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    Site Name: No. 42 PENDRE; WELSH STORES.


    In 1834 No. 42 was marked on John Wood’s Map of Cardigan as the property of Mrs. Griffiths. In 1851-68 Evan Felix lived and traded here. In 1851 the occupants were: Evan Felix, 27, butcher; Phoebe Felix, 28, his wife; James Felix, 4, their son; and Edward Felix, 2, son. In 1852 John Felix was born here. In 1854 Anne Felix was born here. In 1856 Thomas R. Felix was born here. In 1860 Henry R. Felix was born here. In 1861 No. 42 was occupied by the following persons: Evan Felix, 37, butcher; Phoebe Felix, 38, his wife; James Felix, 14, their son; Edward Felix, 12, son; John Felix, 9, son; Anne Felix, 7, daughter; Thomas R. Felix, 5, son; Henry R. Felix, 1, son; and Mary Evans, 17, servant. In 1868 Evan Felix may still have been trading here.

    In 1871 the following persons lived here in five separate units: Mary Davies, 26; David Davies, 52, carpenter; Anne Williams, 81; Stephen Parry, 70, shoemaker; and Maria Higgon, 75, dyer. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Frances Morris, 43, lodging house keeper; John Edwards, 67, boarder, under-bailiff; John Milton Phillips, 35, surgeon; John Lewis, 60, boarder, agricultural labourer; Joshua Davies, 18, boarder, tailor; and Griffith Owen, 70, agricultural labourer. On 12th August 1885 No. 42, with three cottages to the rear, was advertised for sale. It was described as being:

    in the several occupations of Fanny Morris, David Davies, Eliza Elias and David Lewis as yearly tenants…”

    The latter three occupied the cottages to the rear. It was advertised for sale again on 12th September 1890.

    In 1891-1912 Owen Elias had an outfitter’s shop here. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Owen Ellis, 32, tailor/draper; Anne Ellis, 30, his wife, dress-maker; Ellen Ellis, 23, sister, dress-maker; Maud Ellis, 21, sister, dress-maker; and Howell Morgan, 16, lodger. In July 1898 No. 42, occupied by Owen Ellis, was advertised for sale. On 17th December 1898 it was sold to Owen Ellis, the tenant, for £259. In 1901 Owen Ellis, 41, tailor & shopkeeper, lived here with his wife Anne Myfanwy Ellis, 39. He had been born in Tremain and she in Penbryn. Both were bilingual. In 1906 Jonathan Harries lived here. In 1911 the following persons lived here: Owen Ellis, 52, tailor; and Anne Myfanwy Ellis, 51, his wife. On 23rd February 1912 Owen Ellis of No 42 died in an Edinburgh hospital during an operation. In 1912-14 Mrs. Ann Ellis ran the tailor’s shop. In January 1914 Mrs. Ann Ellis advertised the shop for sale. On 1st April 1914 Mrs. Ann Ellis, widow of Owen Ellis, died aged 53.

    Pendre circa 1915 - No. 42 on left (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Pendre circa 1915 – No. 42 on left (Glen Johnson Collection)

    On 6th June 1914 No. 42 was sold to fishmonger William James of No. 2 St. Mary Street. In 1914-27 William James had a fried fish shop here. On 26th July 1916 Nancy May James, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William James of No 42, died aged 6. On 28th July 1916 a daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. William James of No 42. On 15th August 1922 the motor trawler ‘Princess Mary’ was lost off Gwbert. There was a fire in the engine room and William James, owner and master, injured his head badly on the engine room door frame. He and his mate survived, clambering onto nearby rocks until they could be rescued, but the vessel was a total wreck. In 1923 Margaret James traded here. In March 1927 No. 42 was offered for sale. In January 1928 the property, containing two business rooms and five bedrooms, was advertised for sale.

    Welsh Stores, No. 42 Pendre, 1930 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Welsh Stores, No. 42 Pendre, 1930 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    In November 1928 David Jones opened Welsh Stores here, trading in Welsh woollen goods. In 1928-46 David Jones ran ‘Welsh Stores’ woollen merchant’s shop here. On 9th November 1928 Mrs. Hannah Thomas, aged 80, died here at the residence of her daughter and son-in-law. On 25th March 1938 John Teifion James Williams, architect, was seeking builders to conduct alterations for David Jones. In 1938 David Jones, Annie J. Jones and Ena Thomas lived here. On 11th September 1946 David Jones died aged 67. In 1946-76 the company ‘David Jones, Woollen Merchant’ occupied ‘Welsh Stores’. Miss Nance Jones and Miss Ina Thomas lived and traded here in 1949. In May 1951 Miss Nance Jones, daughter of Mrs. A. J. Jones and the late David Jones, married Teifryn Williams of Llangoedmor. A. J. Jones & Maisie Jones and Ena Thomas lived here in 1952. In 1955 Annie J. Jones, Maisie H. Jones and Ena Thomas lived here. In June 1966 Mrs. A. J. Jones of No. 42 died aged 78.

    No. 42 Pendre in November 2000 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 42 Pendre in November 2000 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In 1986-2000 this was Dewi James & Sons’ butchers’ shop. In October 2000 Dewi James vacated the building and it was advertised for sale on 7th November 2000. In November 2002 ‘Alladin’s Cave’ gift shop moved here from Priory Street/Pwllhai. It closed in May 2006. In August 2006 ‘Teifi Military Adventure’ opened here and traded in 2006-08. The shop closed in September 2008. In May 2010 Trevor’s Interesting Shop opened here, but closed in the same autumn. In May 2011 ‘Intelligent Computers Ltd.’ moved here from No. 31 High Street and traded here in 2011-13. The shop was vacated in April 2013. A dog charity shop then opened here.


    The following observations were made in 2001:

    C19 house and shop of 3-storeys, 3-windows in painted stucco with pitched slate gabled roof. Small plate glass sashes to 2nd floor, with sash to first floor right and canted 3-sided bay to left with plate glass sashes, narrower to canted sides. Flat capping to bay with corniced overhang. Ground floor had shop window to left, then three stone steps to door. Rear yard door to far right.


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    © Glen K Johnson 05/09/2013


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