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    The present name means ‘New Farm’. It was recorded in 1685 and 1720 in Noyadd Trefawr documents. In 1764 Thomas John of Lookabout became a Church Warden. On 6th April 1771 Marmaduke & Frances Gwynne of Noyadd Trefawr leased “…a messuage called Gavel alias Llain y parsed alias Lookabout…” for 21 years to Thomas John of St. Dogmaels for an annual rent of £3.13s.6d. In 1779 Thomas John was the tenant of the Noyadd Trefawr estate.

    In 1786-94 Madame Gwynne leased Lookabout to John Nicholas. In 1790 John Nicholas of Lookabout became a parish constable. On 23rd February 1793 Frances Gwynne leased Lookabout to John Nicholas of Lookabout for 3 lives at an annual rent of £8. 8s. plus suit of mill. In 1796-1803 Mary Nicholas was the tenant. On 20th November 1817 Anne Rees, daughter of Rees Rees & Mary Rees nee’ Williams, was born at Lookabout. On 19th June 1820 Owen Rees, son of Rees & Mary Rees, was born here. On 17th January 1824 Captain William Henry Webley-Parry intended to sell the farm. On 31st May 1830 Hannah Owen was born here, the daughter of Benjamin & Phoebe Owens.

    The story behind the present name is that the property was sold to the owners of Hendre, and that as the father farmed the ‘Hendre’, the son should farm the ‘Trenewydd’. In 1831 James Phillips of Hendre was farming here, hence the change of place name, having inherited it by the terms of his father’s will. On 6th December 1831 Elizabeth Phillips, daughter of James & Letitia Phillips, was born here. The property is indicated on a map of 1834 as “Lookabout Farm”. In 1838 it was the property of Elizabeth Phillips, who farmed 93 acres here.

    On July 20th 1848 John Jenkins of Trenewydd was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 1 year and 3 months. There were four separate dwellings here in 1851 the occupants being:- 1 – David Morgan, 46, farmer of 8 acres; Maria Morgan, 40, his wife; and William Morgan, 4, their son. 2: – David Jenkins, 40, farm labourer; and Elizabeth Jenkins, 30, his wife. 3:– Jane James, 31; and William James, 11, her son. 4:– Mary James, 30, labourer; Margaret James, 5, her daughter; and John James, 3, son. In 1871 the following persons lived here: William Lewis, 31, farmer; Anne Davies, 26, his wife (!); David Davies, 4, son; John Davies, 2, son; Griffith George, 16, servant; and John Owens, 15, servant.  On April 4th 1881 Lizzie James of Trenewydd was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 4. In 1881 the following persons lived here: William James, 34, farmer of 93 acres (b. St. Dogmaels); Mary James, 40, his wife (b. Mwnt); John E. Lewis, 10, her son (b. St. Dogmaels); Mary M. James, 8, daughter (b. St. Dogmaels); James J. James, 6, son (b. St. Dogmaels); John Evans, 32, indoor farm servant (b. Meline); and Mary Amos, 31, general servant (b. Aberporth). On 5th June 1891 Trenewydd was advertised to let with 93 acres. In 1891 the following persons lived here: David Lewis, 50, farmer; Eliza Lewis, 52, his wife; Jane Eliza Lewis, 10, their daughter; David Willie Davies, 6, son; ?? A. Lewis, 5, daughter; David Davies, 16, servant; and Elizabeth Jones, servant.

    In 1894-1914 Daniel Morris farmed and lived here. On 5th August 1897 Mary Morris, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Morris, married Benjamin James of New House, St. Dogmaels. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Daniel Morris, 60, farmer (born at Moylegrove); Mary Morris, 63, his wife (born at Moylegrove); Phoebe Morris, 25, their daughter; Martha A. Morris, 23, daughter; and Margaret Morris, 20, daughter. Except where noted otherwise, all were Welsh-speaking and born in the parish. On 8th July 1903 Margaret Morris, daughter of Daniel & Mary Morris, died aged 23. On 10th November 1906 John James Beynon of Trenewydd married Miss Anne Griffiths of Pantygrwndy, Llantood. In 1911 the following persons lived here: Daniel Morris, 70, farmer; Mary Morris, 74, his wife (since 1865); Phoebe Morris, 35, their daughter; Martha A. Morris, 33, daughter; and Tom George, 22, farm labourer. All were Welsh-speaking and born in the parish.

    In March 1920 and October 1921 Trenewydd was advertised for sale with 96 acres. On 21st April 1922 there was a clear-out sale here for Morgan Jenkins, who was leaving and had sold the farm. On 18th February 1927 the funeral was held of Dan Owens of Trenewydd, who had died aged 35, leaving a widow and seven children. In June 1928 Trenewydd was advertised for sale. In June 1932 it was sold to Mr. W. Harcourt Davies of Eglwyswrw. On 7th October 1932 there was a clear-out sale here. In 1932-45 Mr. Harcourt Davies was the farmer. In May 1945 the property was advertised for sale with 85 acres. On 12th October 1945 there was a clear-out sale here for departing owner Mr. Harcourt Davies. In August 1945 it was sold to Henry Sykes who moved here that November and lived here in 1945-47. In May 1948 the property was sold to James Heseltine of Lancaster. In 1950-55 James Leonard & George Barnard Heseltine lived here. In 1955 Beatrice Heseltine, George Barnard Heseltine, James Leonard Heseltine and Leonard Heseltine lived here. From the 1970’s the farm was gradually converted into a holiday complex.


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