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    The ‘Aeron’ was a Cardigan Sloop of 65 tons, built in 1814 at Llanddewi Aberarth. In 1824-26 Captain Thomas Thomas was the master. In March 1824 he sailed from Pembrey to Waterford, and in May that year he sailed the ‘Aeron‘ from Swansea to Beaumaris.In 1835-37 Captain William Davies was the master of the vessel. In July and September 1835 the ‘Aeron‘ was at Newport, Monmouthshire. In July 1836 he sailed from Barrow to Cardiff with a cargo of iron ore, and in August from Cardiff to Cork with a cargo of iron and bark.On 28th February 1840 the ‘Aeron‘ was sold by auction at the ‘Royal Oak’, Quay Street, Cardigan. From 1840-50 Captain William George was the master of the ‘Aeron‘, and sailed her to ports such as Charleston and Liverpool. In July 1841 he was in Dublin. In July 1845 he sailed from Neath to Cardigan. In May 1846 and January 1848 he was in Porthmadoc with the ‘Aeron‘, and sailed from that place to Gloucester in April of that year, returning to Porthmadoc in May. In September 1849 he again sailed from Neath to Cardigan. In October 1849 the ‘Aeron‘ was back in Porthmadoc. In February 1850 he sailed the ‘Aeron‘ from Caernarfon to Gloucester, and that June was at Aberdovey. In September 1850 he returned from Charleston to Cardigan. I have found no later reference to ship or master, implying that the vessel was sold, scrapped or lost.



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