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    The Abigail‘ was a St. Dogmaels owned Schooner of 70 tons. Built 1836 at Cardigan by David Rees. In 1836-55 her master was Captain William Griffiths of Abigail House, High Street, St. Dogmaels. In October 1838 the ‘Abigail‘ sailed from Cardiff to Galway with iron and ballast, putting in at Milford on 2 November. In March 1839 she sailed from Newport, Monmouthshire, with a cargo of iron and tin-plates bound for Galway. In March 1841 Captain Davies was at the helm for a voyage from Cardigan to Limerick. In January 1842 Captain William Griffiths was back on board, and sailed from Liverpool to Limerick. In August 1842 the ship was at Milford, en route to Limerick again. In April 1845 she arrived at Cardigan from Swansea. In July 1848 she was at Chester. On 30 March 1849 the ‘Abigail‘ was dis-masted and lying at anchor at Milford. In May 1854 the ship was again at Milford, taking a break during a voyage from Newhaven to Liverpool. In November 1854 the vessel was at Milford again during a voyage from Liverpool to Cork. The ‘Abigail‘ was lost in 1855.



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