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    A building on this site is marked on John Wood’s 1834 Map of Cardigan. In 1861 Eleanor Lloyd, 71, widow, lived here. In 1871 John Jones, 71, retired carter, lived here. In 1881 the following persons lived here: William Evans, 32, clog-maker; Elizabeth Evans, 31, his wife; Margaret Evans, 8, their daughter; Robert Evans, 7, son; Mary Evans, 5, daughter; Evan Evans, 2, son; and Elizabeth Evans, 7 months, daughter. On 4th September 1884 No. 25, still occupied by William Evans, was sold by the Priory estate. It was purchased for redevelopment. It is marked on the 1887 O. S. map.

    No. 25 Pendre in April 2004 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 25 Pendre in April 2004 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In 1891 the following persons lived at No. 2 Heathfield: Thomas A. Davies, 31, solicitor; Margaret Davies, 34, his wife; Violet Davies, 6, their daughter; Constance Esther Davies, 4, daughter; Cissie Margaret Davies, 2, daughter; Stuart A. Davies, 1, son; and Anne Barrett, 23, servant. In 1900-02 Thomas Edward Davies lived here. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Thomas Edward Davies, 64, solicitor (retired) (b. Cardigan); Sarah Davies, 33, cook (b. Aberporth); and Mary Jane Copp, 16, housemaid (b. Glamorgan). All were bilingual. In 1907 Sarah Davies still lived here. Thomas John Griffiths lived here in 1926. In March 1928 the 5 bedroom property was advertised for sale. In 1934-35 Mrs. Sambrook lived here. In February 1939 the 6-bedroom property was advertised for sale. On 24th February 1945 the 6-bedroom property, referred to as ‘Dyffryn’, was sold by auction. In 1955 Margaret Thomas lived here. In 1957 No. 25 is marked ‘Araulfa’ on a map. From 1977-83 there was a shop here called ‘Treasures’. ‘Christine’s’ hair salon traded here in 1995-2009. In March 2004 the façade was renovated.


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    © Glen K Johnson 03/09/2013


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