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    On 13th May 1809 David Powell Lucas became a burgess of Cardigan. He may already have been living here by that date. In 1834 No. 55 is shown on John Wood’s Map of Cardigan as the property of T. Amlot. In 1835-42 David Powell Lucas of No. 55, was a burgess of the town. He lived here with his sister. In 1861-73 David Jones lived here. In 1861 No. 55 was the home of David Jones, 28, farrier; Jane Jones, 28, his wife; Anne Jones, 3, their daughter; Joshua T. Jones, 4 months, son; and 2 servants – Margaret Davies, 21; and Mary Evans, 15. In 1863

    Pendre circa 1869 - No. 55 on right of image (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Pendre circa 1869 – No. 55 on right of image (Glen Johnson Collection)

    John J. Jones was born here. In 1865 David J. Jones was born here. In 1867 Mary Jones was born here. No. 55 was advertised for sale on 10th June 1870, the property of David Jones, tanner. It had formerly belonged to David Powell Lucas. In 1870 William Phillips Jones was born here. In 1871 the following persons lived here: David Jones, 38, tanner & maltster; Jane Jones, 38, his wife; Anne Jones, 13, their daughter; Elizabeth Jones, 12, daughter; Joshua J. Jones, 10, son; John J. Jones, 8, son; David J. Jones, 6, son; Mary Jones, 4, daughter; and William Phillips Jones, 1, son. On 31st January 1873 David Jones was buried at St. Mary’s Church having died aged 40. In 1875-81 Mrs. Jane Jones lived here. On 9th July 1880 David Thomas lived here. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Jane Jones, 48, annuitant; Anne Jones, 23, her daughter; Mary Anne Jones, 14, daughter; and William Phillips Jones, 11, son.

    No. 55 was advertised to let on 20th November 1885. In 1887-1909 George Thomas traded as a boot & shoe maker from ‘Boot Warehouse’ at No. 55. In 1891 the following persons lived here: George Thomas, 55, boot/shoe shopkeeper; Sophia Thomas, 55, his wife; Anne Noott, 33, their niece; and Isaac Morgans, 34, lodger, Clerk in Holy Orders. In 1895 W. H. Davies, estate agent, also used this address. In 1901 the following persons lived here: George Thomas, 64, shopkeeper and boot & shoe dealer (b. Carmarthen, bilingual); Sophia Thomas, 64, his wife (b. London, English-speaking); and Ann Scott, 33, their niece (b. London, English-speaking). In March 1907 No. 55 was advertised for sale. In 1910-11 Herbert Andrews of Mr. G. T. Bridges-Chaplin traded as a ‘Teeth Specialist’ at No. 55. In 1911 the following persons lived here: George Thomas, 77, boot-maker; Sophia Thomas, 82, his wife; Ann Thomas, 51, his niece; Godfrey J. Bridges-Chaplain, 20, dentist; and Robert Wilson, 22, dentist’s assistant. In May 1911 and September 1912 No. 55, occupied by George Thomas, was advertised for sale. On 14th November 1911 Sophia Thomas, wife of George Thomas, died aged 84. By 30th September 1912 Thomas F. Baldwin had purchased No. 55. On 1st February 1913 George Thomas of No 55 died. Born in Carmarthen he had traded in Hammersmith, then farmed at Lacca, Ferwig, and then traded here as a boot & shoe-maker.

    Pendre in 1915 - No. 55 on the left - T F Baldwin's (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Pendre in 1915 – No. 55 on the left – T F Baldwin’s (Glen Johnson Collection)

    By 16th December 1914, when Cardigan’s telephone service opened here, this was “Baldwin’s”. In 1914-29 this was Thomas F. Baldwin’s fancy repository selling china, glass and earthenware goods. It re-opened in February 1919. On 3rd November 1925 Ada Baldwin, younger daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Francis Baldwin of the Emporium, married Lionel Williams of Swansea. No. 55 was advertised for sale in March 1927. In July 1929 Messrs. Melias acquired ‘The Emporium’ of T. F. Baldwin. A closing-down sale for Thomas F. Baldwin took place in

    Melias' tiled entrance in March 2003 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Melias’ tiled entrance in March 2003 (c) Glen K Johnson

    September 1929. Fixtures and fittings were sold off in mid-October 1929. By January 1930-50 ‘Melias Ltd.’ grocers shop traded here. In 1933 Idris Morris became the manager of ‘Melias’. In May 1944 David Isaac Jenkins lived here. In April 1947 J. G. Davies, plumber, occupied No. 55a. In September 1949 No. 55 was advertised for sale. It was occupied by Messrs. Melias, who’s lease was due to expire on 29th September 1950. In 1953 T. G. Williams lived at No. 55a. In 1955 Margaret Ann Williams and Thomas G. Williams lived here. On 10th May 1968 No. 55, formerly Melias’ grocers, was advertised for sale.

    In November 1968-2003 a whole-food business traded here as ‘The Delicatessan’. In 1980 the property was advertised for sale. In September 2003 No. 55 was sold again and remained a whole-food shop, re-named ‘Nelson’s’. A refurbishment began in February 2006. In 2011 the property was advertised for sale.


    No. 55 Pendre in July 2006 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 55 Pendre in July 2006 (c) Glen K Johnson

    The following observations were made in 1998:

    Much-altered C19 house and shop in painted stucco with pitched roof. Three storey, 2-window range with four-pane sashes to upper floor, with slate sills, altered tripartite C20 first floor windows, and early C20 shop front to ground floor with later alterations. Central shop door with dwarf marbled wall beneath plate glass windows, steeply canted to door recess. Glazed margins above with original shop sign over on timber fascia. End brackets to sign boards and panelled end piers. To far left is door giving access to uppes floors – panelled with similar panelled pilasters. Modern shop sign over obscuring first floor sills.

    Old photographs show 3-sided projecting bays to first floor with narrower canted sides and plate glass sashes throughout. Ground floor has corniced projecting fascia board with raised sides.

    ADDITIONAL (2007) – Modern shop sign removed and first floor windows replaced with three-sided projecting bays with timber sashes.


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    © Glen K Johnson 07/09/2013


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    1. Peter Niblett
      November 4, 2014 at 4:22 pm


      I hope this reaches you as I could not find specific contact details on your web site.

      I am interested in the Idris Lewis and searching on the web lead to the interesting article about him on your site.

      I wonder if you know if he is the Idris Lewis who shared his time with the CM Chapel in Cenarth?

      I was evacuated to Berllan Farm, half way between Cenarth and Llechryd in 1941 and 1944-5. The family were attenders at Cenarth. I remain friends of the family to this day

      I did meet Idris, or at least saw him – could you confirm that he was a short man with a pronounced limp?

      I believe he performed the marriage ceremony of Menna Thomas of Berllan and Gwynfor John, son of the Landlord of the Carpenters Arms Llechryd in the early 50s. They lived locally, mainly at Cilfowyr Farm, Llechryd. Menna died on 22.2.2011, aged 80, with the Service in Cenarth Chapel which I attended.

      Any comments you might be able to make will be much appreciated. I am writing some notes on my experiences of being evacuated to Berllan at the request of a grandson of Willie Thomas, the farmer/owner at the time.

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