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    The name means ‘Old House’. On 29th September 1810 George Evans died here aged 81. On 3rd April 1818 Mary Evans of Tyhen, died aged 59. In 1835-73 Thomas John was the tenant here of David Davies, Bridge House, Cardigan, and Castle Green (Cardigan Castle). In 1851 Tyhen was occupied by Thomas John, 50, farmer of 7 acres; Mary John, 34, his wife; Hannah John, 11, their daughter; and Thomas John, 9, son. On May 28th 1856 Elizabeth Jones, 24, daughter of Thomas Jones, labourer, married Evan Lloyd of Manian Fach, labourer. On 8th February 1873 Thomas John died aged 73. Mary John, widow, left in 1874.

    In 1875 John Evans took up the lease. From 1875 until 1907 Tyhen was occupied by John Evans. On 23rd February 1883 David Evans, son of John & Margaret Evans of Tyhen, drowned at Port Adelaide, Australia, aged 23. In 1891 the following persons lived here: John Evans, 51, farmer (b. Cenarth); Margaret Evans, 54, his wife (b. Cenarth); and Hannah Evans, 15, their daughter (b. St. Dogmaels). On 31st December 1895 Miss Hannah Evans of Tyhen married John John of Pwllymeidw. In 1901 the following persons lived here: John Evans, 60, farmer (b. Ferwig, bilingual); Letitia Evans, 42, his wife; Lean Evans, 9, their daughter (b. Llangoedmor); Edith Evans, 7, daughter (b. Llangoedmor); Mary Ann Evans, 6, daughter; Eleanor Evans, 4, daughter; William A. Davies, 20, servant (bilingual); Charles Jones, 18, servant (b. New Quay, bilingual); David Ladd, 13, general servant; and Elizabeth James, 21, domestic servant. Except where noted otherwise, all were St. Dogmaels born and spoke Welsh. In January 1904 Benjamin Evans, son of John & Margaret Evans of Tyhen, drowned at Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. On 26th May 1906 Margaret Evans, wife of John Evans, died aged 74 (?). On 14th February 1907 John Evans died aged 76.

    In 1911 the following persons lived here: Tom Rees, 58, farmer (b. Blaenporth, bilingual); Eliza Rees, 45, his wife (since 1905) (b. St. Dogmaels, Welsh-speaking); and David John Rees, 19, his son, blacksmith (b. St. Dogmaels, bilingual). In September 1917 Morris James of Cross House, High Street, bought Tyhen, where Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rees were resident. On 21st October 1918 there was a sale of crops here. In February 1919 Evan Griffith Davies was farming Tyhen. In October 1920 Morris James, tailor, moved from Tyhen to Bridge Parade, Cardigan. In 1926 Abraham Finch lived here. In April 1936 the 16 acre property was advertised for sale. On 24th May 1941 the 2 bed property was offered for sale by auction with 15 acres of land, and sitting tenants. In June 1943 Tyhen was advertised for sale with 16 acres. In 1955 Llewelyn Davies, Daisy Davies and Phoebe Davies lived here. In October 1955 Tyhen was advertised for sale. In September 1962 C. T. Meaner occupied Tyhen.


    None available


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