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    In 1841-61 Letitia Davies (“Lettice Fawr”) lived here. In 1841-68 Ann Davies lived here. In 1841-77 Esther Davies (later Griffiths) lived here. In 1841 the following persons lived here: David Davies, 55, mariner; Lettice Davies, 45, his wife; Jane Davies, 20, their daughter; Anne Davies, 15, daughter; and Esther Davies, 15, daughter. In 1851 the following persons lived here: Lettice Davies, 56, mariner’s wife; Anne Davies, 26, her daughter, baker; and Esther Davies, 24, daughter, baker. In 1861 Letitia Davies, 67, was the innkeeper at the “Noyadd Arms” and lived here with her daughters Anne Davies, 28, and Esther Davies, 25, and grand-daughter Ann Davies, 5. On 25th July 1861 Letitia Davies was buried at St. Mary’s Church having died aged 67 (!). In No. 53a lived John Evans, 24, shoemaker. In 1868 Ann Davies was the landlady. In 1871 Miss Esther Davies, 35, was the publican of the ‘Noyadd Arms’ and lived here with her niece Hetty Davies, 11. On 9th September 1871 Esther Davies, daughter of the late mariner David Davies, married David Griffiths, mariner, of the Mwldan. On 13th March 1877 Mrs. Esther Griffiths, wife of David Griffiths, mariner, of No. 53, died aged 47.

    In 1881 the following persons lived here: Hannah Lewis, 46, innkeeper; Mary Lewis, 32, her sister; and Henry William Lewis, 20 months, nephew. In 1881-84 Mrs. Hannah Lewis was the publican of the ‘Noyadd Arms’. In 1891 the following persons lived here: John Evans, 54, boot/shoemaker; Hannah Evans, 53, his wife, nurse; William Peter Evans, 17, their son; Benjamin Evans, 15, son; and Arthur Evans, 13, son.

    Thomas Thomas, perhaps of this address, was recorded as a Deacon of Bethania Baptist Chapel in 1892. The building was demolished and a new shop, warehouse, offices and residence built, occupied by 7th April 1893 by Thomas Thomas’ new grocery establishment – ‘The Grocery Stores’. On 10th October 1893 a son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Thomas. In January 1894 Thomas Thomas was declared bankrupt. On 24th January 1894 there was a sale of contents here. On 1st July 1895 David George Thomas, son of grocer Thomas Thomas, died aged 8 months. On 2nd December 1895 twins were born to the wife of Thomas Thomas, grocer. In January 1896 and June 1897 No. 53 Pendre was advertised to let. On 31st August 1897 a son was born to the wife of Thomas Thomas, grocer, Pendre. On 28th December 1897 Joseph Morgan, draper, of Bradford House, married Miss Annie Edwards. On 15th April 1898 there was a clearance sale of drapery under way here, including all fittings of Joseph Morgan’s former business here, for Evans & Evans.

    On 11th June 1898 D. T. Evans & Co. re-opened ‘Grocery Stores’ here. In May 1899 the newly-completed ‘Grocery Stores’ & ‘Bradford House’, occupied by Messrs. Evans & Co. and Thomas Thomas respectively, was advertised for sale. David Tegwel Evans traded here (as No. 52) in 1900-02. In January 1901 the property was advertised for sale. In 1901 the following persons lived here: David Tegwel Evans, 36, grocer & shopkeeper (b. Cardigan); Margaret Lloyd Evans, 35, his wife (b. Denbighshire); Arthur Lloyd Evans, 8, their son (b. Denbighshire); Gommer Wynne Evans, 6, son (b. Shropshire); David Tegwel Evans, 4, son (b. Shropshire); and John Reynolds, 16, grocer’s assistant (b. Cardigan, Welsh-speaking). All were bilingual except where noted otherwise.

    On 1st March 1902 William Davies & Co. opened ‘Royal Stores’ here, having moved here from No. 52 Pendre, swapping premises with Evans & Company. They traded here in 1902-37. In 1910-36 Griffith Richard Jones, draper, lived and traded here. In 1911 the following persons lived here: Bradford House: G. R. Jones, 30, draper; D. A. Jones, 32, his wife; R. Griffiths, 44, sister-in-law; Irene Griffiths, 18, her niece. Royal Stores: William Davies, 48, grocer; Ellen Davies, 47, his wife; and Edith Davies, 25, servant. In March 1918 Griffith Richard Jones was a Lance Corporal in the army. In 1918 William & Ellen Davies lived at Royal Stores. On 17th January 1932 Cllr. Griffith Richard Jones of Bradford House married Miss Nellie Evans of Napier Street. Griffith Richard Jones died under tragic circumstances on April 14th 1936 aged 55. He left a widow – Margaret Ellen Jones. On 4th February 1937 William Davies, ‘Royal Stores’, died leaving a wife, Ellen Davies. He had been in business in Cardigan for more than 40 years. On 1st April 1937 No. 53 was withdrawn from sale by auction. In October 1937 it was advertised to let.

    In March 1938 John Evan Jones moved his business here from the ‘Boro’ Stores’ at No. 5 Priory Street. In 1938 Martha Williams, John Evan Jones and Mary Jones were the proprietors. In 1938-49 J. E. Jones ran Royal Stores. In 1944 Mrs. G. R. Jones lived here. Gwilym Prosser and Miss Williams lived here in 1949. Mrs. G. R. Jones and Evan Dilwyn Jones were here in 1952.  In 1950-73 the shop still traded as ‘G. R. Jones’, drapers and ‘Royal Stores’ under the management of Gwilym Prosser. In 1955 Evan Delwyn Jones, Margaret E. Jones, Gwilym Prosser and Martha Williams lived here. In 1967-72 J. Lewis traded at ‘Royal Stores’. In 1973-79 Joseph Lewis & B. M. Lewis, grocers, ran Royal Stores. In 1980 ‘Royal Stores’ closed and No. 53 became Cardigan Job Centre. In 1986 Bradford House remained ‘G. R. Jones’ general & fancy drapers’. In 1990 permission was granted for alterations to the frontage of No. 53b. for Keith Davies’ new butcher’s shop.

    No. 53 Pendre in April 2008 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 53 Pendre in April 2008 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In 1992 planning permission was given for change of use from Job Centre to Burger Bar. By the end of 1994 No. 53 had been sold. By October 1995 ‘Burger Chef’ traded at No. 53a. In 1997 No. 53a. was ‘The Greedy Pig’ burger bar. In 2001 ‘Bret’s’ burger bar, which had opened at No. 53a. in 1999, closed, and the corner shop became ‘Café Cardi’. No. 53 was advertised for sale in January 2007. The café changed ownership in November 2009 and again in 2010. In 2013 the name of the cafe’ was changed to ‘Pearl’s‘.


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    © Glen K Johnson 06/09/2013


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