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    Site Name: ROSELEIGH, No. 27 PENDRE.


    No. 27 is marked on John Wood’s 1834 map of Cardigan. In 1868 this may have been the grocer’s shop of James Williams. In 1871 Mrs. Mary Williams, 59, widow, retired grocer, lived here with her daughter Elizabeth Williams, 29, dress-maker. In 1871-81 Mary Williams lived here. In 1881 Mary Williams, 72, lodging house keeper, lived here with her daughter, Elizabeth Williams, 39.

    No. 27 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    No. 27 Pendre in May 2012 (c) Glen K Johnson

    The present house was built for Richard Thomas and his family by William Woodward, whose sister was Richard Thomas’ wife. They moved here from St. Mary’s Cottages, Feidrfair. In 1891-1936 Richard Thomas lived here. In 1891 the following persons lived here: Richard Thomas, 37, accountant; Lois Anne Thomas, 39, his wife; David William Thomas, 12, their son; Alice Woodward Thomas, 10, daughter; and Richard Henry Thomas, 9, son. In 1896 Richard Thomas owned shares in the 48 ton Cardigan ship ‘Drogheda’. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Richard Thomas, 47, Cardigan Brickworks manager (b. Cardigan); Lois Anne Thomas, 48, his wife (b. Birmingham); and Alice Woodward Thomas, 20, their daughter (b. Cardigan). All were bilingual. In 1904 Richard Thomas designed the Mount Zion English Baptist Chapel vestry, Priory Street. In 1911 the following persons lived here: Richard Thomas, 57, brickworks manager; Lois Ann Thomas, 59, his wife; and Alice W. Thomas, 30, their daughter. On 1st June 1933 Lois Anne Thomas, wife of Richard Thomas, died aged 81. She was a sister of the late William Woodward. In 1934-38 Miss Megan Ann Morgan lived here. On 19th June 1936 Richard Thomas, former Cardigan Brickworks manager and senior Deacon of Mount Zion English Baptist Chapel, died aged 84. In 1937 Mrs. Morgan and Miss Megan Morgan lived here. In 1938 Alice Morgan and Megan Ann Morgan lived here.


    None available


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    © Glen K Johnson 03/09/2013


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