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    The ‘Agenoria‘ was a St. Dogmaels owned Schooner of 117 tons, built in 1834 at Newport by John Harvard. In 1834-46 Captain William Evans of Ty’r Major, Newport, Pembrokeshire, was the master of the vessel. In April 1834 the ‘Agenoria‘ was in Newport, Monmouthshire. In June 1836 she was in Cardiff. In April 1837 she was in Newport, Mon., again. In September 1838 she arrived in Liverpool from Licata. In August 1839 and April 1840 she was, again, in Cardiff. In August 1851 the ship sailed from Milford to Cork. In September she called at Milford while en route from Newport to Limerick. While leaving Hubberstone ill, she collided with and damaged a vessel called the ‘Elizabeth‘. In June 1842 she sailed from Nantes to Newport, Mon. In April 1844 the ‘Agenoria‘ sailed from Barrow to Cardiff, in May from Milford to Cardiff, and in June from Cardiff to Dantzic. In May 1846 she sailed from London to Llanelli. Captain Evans seems to have relinquished the vessel soon afterwards, and died aged 49 on 3 April 1858. In 1852 the ship was transferred to Cardigan and was converted to Brigantine of 84 tons. The same year, 1852, Captain Benjamin Lodwick became the master of the vessel.The next master of the ‘Agenoria‘ was Captain John Davies of Commercial House, High Street, St. Dogmaels, referred to as part-owner in 1876. On 28 March 1880 the ship was lost, though the crew were saved. Ceredigion County Council have an image of the ship on their website.



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