• Nonconformist Chapels around the Teifi Estuary

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    Local Nonconformist Chapels


    The Nonconformist chapels that have been so symbolic of the Welsh landscape for the last three centuries are now vanishing at an alarming rate. Here is a list of some of the local chapels. I have used the following abbreviations: B – Welsh or English Baptist; CM – Calvinistic Methodist or Presbyterian; Ind. – Independent or Congregational. If anyone has any information, documentation or illustrations of any of these chapels, their congregations or their officers and ministers, I would be interested to hear from them, and would be happy to share any material that I have. Here goes then:



    Ebenezer Meeting House (referred to in 1809);

    Penybryn B Chapel (built 1818. Rebuilt 1869)



    Tabernacl CM Chapel (congregation formed 1763; built 1795; rebuilt 1822; replaced 1891);

    Babell CM Chapel (built 1891 to replace Tabernacl; closed February 2011);

    Penuel B Chapel (b1820; rebuilt 1861-63; closed 2009);

    Ty Rhos Ind. Chapel (built 1810; rebuilt 1815 and 1858)



    Glanrhyd CM Chapel (built 1807; rebuilt 1869-70)


    St. Dogmaels:

    Rhosgerdd B Chapel (built 1706; abandoned 1745 in favour of Blaenwaun);

    Blaenwaun B Chapel (b. 1745; rebuilt 1795 and 1885-6);

    Soan B Chapel (founded 1798; abandoned 1848);

    Gerazim B Chapel (b. 1848 to replace Soan; rebuilt 1880; closed 2010);

    Ty’r Bont B Chapel built 1813; abandoned 1838);

    Bethsaida B Chapel (built 1837-38 to replace Ty’rbont; 1856-7 enlarged; closed October 2006);

    Church CM Chapel(ca1760 founded; 1811 – chapel closed);

    Capel Seion CM Chapel (congregation formed 1836; chapel built 1838-9; closed 1989);

    Bryn Salem Ind Chapel (built 1847-50; closed ca1982);

    Capel Degwell Ind. Chapel (congregation formed 1822; cottages converted into chapel 1828; rebuilt 1877-78)



    Blaenycefn CM Chapel (congregation formed 1796; built 1808; rebuilt 1837);

    Ffynnonbedr Ind Chapel (founded 1865); Siloam B Chapel (built 1796-7)



    Blaenwenen B Chapel (founded 1838);

    Penparc B Chapel (cause begun 1750; chapel built 1769; rebuilt 1809 and 1839)



    Llwynadda CM Chapel (founded 1791; rebuilt 1829; final service 2003);

    Tabernacl Ind. Chapel (founded 1880; closed 2010);

    Capel Isaf alias Yr Hen Gapel (founded 1709; rebuilt 1830. Closed 2010).



    Old Hope Ind. Chapel (founded 1839; abandoned 1879);

    Hope Ind. Chapel (built 1879-80; closed 1966);

    Capel Mair Ind. Chapel (congregation formed 1792 at Pwllhai; chapel built 1803; rebuilt 1831-32 and 1869-70);

    Tabernacl CM Chapel (1740 – licensed meeting house founded; chapel built 1760-3; rebuilt 1776, 1807 and 1832;

    Ebenezer Wesleyan Chapel (founded 1768; rebuilt 1809 and 1844; closed ca 1871);

    Old Bethania B Chapel (founded 1775-6; closed 1847);

    Bethania B Chapel (built 1847);

    Mount Zion English B Chapel (built 1878-9).


    Glen K Johnson, Tivy-Side Advertiser, May 2011


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