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    The site was occupied by buildings on John Wood’s 1834 Map of Cardigan. In 1861 this was probably the home of Anne Jones, 86, retired, and her son John Jones, 50, retired farmer. In 1868-74 Thomas Evans, shoe & clog-maker, kept a shop here. In 1871 Rachel Edwards, 38, dressmaker, and her son Evan Edwards, 8, lived here. There were four other residential units at No. 26. They were occupied by the following persons: No. 26a: Thomas Evans, 36, clog-maker; Mary Evans, 32, his wife; David Evans, 7, their son; Thomas Evans, 5, son; and Hannah E. Evans, 2, daughter. No. 26b: Jane Wigley, 28, master mariner’s wife, and her son David J. Wigley, 2. No. 26c: Thomas Evans, 43, bookmaker; Elizabeth Evans, 48, his wife; Sophia E. Evans, 14, their daughter; and lodgers. No. 26d.: Thomas Evans, 69, shoemaker. On 1st October 1874 shoemaker Thomas Evans, son of Captain Evan Evans, married Elizabeth Adams of Llandefaelog. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Samuel Griffiths, 61, labourer; Sarah Griffiths, 61, his wife; and John Davies, 30, his step-son, mariner. On 4th September 1884 No. 26, then occupied by Alfred Pearce, was sold for redevelopment by the Priory estate. It is marked on the 1887 O. S. Map.

    In 1891 William Richard Richards, 36, accountant, lived here with his wife Mary Richards, 27, and Margaret Edwards, 32, servant. In 1891-1920 W. R. Richards lived here. In 1891-1948 Mrs. W. R. Richards lived here. In 1892 Cecil Mary Richards was born here. On 2nd November 1893 Trevor Stephen Richards was born here, the son of Mrs. & Mr. William Richard Richards. In June 1894 W. R. Richards became a magistrate. On 8th January 1897 Clifford Richards, son of Mr. & Mrs. William R. Richards, was born here. On 30th November 1898 Trevor Stephen Richards, son of William Richard Richards of Heathfield, died aged 5. In 1901 the following persons lived here: William Richard Richards, 46, bankers’ cashier (b. Llanboidy, bilingual); Mary Charlotte Richards, 37, his wife (b. Cardigan, bilingual); Cecil Mary Richards, 9, their daughter (b. Cardigan, English-speaking); Clifford Richards, 4, son (b. Cardigan, English-speaking); Mary Anne Harries, 27, domestic servant (b. Newport, bilingual); and Anne Rees, 24, domestic servant (b. St. Dogmaels, bilingual). In October 1912 W. R. Richards, for 22 years a bank clerk, became manager of the Cardigan branch of Lloyd’s Bank. On 24th January 1920 William Richard Richards, former manager of ‘Lloyd’s Bank’, died here aged 65. On 29th September 1947 Cliff Richards, son of Mrs. Richards and the late W. R. Richards, married Evelyn Morgan of Llandeilo. On 4th July 1948 Mary Charlotte Richards, widow of the late Willliam Richard Richards, died aged 84.

    No. 3 Heathfield, No. 26 Pendre, January 2003 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 3 Heathfield, No. 26 Pendre, January 2003 (c) Glen K Johnson

    On 25th October 1949 J. Ballard Evans of No. 26 died. In 1955 David J. Davies, Hannah Mary Davies, Cecil M. Ballard Evans and Margaret Annie Mary Jones lived here. In August 1955 the property was for sale. On 6th February 1956 Geler Jones opened a saddler’s & sports goods shop here. In 1956-78 Geler Jones had a saddler’s shop here. On 26th September 1975 Mr. & Mrs. Geler Jones presented a patient’s hoist to Cardigan & District Memorial Hospital. Geler Jones closed his saddler’s & sports shop in December 1978. During his time at the property, the land at the rear of No. 3 housed a fascinating private museum of agricultural and industrial machinery and tools. In January 1980 the Tourist Information Office opened here, where it remained until 1984. From 1984 Delwyn Griffiths & Partners ran a firm of insurance brokers here. The rear of the building was extended in 1994.


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    © Glen K Johnson 03/09/2013


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    1. December 4, 2013 at 4:20 pm

      Hello Glen, just a small correction about our business description – we are insurance brokers (not accountants). Also, whether it is appropriate information to include, the property was extended at the rear in 1994 and converted to accommodate three residential flats above the office. Also relevant to Geler & Mair Jones was their valuable collection within their agricultural and domestic museum to the rear of 3 Heathfield, the contents of which are apparently now lost in the bowels of Llannerch Aeron with allegedly only a fraction of the items being displayed – any room for them back in Cardigan Castle???

      • glen
        December 4, 2013 at 4:37 pm

        Hi Delwyn

        Thanks for the contact – errors/omissions duly noted and happily corrected. I’d love to see Geler’s collection back in Cardigan, but the present plans for Cardigan Castle leave little space for heritage displays of larger items. Perhaps in time…why not write to Cadwgan and suggest it? I have little if any influence there, but trustee Michael Freeman might make a good ally?

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