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    The name means ‘Duck’s Moor’. This was probably the property, formerly of the St. Dogmaels Abbey estate, sold to John Bradshaw in 1537 and referred to as “Wyott land”. It was confirmed to John Bradshaw by King Henry VIII in a charter of 1544. On 28th July 1619 William Bradshaw leased the property to John Welshe of Cardigan. Boundaries were given.

    In 1820 William Henry Webley-Parry of Noyadd Trefawr, Llandygwydd, granted a lease of Waunwhiod to David Davies of this address for 1 life at £24 per annum. On 31st August 1820 Benjamin Davies, the six-year-old son of David Davies of Waunwhiod, died. On 11th February 1827 David Davies, 21, the eldest son of David Davies of Waunwhiod, died. On 27th April 1833 William Henry Webley-Parry granted a 1 year lease of Waunwhiod to Thomas Rees of Pencnwc for £30. It is shown on the 1838 tithe map. On 18th June 1838 Hannah Davies, daughter of Richard & Margaret Davies of Waunwhiod, was baptised by the Vicar of St. Dogmaels. Richard Davies was a painter.

    In 1841-62 Thomas Benjamin lived here. In 1841-75 James Benjamin (d.1883) lived here. In 1841 the following persons lived here: Thomas Benjamin, 60; Hannah Benjamin, 50, his wife; Hannah Benjamin, 15, their daughter; James Benjamin, 12, son; Elinor Benjamin, 10, daughter; and Mary Benjamin, 8, daughter. In 1851 the following persons lived here: Thomas Benjamin, 70; Hannah Benjamin, 61, his wife; James Benjamin, 22, their son; Elinor Benjamin, 19, daughter; Mary Benjamin, 17, daughter; and a servant. In 1861 the following persons lived here: Thomas Benjamin, 80, farmer; Hannah Benjamin, 71, his wife; James Benjamin, 32, their son, farmer; Elinor Benjamin, 31, daughter; Benjamin Benjamin, 7, grandson; and a servant. On 15th June 1862 Thomas Benjamin died aged 86. In 1871 the following persons lived here: Hannah Benjamin, 82, widow; James Benjamin, 43, her son, farmer; Eleanor Benjamin, 40, her daughter; and Benjamin Benjamin, 17, grandson. On 12th January 1873 Hannah Benjamin, widow of Thomas Benjamin, died aged 86. On January 27th 1880 David Thomas, 34, widower of Waunwhiod, mariner, married Catherine Lloyd, 22, spinster of Waunwhiod. On 18th April 1881 Benjamin James, formerly of Waunwhiod, died aged 27.

    In 1894-1917 William Rees, farmer, lived here. On 12th February 1895 the infant child of William Rees died. On 11th June 1895 David William Rees, son of William & Sarah Rees, died aged 3 weeks. In 1901 the following persons lived here: William Rees, 40, farmer (born at Newport); Sarah Rees, 33, his wife; Mary Ellen Rees, 13, daughter; Rachel Ann Rees, 11, daughter; Lizzie Rees, 9, daughter; Martha Rees, 7, daughter; Sarah Jane Rees, 6, daughter; Caroline Rees, 5, daughter; and David Ladd Rees, 2, son. Except where noted otherwise, all were born in the parish and spoke Welsh. On 2nd October 1909 William James Rees, the son of William & Sarah Rees of Waunwhiod, died aged 8. On 13th April 1917 William Rees died aged 63. In May 1918 Private David Ladd Rees of Waunwhiod sustained gunshot wounds in France. On February 9th 1922 David Ladd Rees, 23, farmer of Waunwhiod and son of the late William Rees, married Edith Thomas, 22, of Bryn Ivy, St. Dogmaels. In 1926 Mrs. Sarah Rees (d. 1936) was the farmer. In June 1927 to April 1930 the 1-bedroom property was advertised for sale with 80 acres. On 30th October 1930 there was a sale of crops here.

    In 1933 Mr. & Mrs. Gwynne lived here. In 1933-38 Mrs. Gwynne lived here. In 1938-39 John Gwynne, Mary E. Gwynne, Arthur H. Gwynne, Harold J. Gwynne, Albert R. Gwynne, Sarah E. Gwynne and William John Gwynne lived here. In 1944 the following persons lived here: John Gwynne; Mary Gwynne; Arthur H. Gwynne; Albert R. Gwynne; William J. Gwynne; Harold J. Gwynne; Sarah J. Gwynne; Annie Margaret Gwynne; and Glenys M. Gwynne. On 29th September 1944 Waunwhiod was advertised for sale with 96 acres. The house had been recently re-roofed. On March 26th 1949 Annie Margaret Gwynne of Waunwhiod, daughter of farmer John Gwynne, married Derek William Walters of Southgate, London. On 31st July 1949 John Gwynne of Waunwhiod became a Deacon of Blaenwaun Baptist Chapel. On 4th February 1954 Mary Ellen Gwynne, wife of John Gwynne of Waunwhiod, died aged 66. In March 1961 Harold Gwynne, son of John Gwynne of Waunwhiod and the late Mrs. Gwynne, married Miss Dilys Williams. On 24th February 1964 John Gwynne of Waunwhiod died aged 75. In August 1968 the land was advertised for sale.


    None available.


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