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    An earlier building here is marked on John Wood’s Cardigan map of 1834. In 1836-73 Edward Mathias lived and traded here, and was a burgess of Cardigan. In 1841 the following persons lived here: Edward Mathias, 45; Mary Mathias, 45, his wife; Jane Mathias, 15, their daughter; ?? Mathias, son, 14; Mary Mathias, 13, daughter; Catherine Mathias, 10, daughter; and John Mathias, 6, son. Mrs. Mathias may have kept a private school here. By 1849 Mrs. Mathias was probably running a private school here. In 1851 the following persons lived here: Edward Mathias, 54, accountant; Mary Mathias, 55, his wife; Mary Mathias, 23, their daughter; and Catherine Mathias, 20, daughter, seamstress. In 1861 Edward Mathias, 64, lived here with his wife Mary Mathias, 65, and their daughter Catherine Mathias, 30. On 18th November 1867 Mary Mathias was buried at St. Mary’s Church, having died aged 71. In 1871 Edward Mathias, 74, accountant, lived here with his daughter, Catherine Mathias, 40. On 13th January 1873 Edward Mathias was buried at St. Mary’s Church having died aged 76.

    William Woodward, Mayor of Cardigan 1879-80 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    William Woodward, Mayor of Cardigan 1879-80 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Ca1873-1916 William Woodward lived and traded here. The present building was built for William Woodward c.1873 with the products of his brickworks. It sported a tower to the rear, so that he could keep a watchful eye on his employees. In June 1874 William Woodward joined Cardigan Borough Council. In 1875 Phoebe Woodward was born here. William Woodward became the Mayor of Cardigan on 9th November 1879. As well as operating the brickworks, William Woodward was the estate manager for the Priory estate and also the proprietor of the Mwldan Foundry, recorded as such in 1881. In 1881 the following persons lived here: William Woodward, 42, engineer; Elizabeth Woodward, 43, his wife; Mary Woodward, 18, their daughter; Charlotte Alice Woodward, 16, daughter; Martha Woodward, 14, daughter; W. H. Woodward, 12, son; George E. Woodward, 9, son; Phoebe Woodward, 6, daughter; and Margaret Edwards, 25, domestic servant. In 1885 William Woodward was a Guardian of the Poor. On 2nd April 1890 Charlotte Alice Woodward, 25, daughter of William Woodward, married Mathias Mathias, 25, mariner of No. 21 Quay Street. In 1891 the following persons lived here: William Woodward, 52, auctioneer/estate agent; Elizabeth Woodward, 53, his wife; Martha Woodward, 23, their daughter; and Phoebe E. Woodward, 16, daughter. On 9th January 1900 Captain George E. Woodward, Caerleon House, married Miss Ella D. Davies of North Road.

    In 1901 the following persons lived here: William Woodward, 62, estate agent & auctioneer (b. Bingham); Elizabeth Woodward, 63, his wife (b. Cardigan); Charlotte Alice Mathias, 35, their daughter (b. Bristol); Martha Woodward, 33, daughter (b. Bristol); and Phoebe Woodward, 26, daughter (b. Cardigan). All were bilingual. On 20th February 1905 Mrs. Elizabeth Woodward, wife of William Woodward, died here aged 66. On 30th June 1905 No. 23 was advertised for sale. In 1914 William Woodward’s estate agent’s office traded here. On 11th February 1914 Martha Woodward, daughter of William Woodward of Caerleon House, died aged 47. On 27th May 1916 William Woodward, J. P., died aged 78. On 28th July 1916 the property was advertised for sale.

    In 1919-26 John Arthur Thomas lived here. In 1924 Miss Anne Jones lived here. In 1934-35 Mr. E. D. Evans and Mrs. Evans lived here. In March 1934 and December 1935 No. 23 was advertised for sale. In 1937-40 Miss Minna Thomas lived here. At New Year 1939 Miss Minna Thomas opened “…a drug and toilet requisite store…” here. In 1939 Miss Nance Thomas lived here. In February 1940 David Thomas Phillips of No. 23 was a Sergeant in the army. On 25th May 1941 Margaret Elias Jones of Kent died here aged 90. She was related to the Thomas’. On 30th September 1941 Sergeant David Thomas Phillips of No. 23, grandson of William Phillips of Tabernacle House, Pendre, married Miss Gladys Eileen May of Kent. By December 1945 David Thomas Phillips was home from the war. In 1949-55 Miss Annie M. Thomas and Miss Mary H. Thomas lived here. On 17th October 1958 No. 23 was advertised for sale. On 14th August 1959 Ifan D. Jones took over the business from Miss Mary H. Thomas. On 1st January 1960 Ifan D. Jones retired as the pharmacist and the following day J. Elgan Jones of Maenclochog took over the chemist’s shop. In 1960-64 J. Elgan Jones ran a pharmacy here. In 1964 J. Elgan Jones moved to No. 52 St. Mary Street. In 1966-71 it was the shop of pharmacist and photographer, Ifan D. Jones.

    Rear of Caerleon House, January 2003 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Rear of Caerleon House, January 2003 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In 1976 this was the pharmacy of Mr. & Mrs. K. G. Farell. In 1985-96, this was Avril Reynolds’ chemist’s shop. Another chemist named Morgan had taken over the business by 2002, when an application was made for external alterations to the building. An extensive facelift was conducted that autumn. D. H. & S. Morgan then traded here.


    The following observations were made in 1996:

    Rear range, formerly house and office of William Woodward, proprietor of the Cardigan Brickworks and built with the products of the works. Three storey range in Cardigan brick with cambered heads to openings and steep pitched slate roof, gabled to rear. North wall has blocked openings to centre and right, first floor has centre 8-pane sash and top floor has pair of similar sashes – one to far left, one just right of centre. West end has ground floor obscured, 8-pane sashes to first and second floors in corresponding pairs. Some quatrefoil banding to gable.


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    © Glen K Johnson 02/09/2013


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