cardigan. In 1851 Catherine Howells, widow, 48, innkeeper, and her son, David Howells, 8, lived here. On 4th April 1856 Catherine Howells wrote her will, referring to her daughter Elizabeth Davies; step-mother Margaret Evans; sister Deborah Evans; friends William Wagner Mitchell and Rev. Daniel Davies; and her son David Howells, a minor. On April 8th 1856 Catherine Howells died aged 54.

    Pendre in the 1880's - note Queen's Head sign on right (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Pendre in the 1880′s – note Queen’s Head sign on right (Glen Johnson Collection)

    In 1861 the occupants were: David Griffiths, 39, shipwright; Elizabeth Griffiths, 35, his wife; Griffith Griffiths, 13, their son; and John, 57, father-in-law. In 1871 Margaret Griffiths, 74, widower, was the publican. In 1871-84 Mrs. Margaret Griffiths was the publican. In 1881 Margaret Griffiths, 84, widow, lived here with Joshua James, 31, boarder, guard of bus. On 4th September 1884 the former ‘Queen’s Head’ was sold by the Priory estate, Margaret Griffiths remaining the tenant. In 1886-95 Mary Grifiths, the publican, ran a refreshments

    Refreshments from Queen's Head, No. 22 Pendre, 04/12/1886 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Refreshments from Queen’s Head, No. 22 Pendre, 04/12/1886 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    stall at Cardigan Market. On 19th September 1890 No. 22 was advertised for sale. In 1891 the ‘Queens’ Head’ was occupied by the following persons: Mary Griffiths, 47, widow; Maggie A. Griffiths, 8, her daughter; and Hannah Jones, 20, servant. On 20th August 1898 Mrs. Mary Griffiths of the ‘Queen’s Head’ died aged 55. On 9th September 1898 the pub was advertised to let. On 6th March 1899 one Margaret Griffiths of Pendre, perhaps No. 22, was buried at St. Mary’s Church having died aged 82 on 4th March 1899.

    In 1900-06 the “Queen’s Head” was occupied by Captain John Williams. In 1901 the following persons lived here: John Williams, 51, publican (b. Aberarth, bilingual); Maud Williams, 50, his wife (b. Cardigan, bilingual); Maggie Jones, 24, his step-daughter (b. Cardigan, bilingual); and Maud Evans, 93, mother-in-law (b. Cardigan, Welsh-speaking, blind). The license was renewed on 2nd March 1906. On 4th March 1906 Captain John Williams of the ‘Queen’s Head’ died aged 55.

    In October 1908 Thomas Francis Baldwin lived here. The pub was advertised to let on 16th April 1909. In 1910-12 Samuel Edwards lived here. In June 1911 and May 1912 the fully-licensed ‘Queen’s Head’ was advertised to let. In October 1912 the license was transferred from Samuel Morgan to Mrs. Morgan. In 1914-16 Mrs. Dinah Morgan was the publican. The license was objected to on 11th February 1916. It then had 3 ground floor rooms, 4 bedrooms, and a brew house and two small beer cellars to the rear. There was no stable. The pub closed voluntarily on 9th February 1917 and the license lapsed the following year. On 18th March 1932 the property was advertised to let.

    In 1933-34 Mrs. Captain Owen lived here. In March 1934 ‘Heathside’ was advertised to let – probably No. 22. In 1935 this may have been ‘Heathside’, occupied by Mr. H. C. Morgan. On 8th September 1956 Jack A. Johnson opened a gents’ tailors & outfitter’s shop here. Jack A. Johnson’s tailor’s shop traded here in 1956-61. On 6th October 1961 the property – the premises of Jack A. Johnson, tailor, was advertised for sale.

    In 1961 D. T. & A. M. James took over No. 22 and opened the ‘Emporium’ on 2nd June 1962, which traded here until 1988. New extensions opened in November 1970. The building was rebuilt in 1972. In 1982 Tom James of No. 22 was President of Cardigan Agricultural Show. By April 1989 the ‘Emporium’ had changed hands and continued to trade here in 1989-97. In May 1996 Cllr. Julian Beynon-Lewis, proprietor, became the Mayor of Cardigan. The shop closed in 1997. It re-opened in December 1999 as ‘Intelligent Computers Ltd’. The company traded here in 1999-2004. There was a minor fire here on January 3rd 2003.  The building was vacant and advertised for sale in July 2004. In June 2005 major internal alterations were conducted. In August 2005 it re-opened as ‘Yr Hen Emporiwm’ gift shop.


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