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    No. 6 is shown on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan as the property of Mr. Edwards. In 1850 the “Emlyn Arms” public house stood here. In 1861 the following persons lived here: Benjamin Bateman, 49, haulier & publican; Charlotte Bateman, 39, his wife; and William Bateman, 5, their son. In 1861-78 Benjamin Bateman was the innkeeper. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Benjamin Bateman, 62; Charlotte Bateman, 57, his wife; and William H. Bateman, 15, their son. The Cardigan Refreshment Rooms were trading here on 26th January 1877, run by Benjamin Bateman, “Emlyn Arms”. On 17th May 1878 the owner of the building, John Samuel Williams, was declared bankrupt. John Samuel Williams shot himself on 21st June 1878. On 18th October 1878 William H. Bateman was a hop and salt merchant operating from the “Emlyn Arms”.

    In 1881 the following persons lived here: Margaret Lewis, 52, innkeeper; Mary Lewis, 32, her daughter; and Charles Lewis Beason, 11, grandson. On July 19th 1881 Margaret Lewis of No. 6 was buried in St. Dogmaels having died aged 72. In 1881-93 William Lloyd, butcher, traded here. A public house is shown here on the 1887 O. S. map. In 1891 the following persons lived here: William Lloyd, 54, butcher; Hannah Lloyd, 56, his wife; William Lloyd, 20, their son, butcher; and Annie Lloyd, 17, daughter. On 9th May 1893 Willliam Lloyd, son of William Lloyd of Pendre, butcher, married Elizabeth (“Lizzie”) Anne Jones, 3rd daughter of tailor D. Jones of College Row. On 2nd June 1893 William Lloyd moved to Priory Street.

    In 1893-1902 John Thomas, butcher & publican, was the proprietor of the ‘Emlyn Arms’. In 1899 the old horse-mounting block still stood outside. In 1901 the following persons lived here: John J. Thomas, 52, butcher & shopkeeper (b. Eglwyswrw); Hannah Thomas, 52, his wife (b. Eglwyswrw); Lydia Ann Thomas, 12, their daughter (b. Cardiganshire); Mary Davies, 29, domestic servant (b. Castellan); Hannah Davies, 14, domestic servant (b. Castellan); and John Williams, 17, domestic servant (b. Mwnt). All were Welsh-speaking. It was still a public house on 4th June 1902 and was advertised for sale on 26th December 1902. On 28th January 1903 it was sold by auction for T. L. Williams to the Methodists for £500. On 8th May 1903 it was decided that the building should be demolished. The license was revoked in 1904.

    Bill-head for Martha Morris, Adelphi Temperance Hotel, No. 6 Pendre 14/08/1913 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    Bill-head for Martha Morris, Adelphi Temperance Hotel, No. 6 Pendre 14/08/1913 (Glen Johnson Collection)

    By 5th May 1905 until 1937 this was “The Adelphi Temperance Hotel”. William Morris traded here in 1905-15. On 29th January 1909 Martha Morris, the proprietor, refused to accommodate cancer patients consulting Daniel & John Evans. Martha Morris traded here in 1909-15. On 16th November 1914 William Morris of Adelphi died. On 2nd February 1917 “The Adelphi Temperance Hotel” was advertised for sale.

    On 16th May 1919 the 10 bedroom and attic property was advertised to let. Titus Morgan set up business here soon afterwards. In 1920-42 Titus Morgan ran the temperance hotel. In 1934-55 William Morgan lived here. On 14th March 1942 Titus Morgan died aged 74. In June 1944 Mrs. Anita Morgan lived here. In 1947 Mrs. Phoebe Morgan retired as manageress of the ‘Adelphi’. In 1950 the property was a tobacconists’ shop. By 1952 William Morgan was a Deacon of Bethania Baptist Chapel, William Street. In 1953 W. & A. Morgan, bakers & confectioners, traded here. There was also a café here called ‘The Adelphi’ in 1953-54. In 1955 Anita V. Morgan, Phoebe Morgan and William E. Morgan lived here. In September 1962 Mrs. Phoebe Morgan of No. 6 died aged 96.

    No. 6 Pendre in October 2005 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 6 Pendre in October 2005 (c) Glen K Johnson

    Early in 1967 J. Glyn Evans moved his decorator’s shop here from No. 1 Priory Street. In 1967-2005 J. Glyn Evans & Son kept a decorator’s shop here. It closed in early November 2005. In January 2006 ‘Yum Yum’ sweet shop moved here from No. 10a Pendre. In January 2007 a refurbishment of the building began.


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    © Glen K Johnson 27/08/2013


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