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    In 1827-68 Jonathan Jones, joiner, lived here. In 1827 Jonathan Jones was a shareholder in the 48 ton vessel ‘Enterprise’. In 1831 Griffith Jones was born here. A building on this site is marked on John Wood’s 1834 Map of Cardigan. In 1851 the following persons lived here: Jonathan Jones, 60, joiner; Margaret Jones, 60, his wife; and Griffith Jones, 20, their son, joiner. On 18th July 1857 Margaret Jones, possibly of No. 24, was buried at St. Mary’s Church, having died aged 68. In 1861 Jonathan Jones, 70, joiner, lived here with his wife Margaret Jones, 69.

    In 1871-81 David Griffiths lived here. In 1871 David Griffiths, 49, shipwright, kept a shop and lived here with his wife Elizabeth Griffiths, 45, and son Griffith Griffiths, 23. In 1881 David Griffiths, 58, shipwright, lived here with his wife Elizabeth Griffiths, 55. In 1884 Mrs. Maud Jones kept a shop here. The property was sold by the Priory estate on September 4th 1884 and purchased for redevelopment.

    Heathfield is shown on the 1887 O. S. map. In 1891-1900 David Davies lived here. In 1891 David Davies, 38, solicitor, lived here with Rachel Jones, 18, servant. In 1893-95 Violet Daniel, spinster, lived here. On 2nd April 1893 a son was born here to the wife of Henry Rowland Daniel, solicitor. In 1893-1900 Henry Rowland Daniel lived at Heathfield. In 1901-12 Evan Owen and his wife, Margaret Owen, lived here. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Evan Owen, 46, draper shopkeeper (b. Cardigan, bilingual); Margaret Owen, 40, his wife (b. Penbryn, bilingual); Hannah Evans, 25, cook (b. Llangoedmor, Welsh-speaking); and Lizzie Morris, 15, domestic servant (b. Ferwig, bilingual). In 1902 Evan Owen became a Deacon of Bethania Baptist Chapel, William Street. On 18th June 1911 a daughter was born to the wife of Dr. Evan O. Bowen of Heathfield. On 1st July 1912 Evan Owen of Heathfield died aged 58. In 1913-14 Dr. Evan O. Bowen, surgeon, lived here. On 15th April 1914 Dr. Evan O. Bowen of Heathfield died aged 29. On 26th June 1914 No. 24 was due to be sold by auction.

    In 1916-17 J. W. W. Powell, physician and surgeon, lived and practised at Heathfield. In November 1917 Dr. Selby Clare moved here and took over the medical practice of Dr. J. W. W. Powell. In January 1918 Dr. Selby Clare & Florence Evelyn Clare lived at Heathfield. In 1919-28 Mrs. Margaret Owen lived here. In July 1928 Margaret Owen of Heathfield retired as secretary of the Cardigan Nursing Institute. In 1934 John Evans, J. P., lived here. On 1935 Mr. O. B. Lewis lived here. In 1938 Mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans and Florence Evans lived here. In 1940 Mr. Davidson and Mr. & Mrs. E. D. Evans lived here.

    William George Edwards’ dental surgery was located here in 1949. In 1955 Lilian C. Edwards, Mair Edwards and William George Edwards lived here. In May 1965 William George Edwards of No. 24 died aged 69, having kept a dental surgery in Cardigan for nearly thirty years. He left a daughter named Mair Edwards. In 1985 Jan Lize acquired the property and in 1985-96 ‘Jan’s TV & Video’ traded here. The shop was vacant in early 2002. By 2003 ‘Red Dragon Domestics’ traded here. The shop was vacant in 2004. In early 2005 ‘A4 Office Supplies’ opened here. It closed in December 2005. A delicatessen called ‘Deli Delights’ opened here in August 2007 and traded here in 2007-10.


    None available


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    1. Jan Lize
      August 16, 2015 at 8:13 pm

      Dear Glen

      Please allow me to correct your historical record of 1 Heathfield. My name is Jan Lize (the present owner), I purchased the said property – a large Victorian terraced house C1900 – in 1985, and converted the ground-floor into a retail shop and traded there as Jan’s TV & Video from 1985 – 1996. The entire property has been sympathetically upgraded and fully refurbished. The previous owner, the late Mair Edwards, was George and Lillian Edwards’ daughter – Mair was a spinster until she died. I have all the previous owners deeds in my possession if you would care to amend much of the above.

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