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    Site Name: No. 52 PENDRE; THE CLOTHING MART.


    No. 52 is shown on John Wood’s 1834 Map of Cardigan as the property of Major Bowen. In the 1850’s Joel Roberts briefly kept a shop here. In 1861 John Lewis, 26, grocer, kept a shop and lived here with his sister Elizabeth Lewis, 33, and John M. Phillips, 14, boarder, scholar. John Lewis lived here in 1861-68.

    In 1871 Stephen Davies, 38, grocer, lived here with two servants – Sophie Davies, 19, and Esther Thomas, 25. In 1871-95 Stephen Davies had a grocer’s shop here. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Stephen Davies, 49, grocer; Elizabeth Davies, 42, his wife; J. H. Evans, 12, his step-son; David James, 12, boarder; J. G. James, 5, boarder; and Frances Griffiths, 35, sister-in-law. In 1891 Stephen Davies, 41, grocer, lived here with his wife Elizabeth Davies, 54, and Mary A. Edwards, 29, servant. On 6th May 1892 No. 52 was advertised for sale, along with the whole of William Street. On 19th November 1895 Elizabeth Davies, wife of grocer Stephen Davies of No. 1 William Street, died aged 60.

    On 16th May 1896 William Davies opened the ‘Royal Stores’ grocer’s shop here where he traded in 1896-1902. On 1st August 1898 William Davies of ‘Royal Stores’ married Miss Ellen Maunder of Devon. On 18th May 1899 grocer Stephen Davies of Pendre died aged 69. In January 1901 No. 52, “Royal Stores”, was advertised for sale with William Davies the tenant having been given notice. In 1901 the following persons lived here: William Davies, 38, grocer & shopkeeper (b. Llanfyrnach, bilingual); and Ellen Davies, 37, his wife (b. Teignmouth, English-speaking). In March 1902 William Davies & Co. moved to No. 53 Pendre. On 4th June 1902 the grocer’s shop was burned down in a serious blaze, the day before it was due to re-open for ‘Evans & Co.’ This is how the ‘Cardigan & Tivy-Side Advertiser‘ reported the matter on 6th June 1902:

    BIG FIRE AT CARDIGAN. TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF A GROCERY STORES. ESTIMATED DAMAGES ABOUT £800. WATER AGAIN WANTING. Shortly after 2 o’clock on Wednesday morning an alarm of fire was raised by Mrs. Thomas, William Street, but although her cries attracted the notice of several residents in the neighbourhood, but few persons for some time realised the gravity of the situation. Mr. David Evans, jeweller, was the first to respond to the calls for assistance, and at once rang the fire-bell, and in breaking the small glass window of the fire appliances receptacle, seriously cut his hand, which hampered him considerably, and Mrs. Evans came to his assistance; but she was shortly afterwards relieved by the Town Clerk. It was now noticed that the seat of the fire was at the grocery shop, at the upper corner of William Street, formerly held by Messrs. W. Davies & Co., and which would have been re-opened tomorrow (Saturday) by Messrs. Evans and Co., The Grocery Stores, Pendre; in fact the premises had been stocked , and the window dressed for the opening. The ringing of the alarm bell quickly gathered a large concourse of people and the new Volunteer Fire Brigade, with one exception, were at their posts in an incredible short time; the stand pipes and hose were in position at once, but it was nearly three quarters of an hour before water could be obtained. In the meantime the fire progressed rapidly, and with a high wind blowing, the aspect of affairs was alarming for the adjacent premises. – The “Hope & Anchor” Inn was quickly emptied of furniture, which was placed in the street, and even in the Commercial Hotel travellers removed their effects. By 3 o’clock the fire had increased so rapidly that the premises were one mass of flames burning from basement to roof, and yet no water; and the extent of the heat may be judged by the fact that the glass case on the “Emlyn Arms” across the street cracked. About quarter past three the water filled the hose, and as it was found impossible to save anything of the blazing building, efforts were made by the firemen to protect the adjoining property, in which, owing to the fact of the wind suddenly dropping, they were successful, and the fire practically got under by four o’clock, although it smouldered all day Wednesday, Thursday, and even this Friday morning fire is discernible. How the fire started is a mystery, but it is supposed to have broken out in the room at the rear of the shop. Much sympathy is felt with Mr. D. Evans, the owner, who at the time of the fire was, owing to ill-health, staying at the Gwbert, and only arrived on the scene about four o’clock. General sympathy is also felt for Mr. and Mrs. Griffiths, the “Hope and Anchor”, who have suffered considerable damage by water and removal of furniture. The premises were insured. We are asked to state that Messrs. Evans & Co. will still carry on their business in all its branches as before at the “Grocery Stores”, Pendre, next door to Messrs. Williams and Thomas, ironmongers…”

    In August 1902 tenders were sought for building a replacement shop and residence. On 16th September 1902 permission was granted for a replacement building to be erected. In December 1902 building work was under way here for Evans & Co. On 15th September 1903 Evans & Company, formerly of No. 53 Pendre, opened a grocer’s shop here called ‘Royal Exchange’. On 23rd May 1904 a son was born here to the wife of David Tegwel Evans. On 12th March 1909 the dwelling above the new shop was advertised to let.

    In 1909-15 ‘Star Supply Stores’ traded here – also known as ‘William Davies & Co.’ grocers. In 1911 the following persons lived here at “Neuadd”: David Thomas Davies, 29, carpenter; Sarah Davies, 25, his wife; and Veronica May Davies, 3 months, their daughter. In January 1913 the residence above the shop was advertised to let. In 1915 J. T. Evans was the manager.

    In March 1916 John Griffith Morgan moved his shop, ‘The Clothing Mart’, from No. 48/49 Pendre to No. 52. The shop traded as ‘J. G. Morgan’s’ in 1916-2009. On 15th June 1917 the Town Crier, David James, died here. J. G. Morgan was a Juror for the parish in 1919. On 30th August 1932 John Griffith Morgan died aged 55. In 1933-49 Mrs. J. G. Morgan lived here. In 1938 Mary Bowen, Elizabeth May James and Beatrice Gwenville Jenkins lived here. In 1941 Henry Royce Noble lived here. Mrs. Daniel lived here in 1949. Mrs. K. Morgan lived here in 1952. In 1955 Margaret A. Daniels, Catherine Morgan, Dulcie Morgan and Mildred Morgan lived here. In April 1955 Mrs. Catherine Morgan of No. 52, widow of J. G. Morgan, died, leaving daughters Mildred and Dulcie Morgan.

    No. 52 Pendre in June 2008 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 52 Pendre in June 2008 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In June 1966 Gillian Daniel, daughter of Mrs. Margaret A. Daniel of No. 52, married Ben Rogers of Greenfield Row. In March 1970 Miss Margaret A. Daniels of No. 52, who had lived here with Mildred and Dulcie Morgan, died. In 1993 Mildred Morgan, daughter of the late J. G. Morgan, died. In 1998-2004 Dulcie Morgan lived and traded here. Dulcie Morgan died on 11th April 2005 aged 82. She was the youngest daughter of the late J. G. Morgan and Catherine Morgan, and the sister of the late Mildred Morgan. In January 2008 a major refurbishment began, including a new traditional shop frontage. It continued to trade as ‘J. G. Morgan’s’ in 2008-09. In June 2009 it was announced that the shop would shortly be closed down. It closed on 31st December 2009.

    In May 2010 ‘Seconds Ahead’ clothing shop was here temporarily. In September 2011 the shop was given a refit. In 2011 ‘Howie’s‘ opened a store here.


    Old photographs show a two storey, 2-window range in stucco with pitched slate roof. Sashes to upper storey, C19 shopwindow beneath.


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    © Glen K Johnson 06/09/2013


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