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    The name means ‘Rhys’ Farm’. In 1362 Ieuan ap Madoc Melynt and Llywelyn ap Madog Melynt granted to Ieuan Vechan ap Ieuan ap Kedifor ap Griffith ap Cassia Abbatis, their right in lands near the well of Tref Rhys. On 20th May 1417 ten acres of land here was released by Philip ap Ieuan ap Madoc Vichan [father recorded in 1355] to his nephew – Philip ap Ieuan Ap Ieuan ap Ieuan ap Madoc Vichan. The tenant was David a Ieuan Gwasmawr. Trerhys was recorded in 1584 as “Trefrees” and in 1585 as “Tre Rees issa, ycha”. The free tenant here in 1587, Ieuan ap Rees, was presented for keeping ‘…unringed swine at Trekernew…’ He was in trouble again in 1607 when he was summoned for trespassing on the land of Robert Morris called ‘…Berth y Parrad…’ in Moylegrove parish, and taking away furze to the value of 40s. In 1610 John ap Howell of Moylegrove, mortgaged Trerees Issa and Tre Rees Ucha to John Lloyd of Hendre. In 1639 reference was made to John ap Howell of Moylegrove, yeoman, who had mortgaged Trerees to John Lloyd of Cwmgloyne and Hendre. Reference was made on 15th October 1691 to “..Parke y Reese…

    Trerhys became home to the Lloyd family descended from Rhys ap Robert ap Gwrwared. The first Lloyd here was Thomas Lloyd, second son of John Lloyd of Hendre and Jane Lloyd of Pantyrhys, Cardiganshire. Thomas Lloyd had one son, John Lloyd, who married Jane Warren, daughter of Thomas Warren of Trewern, and two daughters. Ca 1710 Ann Garnons, daughter of William Garnons & Alice Garnons nee’ Rowland, was born here. In 1772 Nicholas Samuel of Trerees Fach became a Church Warden. In 1776 David Phillips of Trerees Fawr became a Church Warden. In 1786-87 William Rowland was the owner and farmer. In 1787-1804 David Morris was farming Trerees. In 1788-93 David John also occupied Trerees. In 1794-96 William Rowland and Evan Davies owned Trerhys and William Twyning, David John and others farmed it.

    William Phillip lived here in 1809. On 24th May 1813 Alban Gwynne of Trerees was a burgess of Cardigan. In 1815 William Samuel of Trerees was a collector of the Land Tax. In 1828-90 William Phillips lived here. On 14th May 1829 William Phillips married Martha. In 1829 a son was born to Martha & William Phillips. In 1831 Mary Phillips was born here, the daughter of William & Martha Phillips. On July 19th 1832 Martha Phillips, daughter of William & Martha Phillips, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. On 25th February 1834 Eliza Phillips, daughter of William & Martha Philllips, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. On October 21st 1834 Francis Evan of Trerees was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 84. In 1835 John Phillips, son of William & Martha Phillips, died aged 5 years and 11 months. On 28th October 1835 William Phillips, son of William & Martha Phillips, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. In 1837 William Phillips owned shares in the 38 ton Cardigan ship ‘Pacific’. On 25th May 1837 Joshua Phillips, son of William & Martha Phillips, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. In 1837-1908 Joshua Phillips lived here. On 7th November 1837 David Morgan, minor, a servant here, married Mary Master of Cwmconnell. The property is marked on the 1838 tithe map. On 18th February 1838 Ann Phillips, daughter of William & Mary Phillips, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. On December 4th 1840 an infant child of Martha & William Phillips, died.

    The following persons lived here in 1841: Trerees Fach – John Phillips, 75 and his wife, also aged 75. 2) Ann Samuel, 65 and Ann Evans, 3. Trerees Fawr – William Phillips, 35; Martha Phillips, 35, his wife; Mary Phillips, 10, their daughter; Martha Phillips, 8, daughter; Elizabeth Phillips, 6, daughter; William Phillips, 4, son; Joshua Phillips, 3, son; Ann Phillips, 2, daughter; servants – John Jones, 20; Titus Lodwig, 20; Daniel Joseph, 15; Ann Evans, 20; and Eliza Theopilus, 15. On 16th November 1841 Evan Jones, a labourer here, married Mary Harries of Penygraig.

    On September 6th 1842 another infant child of William & Martha Phillips, died. In September 1843 twins Jonathan and Frances Phillips were born here. On 12th September 1843 Jonathan and Frances Phillips, son and daughter of William & Martha Phillips, were baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. On September 13th 1843 Martha Phillips, wife of William Phillips, died aged 37, soon after a difficult childbirth. On December 20th 1843 their 4-month old twin child, Frances Phillips, died. On January 22nd 1844 Jonathan Phillips, the other twin, died aged 5 months.

    By 1850 William Phillips was the Churchwarden at St. Thomas’ Church. The following persons lived here in 1851: William Phillips, 48; Mary Phillips, 20, his daughter; Martha Phillips, 19, daughter; Eliza Phillips, 17, daughter; William Phillips, 15, son; Joshua Phillips, 14, son; Anne Phillips, 12, daughter; and five servants. On 3rd June 1852 Mary Davies, 35, of Trerees, married John James, coachman at Pantirion. On 22nd November 1855 Mary Phillips, 25, daughter of William Phillips, farmer, married John Davies, farmer, from Newport. A plan of the property was drawn up in 1856 by Thomas Tamlyn, surveyor. It then comprised 111 acres, 2 rods and 27 perches. On October 23rd 1856 Martha Phillips, 24, daughter of William Phillips, married David Richards, farmer of Gernos. On April 30th 1857 Eliza Phillips, 23, daughter of William Phillips, married David George of Ffynnoncoronau, Bridell.

    In 1861 William Phillips, 57, farmer, lived here with three of his children – William Phillips, 23; Joshua Phillips, 21; and Annie Phillips, 19; plus four servants – William Lewis, 25; John Jones, 20; Ann Thomas, 40; and Sarah Ann Rees, 32. On August 19th 1869 David Watts, a labourer here, married Eliza Griffiths of Rhosymoiled, daughter of David Griffiths, labourer. On March 14th 1871 Ann Phillips, daughter of farmer William Phillips, married John Hughes Perry, mariner of Newport. In 1871 the following persons lived here: William Phillips, 65, widower, farmer of 110 acres; William Phillips, 32, his son; Joshua Phillips, 30, son; and servants – David Davies, 28; Phoebe James, 19; and Sarah Jenkins, 18. In 1872 William Henry Phillips Perry, son of John & Anne Perry, was born here. In 1878 John H. Perry, son of John & Anne Perry, was born here. In 1881 Lawrence Perry, son of John & Anne Perry, was born here. In 1881 the following persons lived here: Anne Perry, 38, sailor’s wife; William H. Perry, 9, her son; John H. Perry, 3, son; and Lawrence Perry, 0, son. In a separate unit lived William Phillips, 77, farmer of 104 acres, and Joshua Phillips, 40, his son. On June 7th 1883 Anne Perry of Trerees was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 44. In the late 1880’s William Phillipd, Mary Davies and Henry Johnson lived here. On 16th January 1890 William Henry Phillips Perry of Trerees was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 18. On October 6th 1890 William Phillips died aged 88, having been a Churchwarden of the parish for about forty years.

    In 1891 the following persons lived here: Joshua Phillips, 52, farmer; John Hughes Perry, 13, nephew, scholar; Barraud Ebenezer Perry, 11, nephew, scholar; Martha Davies, 26, niece, housekeeper; Eliza Williams, 20, domestic servant; and Benjamin James, 18, farm servant. In 1901 the following persons lived here: Joshua Phillips, 63, farmer (born in St. Dogmaels); and Hannah Morris, 25, housekeeper (born at Llanfyrnach). Both were Welsh-speaking. On August 7th 1908 Joshuah Phillips was buried at St. Dogmaels having died aged 70. In March 1911 the 108 acre property was advertised to let. In 1911 the following persons lived here: William Llewelyn Davies, 45, farm bailiff (b. Newport, Pembrokeshire; and Elizabeth Davies, 23, his niece, dairymaid (b. Aberdare). Both were bilingual. On 22nd September 1911 there was a sale of contents here. On 13th October 1916 there was a sale of stock and crops at Trerees for Mr. A. Phillips.

    On 15th August 1927 Mary Hannah George of Trerees, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. George of Crug, Ferwig, married Oliver Panes of Lancashire. Her sisters, Emily George and Maggie George, also lived here at the time. On 21st September 1928 Miss Blodwen George of Trerhys married Mr. J. Perkin Morris of Moylegrove. In 1932 William David Rogers and David Griffith Bishop lived here. In 1937-43 David George lived here. In 1952 the property was occupied by Enoch Williams, Mrs. Annie L. Williams and Mrs. Morfydd Davies. In 1955 David Griffith George lived here.


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