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    On 23rd February 1830 Hannah Edwards, daughter of sail-maker William Edwards, died aged 18 months. In 1831 there was a schoolroom kept by Mr. Morris here at the premises of William Edwards, sail-maker. William Edwards traded here in 1831-55. In 1833 David Edwards was born here. A building here is marked on John Wood’s 1834 Map of Cardigan. In 1836-41 William Edwards, sail-maker, was a burgess of Cardigan. In 1836 Mary Edwards was born here. In 1839 John Edwards was born here. In 1841 the following persons lived here: William Edwards, 30, sail-maker; Elizabeth Edwards, 30, his wife; David Edwards, 8, their son; Mary Edwards, 5, daughter; and John Edwards, 2, son. In 1841 James Edwards was born here. In 1842 Elizabeth Edwards was born here. In 1845 Margaret Edwards was born here. In 1846 the report ‘On The State of Education in Wales‘ includes the following entry:

    “…Boys’ National School – On December 15th, in company with the Rev. Mr. Thomas, Vicar of St. Mary’s, Cardigan, I visited the above school, which was held in a large cold room over a warehouse; the schoolroom had also formerly been used for the same purposes. The school furniture consisted of a desk for the master, and eight benches and some desks for the children; the room was low and not sealed; it was lighted by six small glazed windows, parts of which were in the roof; no fire-place in the room…”

    In 1847 the school moved to the new building at Pontycleifion. In 1848 Thomas Edwards was born here. The following persons lived here in 1851: William Edwards, 43, sail-maker; Elizabeth Edwards, 41, his wife; John Edwards, 12, their son; James Edwards, 9, son; Elizabeth Edwards, 9, daughter; Margaret Edwards, 6, daughter; and Thomas Edwards, 3, son. In 1851 Anne Edwards was born here. In 1851 William Edwards was born here. On 13th August 1855 William Edwards was buried at St. Mary’s Church having died aged 47.

    In 1855-81 Elizabeth Edwards lived here. In 1861 Elizabeth Edwards, 51, baker, kept a shop here and lived here with Anne Edwards, 10, her daughter; James Edwards, 19, son; and William Edwards, 10, son. In 1871 John James, picture dealer, traded here. In 1871 Elizabeth Edwards, 60, widow, dressmaker, lived here with her son William Edwards, 19, seaman. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Elizabeth Edwards, 70, baker; Henry Dupres, 31, provision dealer; and Sarah Dupres, 31, his wife. In 1884 Herbert Davies kept a grocer’s shop here.

    No. 54 was unoccupied in 1891 and was rebuilt soon afterwards, together with No. 53 Pendre. In late April 1893 William Jenkins, tailor, moved “The Criterion” tailoring establishment from No. 33/34 St. Mary Street to here, which he referred to as “No. 53 Pendre”. In 1894-1934 William Jenkins, tailor, kept a shop here. In 1901 No. 54 was unoccupied. On 4th August 1903 William Jenkins, tailor & draper, married Miss Ellen Davies, 2nd daughter of the late Captain Griffith Davies, “Sailor’s Home”, Pendre. On 7th August 1904 a daughter was born to Mrs. & Mr. William Jenkins, tailor & outfitter. On 10th December 1906 another daughter was born here to Mrs. & Mr. William Jenkins, tailor. In 1911 the following persons lived here: William Jenkins, 52, tailor & draper; Jonathan Griffith Jenkins, 6, his son; Margaret Hannah Jenkins, 4, daughter; and Mary Jones, 44, servant. On 4th February 1934 William Jenkins, tailor, died aged 76.

    In 1934-50 ‘W. Jenkins & Son’ was still trading – John Griffith Jenkins and Margaret Hannah Jenkins were the proprietors. Hannah Margaretta Thomas also lived here. In November 1939 John (“Jack”) Griffith Jenkins became the Mayor of Cardigan and his sister, Margaret Hannah Jenkins, was the Mayoress. On 24th October 1942 John Griffith Jenkins, outfitter and former Mayor, died aged 38. On 22nd November 1949 Miss Margaret Hannah (“Dolly”) Jenkins, only daughter of the late William Jenkins, died aged 42. In 1950 W. Jenkins & Son, outfitters, ceased trading here. On 18th January 1950 No. 54 was sold to Dick’s Boot Stores for £9,100.

    On 4th February 1950 there was a clear-out sale of the former ‘W. Jenkins & Son’ premises. The new shoe-shop opened in September 1950. ‘Dick’s’ traded here in 1950-55. In February 1979 shoe-sellers ‘Freeman, Hardy & Willis’ announced the re-opening of their refurbished shop at No. 54. Following the closure of the shoe shop, ‘Burrows Sports’ moved here in 1997. ‘Burrows Sports’ traded here in 1997-2005. In August 2005 the closing-down sale began. Burrows ceased trading on 12th September 2005. In November 2005 there was a major refurbishment of the façade and interior and the shop re-opened as a hairdresser’s named “Llinos’.


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