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    A building here, the property of Philip John Miles, owner of the Priory estate, is marked on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan. In 1871-84 John Jenkins lived here. In 1871 John Jenkins, 23, stone-mason, kept a shop and lived with his wife, Ann Jenkins, 30; Sophia Thomas, 5, his step-daughter; Anne Thomas, 5, step-daughter; and Abigail Jenkins, 1, their daughter. In 1872 Mary Jenkins was born here. In 1874 William Jenkins was born here. In 1877 Maud Jenkins was born here. In 1878 John Jenkins was born here. In 1880 Griffith Jenkins was born here. In 1881 the following persons lived here: John Jenkins, 32, mason; Ann Jenkins, 40, his wife; Ann Thomas, 15, his step-daughter; Abigail Jenkins, 11, daughter; Mary Jenkins, 9, daughter; William Jenkins, 7, son; Maud Jenkins, 4, daughter; John Jenkins, 3, son; and Griffith Jenkins, 1, son. On 4th September 1884 No. 30 was sold by the Priory estate. It was then occupied by John Jenkins whose 21-year lease was due to expire in 1891.

    In 1891 the following persons lived here: James Ladd, 39; Anne Ladd, 40, his wife; William Ladd, 5, their son; Hannah Eliza Ladd, 4, daughter; and John Young Ladd, 1, son. In 1895-1905 Mrs. Anne Davies kept a shop here. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Ann Davies, 54, grocer & shopkeeper (b. Cardigan); Sarah Ann Davies, 27, her daughter (b. Newcastle Emlyn); and William M. Davies, 25, son, butter merchant (b. Cardigan). All were bilingual.

    D W Griffiths, No. 30 Pendre, circa 1930 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    D W Griffiths, No. 30 Pendre, circa 1930 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    In July 1905 D. W. Griffiths opened ‘Cardigan Supply Stores’ at No. 30. In 1905-38 this was the premises of David William Griffiths, grocer. On 8th July 1907 a son was born to the wife of D. W. Griffiths. It was non-residential in 1911. On 18th December 1948 the 3-bedroom property, described as a tobacconists & confectioners, was sold to Emmanuel Griffiths, Empress Garage, Llechryd. In 1948-88 this was the shop of Emanuel Griffiths & Sons, electrical contractors. On 3rd March 1961 E. Griffiths opened a new record department and showroom and a new TV showroom. In 1988 Emmanuel Griffiths sold No. 30. In 1989-2005 this was part of ‘Spencer’s D. I. Y.’. It was advertised for sale in November 2003 for £220,000 and ceased trading on 14th October 2005. A bicycle shop opened here in November 2005. In October 2007 a major refurbishment was under way.

    No. 30 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 30 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson


    Early C19 two storey corner building in painted rubble with slate roof and timber later C19 shop windows (restored 2007).


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    © Glen K Johnson 03/09/2013


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