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    Part of a pair with No. 10 High Street, the building is shown on J. Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan, possibly the property of Thomas Morgan. In 1844 William Thomas Lewis, tailor, traded here. In 1846 Louisa J. Lewis was born here. In 1848 William B. Lewis was born here. In 1850 Maria M. Lewis was born here. In 1851 the following persons lived here: William Thomas Lewis, 40, tailor & draper; Jane M. Lewis, 30, his wife; Lavinia S. Lewis, 8, their daughter, scholar at home; Louisa J. Lewis, 5, daughter, scholar at home; William B. Lewis, 3, son; Maria M. Lewis, 1, daughter; Lavinia M. Lewis, 25, visitor; Ann James, 15, general servant; and John B. Sanguinetti, 23, visitor, tailor born in Genoa, Italy.

    In 1861-75 Joseph Rhys James, chemist, kept a shop and lived here. The occupants in 1861 were: Joseph Rhys James, 42, chemist; Margaret James, 35, his wife; Mary Elizabeth James, 5, their daughter; Sarah Ann James, 3, daughter; and Margaret James, 1, daughter. In 1862 Nellie Mai James was born here. In 1864 Minnie Morgan James was born here. In 1866-68 Joseph Rhys James also acted as a newsagent, printer & publisher and seedsman. In 1864-75 he produced the ‘Cardigan Herald’ newspaper. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Joseph Rhys James, 45, chemist; Mary Elizabeth James, 15, his daughter; Sarah Ann James, 13, daughter; Nellie Mai James, 9, daughter; Minnie Morgan James, 7, daughter; and a servant. On August 27th 1871 Minnie Morgan James, daughter of Joseph Rhys James and Margaret Morgan James, his wife, died aged 7.

    In 1875 the “Emporium” here had a handsome new shop front, in plate glass and timber with gilt scroll brackets supporting the cornice with “Emporium” written in gold letters. The proprietors were Messrs. Edwards & Jones, who still traded here in January 1876. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Richard Edwards, 26, draper; Margaret Edwards, 32, his sister, draper’s assistant; Martha Llewelyn, 20, draper’s assistant; and William O. Thomas, 18, draper’s apprentice. In 1881-84 Richard Edwards, draper, traded here.

    In 1891 ‘The Emporium’ at Nos. 9/10 was occupied by the following persons: David Roberts, 32, manager of boot store; Jane Roberts, 32, his wife; Edith E. Roberts, 4, their daughter; Mabel J. Roberts, 2, daughter; and Mary B. Roberts, 7 weeks. In 1893-1950 ‘Dick’s’ shoe-shop traded here. On 15th November 1893 David Roberts, son of Mr. & Mrs. David Roberts, was born here. On 3rd September 1896 John E. Roberts was born here, the son of Mr. & Mrs. David Roberts. In 1901 the following persons lived here: David Roberts, 42, bootseller’s manager (b. Rhyader); Jane Roberts, 43, his wife (b. Aberystwyth); Edith E. Roberts, 14, their daughter; Mabel J. Roberts, 11, daughter; Mary B. Roberts, 10, daughter; David Roberts, 7, son; and John E. Roberts, 4, son. Except where noted otherwise, all were bilingual and born at Cardigan. J. Conwyson Roberts, printer, also used this address by 1910. On 2nd August 1915 a daughter was born here to the wife of Mr. W. Baxter Roberts. In 1916 W. Charles Davies became the manager of ‘Dick’s’ until 1941. In 1928 W. Charles Davies, manager, became the Mayor of Cardigan. On 5th August 1934 Miss Edith Davies, younger daughter of Alderman W. Charles Davies, J. P., and Mrs. Davies, married Mr. R. Leslie Thomas, manager, Ministry of Labour – Cardigan branch. On 27th September 1935 Ivor T. A. Davies, son of Alderman W. Charles Davies & Mrs. Davies, married Miss Mary Michael of Aberystwyth. In 1938 Mr. W. Charles Davies, J. P.; Mrs. Davies; and Miss Bessie Davies lived here. On 5th September 1941 Mr. W. Charles Davies, J. P., died aged 69. In 1946 Ivor T. A. Davies lived here, having recently been discharged from the army. In 1949-50 G. J. Crawford M. R. C. V. S. lived here. By 18th January 1950 “Dick’s” had purchased No. 54 Pendre with a view to moving there, which they did in September 1950. The premises then became a toy shop for J. C. Roberts of No 10. He traded here in 1952-70. In 1955 Eirlys Ladd Roberts and John Teifryn Roberts lived at No. 9a. ‘J. C. Roberts’ ceased trading on 16th March 1970.

    No. 9 High Street, March 2007 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 9 High Street, March 2007 (c) Glen K Johnson

    In late 1970 No. 9 was purchased by ‘Cheltenham & Gloucester’ Building Society. In 1971-72 this was ‘The Self Service Record Shop’ – a branch of ‘Helen’s’ of Cardigan’. In 1972-77 and until the early 1980’s, this was ‘Eagland’s’ record and toy shop, then ‘Sports & Sounds’ in 1985-89. Glesni Bell lived here and ran the shop in 1985-88. The building was ‘listed’ in 1992. By the 1990’s this was ‘Cardigan Sports’ run by Tony Sabiston. It traded as ‘Cardigan Sports’ in 1993-2005. In February 2005 No. 9 was vacated and refurbished for use as a gift shop. ‘Mason’s Memories’ opened here on 1st March 2005 and traded in 2005-07. ‘Mason’s Memories’ closed in March 2007. In May 2007 a card shop called ‘Best Wishes’ opened here. Alterations to the flats above began in August 2007 and to the façade from April 2008. ‘Best Wishes’ traded here in 2007-11. It traded as ‘Penblwydd Hapus‘ in 2011-13.


    See No. 10 High Street, with which No. 9 is listed as a pair.


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