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    Site Name: No. 29 PENDRE; CLEVEDON.


    A building on this site is marked on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan as the property of Philip John Miles, owner of the Priory estate. In 1861 the following persons lived here: John Evans, 27, rope-maker; Benjamin Evans, 23, his brother; Elizabeth Evans, 36, sister; and 2 boarders. John Evans, rope-maker, traded here in 1861-1903. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Elizabeth Evans, 40; John Evans, 36, her brother; Benjamin Evans, 31, brother; and David Evans, 16, brother. In 1871-84 Benjamin & John Evans, rope-makers, traded here, as did John Turnor Mathias, watch & clock-maker, jeweller, optician, engraver, dentist, photographer & boot & shoe salesman! In 1881 John Evans, 48, rope-maker, lived here with his brother Benjamin Evans, 42, and his sister Elizabeth Evans, 50. No. 29 was sold by the Priory estate on 4th September 1884. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Benjamin Evans, 52, rope-maker; and John Evans, 57, his brother, rope-maker. On 23rd December 1894 Benjamin Evans, 50, rope-maker, married Sarah Nicholas, 50, widow of Pontycleifion. In 1895 Benjamin Evans, rope-maker, and John Evans, hairdresser, traded here. In July 1895 No. 29 was advertised for sale. On 10th December 1897 Benjamin Evans died aged 55. On 27th May 1899 John Evans, rope-maker of Pendre, married Mrs. Sarah Evans, widow, possibly his late brother’s widow! In 1901 John Evans, 66, rope-maker, lived here with his wife Sarah Evans, 60. Both were Welsh-speaking and born in Cardigan. On 31st December 1903 John Evans, rope-maker of No. 29, died.

    In 1906-11 Mrs. Davies lived here and advertised a stable at the Old Tannery to let in 1911. In 1911 the following persons lived here: Ann Davies, 65, wife; Sarah Ann Davies, 37, her daughter; and William Morgan Davies, 34, son. In 1919 Mr. & Mrs. William Owen may have moved here. In 1920 T. Evans was the occupier. On 19th March 1920 No. 29 was sold by auction. On 13th October 1925 William Owen of Clevedon, a former postmaster, died here under tragic circumstances. In late November 1925 Alban Thomas, butcher, moved here from Wenslow, Pendre. In 1926 Mrs. Owen lived here and Alban Thomas, butcher, kept a shop here in 1925-29. On 1st March 1929 No. 29 was advertised for sale, occupied by Alban Thomas, butcher. Alban Thomas soon afterwards moved to No. 13 Pendre. No. 29 contained 3 bedrooms and an attic, and had formerly been known as ‘Clevedon’. On 17th March 1934 W. B. Davies of No. 29 married Miss Mairwen Thomas. In 1934-35 W. B. Davies lived here. In June 1935 No. 29 was advertised for sale.

    In 1935-67 Thomas Bisgood, fruiterer, traded here. In November 1935 Thomas Bisgood opened a fruiterer/florists/grocer’s shop here. On 26th December 1935 Tommy Bisgood, son of George Bisgood and the late Mrs. Bisgood, married Miss Morfydd Thomas of Tonypandy. In 1936 J. Bisgood lived here. In 1938 George Yates Bisgood, Thomas George Bisgood and Morfydd Bisgood lived here. In November 1941 George Bisgood was the Chairman of the local branch of the British Legion. In December 1945 Tom Bisgood re-opened his greengrocer’s shop after he was demobilised from the forces. On 22nd June 1951 No. 29, occupied by Mr. Bisgood, was advertised for sale. In 1955 George Yates Bisgood, Morfydd Bisgood and Thomas G. F. Bisgood lived here. On 2nd April 1955 George Yates Bisgood of No. 29 died aged 76. In 1967 Tom G. Bisgood lived here.

    No. 29 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 29 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In 1971 ‘Selton’s’ furnishing company opened here. A needlecraft shop called ‘Needlecraft Centre’ opened here on 9th October 1978. It traded here in 1978-80. In 1984-2005 this was ‘Spencer’s D I Y Centre’. There was a bed-sit upstairs. In 1991 Barbara Myers became the Mayor of Cardigan. The shop was advertised for sale in November 2003. On 14th October 2005 Spencer’s D I Y ceased trading and a bicycle shop opened here in November 2005 – ‘New Image Cycles’. In October 2007 a major refurbishment was under way.


    None available


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    © Glen K Johnson 03/09/2013


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    1. rob rose
      September 3, 2013 at 4:40 pm

      Hi Glen

      John Turnor Mathias also seems to be at 59 Pendre from 1871-84


      • glen
        September 3, 2013 at 4:59 pm

        Yes indeed – when I get the entry done for that property I have a photograph of his shop!


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